Clark Republicans vs Democrats Softball Game

by lewwaters

The Clark County Republican Party is cosponsoring a Republicans vs. Democrats charity softball game on Sunday, August 23 to benefit SHARE.

The mission of SHARE is: “to lead the hungry and homeless to self-sufficiency by providing food, shelter, housing, education and compassion through the strength of our community.”

To learn more about SHARE, please visit their website at

In this poor economy many people are struggling. We have a great opportunity as Republicans to reach out and assist those in need.

The game will be held at Memory Field which is located east of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library on Mill Plain Blvd , across the street from Hudson ‘s Bay High School in Vancouver . First pitch will be at 2:00 PM.

The teams will feature rosters of elected officials, candidates, party leaders, and local activists. Senator Joseph Zarelli, Republican Representative Ed Orcutt, Republican congressional candidate David Castillo, and 17th Legislative District candidate Brian Peck are among the many planning to play.

**Tickets for this event are available for a suggested donation of $20 to SHARE. Call Ryan Hart at (360) 904-9671 for tickets.

At a time of such political polarization in our country and community, seeing the Chairs of both party’s come together for such a charitable event is a positive step.

I hope all who can make the game will be there to see a great game and help SHARE.

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