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August 31, 2009

Washington States R-71 Qualifies For November Ballot

by lewwaters

Sure to outrage the Gay community, R-71, a citizens initiative to block and overturn Washington States ‘everything but marriage’ act has qualified for the November ballot. Received in email,

R-71 qualifys for November vote!

With the Referendum 71 signature-check now nearly complete, state election officials say they’ve now confirmed that sponsors turned in more signatures than needed to qualify for a spot on the November statewide ballot. Signature-checkers passed the 121,000 mark on Monday, the 23rd day of an exhaustive hand check of all 137,000-plus signatures submitted on July 25.

It takes 120,577 valid Washington voter signatures to qualify a referendum to the state ballot. Voters will now have a choice of accepting the new law or rejecting it.

The numbers still are unofficial and not final, as checkers do one final check of hundreds of previously rejected signatures of people who weren’t initially found in the voter registration records. That should extend the margin a bit, but the final margin could be in the range of 1,000.

Final certification is scheduled for Wednesday morning by Secretary of State Sam Reed.

Faith & Freedom Network
Gary Randall
President & Chairman

More coverage at R-71, gay partnership foes make ballot

The measure may have qualified based upon signatures, but there is a court challenge to it pending. King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector is hearing arguments from lawyers representing the secretary of state, proponents of R-71 and Washington Families Standing Together.

WFST claims Secretary of State Reed has not complied with the law. Their attorney claims there are petitions with over 2,000 signatures in which there was no name and no signature from the person collecting them, as required by law.

They claim he also ignores the law requiring only registered voters be allowed to sign the petitions, claiming had he done so the measure would not have qualified for the ballot.

We also have to remember that foes of R-71 wish to obtain the entire list of signers of the petitions to be placed on their web site with a searchable engine. An obvious attempt to intimidate signers.

Traditional Marriage Foes Try To Intimidate Washington Voters

Isn’t it strange that those who oppose R-71 are crying about the law, when they resort to such tactics as intimidation, threats of violence and denigrating supporters of R-71, instead of building a cohesive campaign to convince voters to support their view?

I guess that is easier than working within the law they cry others may violate.

Or, is it that they know they cannot maintain a supportable position with the public, so they resort to more unsavory tactics to force their views on others?

See also The Camel’s Nose Is Inside The Tent

UPDATE: King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector will not block the certification of R-71 that will place it on Novembers ballot. The Seattle Times

The misnamed ‘Washington Families Standing Together’ has stated they will now file a lawsuit against the referendum before the Thurston County Superior Court challenging the certification.

I see that building a campaign to convince voters to reject R-71 remains out of the question.

Intimidation and court rulings take precedence over the will of the people still, I see.

August 30, 2009

Rep. Baird Retreats From Living Room Meet

by lewwaters

Congressman Brian Baird has sure been making the news lately, during this recess.

He’s had to apologize for references to “brown-shirts,” “lynch mob tactics,” “Timothy McVeigh” references and do a fast dance on a Ryder Truck comment at the Rotary Club meet, prompting the Columbian’s to run interference for him by penning an article “explaining” the ‘inartful’ comment as referring to a “death threat” he alleges he has received.

I say, “alleges” because no one can confirm such a threat was received or reported to the authorities when contacting those authorities his staff alleges to have reported it to. All that is said is “an investigation in ongoing,” with no explanation of what is being investigated or when it was launched.

Most of this was used by Brian Baird as his excuse for initially denying citizens of Washington States Third Congressional District a face to face town hall meeting, where he obviously feared intense opposition to his expected support of the proposed healthcare reform measures and two highly questionable votes in support of massive spending bills that he could not possible have read first.

We eventually received a town hall meeting in Clark County, where he did indeed receive an earful. We even made National News as a video of Marine Veteran David Hedrick came out forcefully confronting him on some very relevant points.

But, prior to all this, Baird held what he calls a “tele-conference” townhall, where those aware of the call could call in and by dialing ‘*3’ be placed in queue to ask him questions live, on August 7.

One of those calls was from a lady in Pacific County who offered a peaceful meeting with him in her living room; to offset any worries he had about having to face a hostile crowd at a town hall. Baird readily accepted the meeting and scheduling such a meet began.

Nansen Malin, the woman who made the offer told me that almost immediately after the tele-conference ended, members of the national media, desiring to cover the meeting since she identified herself as the Chair of the Pacific County Republican Party, contacted her.

By August 17, Kelly Love, Baird’s district director contacted Ms. Malin and after discussing possible dates, options and scenarios, to include security, press and an invitation list, September 1 was agreed upon for this meeting in her home.

Nansen was told a member of Baird’s staff would be getting back to her “very soon.”

The next day, August 18, Nan opens her newspaper to read that Baird has announced a town hall meeting in Ilwaco on Sept 1.

She fires off an email to Kelly Love inquiring about the conflicting dates, expressing her displeasure at not being contacted and asking if the meeting in her home has been cancelled.

Kelly calls Nan from backstage at the Clark County town hall and tells her the meeting in her home is still on and they now desire to hold it in her garden instead of the living room.

Not hearing from anyone on Baird’s staff, Nan again emails Kelly Love on August 24, receiving an apology from Ms. Love and the explanation, “I was under the understanding that our Chief of Staff was going to call you back. I apologize.”

On August 26, Nan returned a call from Kelly Love where she again apologized for no one calling her back to tell her that they had scheduled an alternate event in Ilwaco and explained that congressman Baird had every intent on honoring the agreed upon meeting in her home, but “after reading your blog posts,” congressman Baird will not be coming to her home.

Kelly did extend an invitation to Nan to attend the Ilwaco town hall.

Did Brian Baird think a Republican would just kiss his butt in blog posts or adopt the Democrat Party mantra and roll over?

Did he even actually intend on making the meeting?

Kelly Love even admitted to Nan, in reference to reports of Republicans “acting badly,” “no, no, the town halls have all been very civil. There have been no problems at all.”

Did he back off because he could not ensure coverage would be favorable to him?

It all sounds to me as if Baird’s slick political manner swung into high gear because he spoke too soon during the tele-conference, but he will never state any such thing.

An August 13 editorial in the Daily Astorian mentioned the scheduled meeting between Ms. Malin and congressman Baird and acknowledged, “Seaview’s sane and reasonable county GOP Chairwoman Nan Malin invited Baird to her home for a civil discourse on health care.”

Even they see that Ms. Malin is “sane and reasonable” in an editorial that heavily condemns other GOP pundits, leading me to accept that any meet in her home would be what was offered, “a civil discourse on health care.”

Isn’t that what Brian Baird has been clamoring for all this time?

Is he now afraid to honor his agreement and chooses a flimsy excuse of she writes pro-Republican posts on her blog?

Maybe he is just hallucinating about Ryder Trucks again.

UPDATE: The Columbian, always on top of things, finally mentions Baird’s backing out of his agreement. Baird cancels ‘living room meeting’ with GOP chairwoman

August 29, 2009

Podunk Reporter Creates Issue, Boasts of Resolution

by lewwaters

At one time or another we all have received unwanted mail. Be it by post or email, we all receive something that holds no interest or at times, might even be somewhat offensive, something we disagree with and definitely something we didn’t want.

It is a given in today’s information age that this will happen on occasion.

Most of us who consider ourselves ‘normal’ may grimace or even cluck our tongues as we deposit the offensive piece of mail into the nearest trash can or slide our cursor to the upper right of the offending email and simply click the provided little ‘x’ for deleting such unwanted material.

Of all the people I’ve known in my near 61 years of life, no one ever felt the need to contact a local newspaper to make an issue of such received material. In fact, no news reporter in the dozens of places I’ve ever lived would ever accept such a non-story; much less make it a front-page issue in the local section of the newspaper.

That was before.

Enter Raymond and Louise Denny; recently retired to La Center from Connecticut and self described “liberal Democrats.”

The Denny’s claim they received a GOP fund raising survey and were especially offended by one question contained in it and took the extraordinary step of contacting Kathie Durbin, the ‘Podunk’ Reporter in our failing local paper of record, the Columbian.

Instead of just telling the Denny’s to grow-up and throw it away, Ms. Durbin joins in with the Denny’s and blows it all out of proportion, as I reported on in The Columbian: Mouthpiece For Democrats posted on August 25.

I was more shocked to receive an unwanted email myself from the DCCC’s Jon Vogel, who just somehow happened to find the very same survey question offensive and distorted it in their own fund raising email sent out to supporters and others on their ‘spam’ list, also reported on by yours truly at DCCC Mirrors The Columbian on August 28.

Lo and behold, the August 29 Columbian contains, Nat’l GOP backs off ‘inartful’ mailer, by, you guessed it, our own sweet little Ms ‘Podunk’ Kathie Durbin, where she boasts,

“A GOP spokeswoman conceded, in an interview with The Associated Press distributed Friday, that the question, part of a fundraising mailer known as a “push poll,” was “inartfully worded.”

The question and others in the mailer, called “Future of American Health Care Survey,” have been featured on several progressive-leaning political blogs and have attracted national attention since being reported Tuesday in The Columbian.”

Most offensive is that several times now in the Columbian’s own comments section, I have alluded to a “fact check” card sent out by the Democrat Party which contains blatant lies about the GOP’s stance on the healthcare issue.

This particular “fact check” card was sent as an attachment to an email received from Marlon Marshall, DCCC National Field Director on August 18, 2009 and titled, “Scare Rush and Sarah Right Back.”

You may obtain your own copy by clicking HERE for as long as it remains.

First on this “fact check” card,

MYTH: Grassroots Protestors are Disrupting Town Halls
House Republican Leader John Boehner’s Office: “Back home for the August recess, rank-and-file Democratic Members of the House are facing a backlash from their constituents.”
FACT: Lobbyist-Run Groups Are Orchestrating Extremist Mobs Republicans and well-funded special interest groups are sending far-right extremists to local town halls to stop any meaningful discussion of Health Insurance Reform. Some of these mob scenes have turned especially ugly – including the hanging of Members of Congress in effigy and use of Nazi SS symbols.”

Well before this “fact check” card was made available it was shown and proven that those of us going to townhalls and expressing our displeasure are less “well organized” than supporters who receive their ‘marching orders’ from Obama’s Organizing For America or from Unions and supplied with professionally made signs.

No one complains about them sending their ‘troops’ to townhalls. But, if we email each other and go to townhalls voluntarily and for no pay, we are considered “well-funded special interests.”

Unmentioned anywhere is that on several Craigslist sites you will find ads for “PAID” activists to work in support of the Democrats Healthcare Reform measure and offered between $10 to $15 an hour to do so.

Also in this “fact check” card is,

MYTH: There is a Republican Plan Minority Whip Cantor: “The Republican plan” provides “access to affordable basic coverage.”
Fact: “Republicans have yet to coalesce around a single plan.” Even though the House Republicans’ “Health Care Solutions Group” guaranteed a counter proposal, they have refused to release a plan to the public.

So, is this blatant lie mentioned because the GOP doesn’t have a “single plan?”

Guess what, my friends, NEITHER DO THE DEMOCRATS!!

Congressman Baird admitted openly that they have several versions they are working on at the August 18 townhall.

Or, is it due to, “they have refused to release a plan to the public?” Also a blatant lie.

Remember this was sent on August 18, 2009. That is pertinent because June 17, 2009, CBS News, hardly considered a friendly outlet for the Republican Party, ran the article House Republicans Offer Health Care Plan and supplies a link to that very plan.

Kathie Durbin has nothing to say about this blatant lie issued by her favored party nor about several mentions by many of us on the right being offended by such lies. We don’t merit her time much less front-page mention in the Local Section of the paper.

But, a Liberal Democrat couple does!

Ms. Durbin mentions,

“The story was also picked up by CBS News, the Huffington Post, Politico and the AP.”

Isn’t that convenient? National Left-Winged media becomes interested in a small town couple receiving a survey by mistake and taking issue with one question in it.

Also note that one of our longer term residents, a U.S. Marine Veteran who confronted congressman Baird, is referred to as “ranting.”

Indications are that the paper of record produced this “report” without even talking to the Marine and surprise, surprise, surprise, also written by the same sweet little ‘podunk’ reporter.

Reading Ms. Durbin’s latest promote the DNC screed this morning, I shot off an email to Ms. Durbin, produced below.

Hello Ms. Durbin,

I apologize first for sounding upset, but I am. I am offended that you give such space to an alleged offensive question in a GOP fund raising mailer that even you admit is standard procedure for both party’s.

I am offended that more space is granted to the RNC disavowing the alleged offensive question.

Most of all, I am especially offended that there is total silence from you and your newspaper in regards to Republicans being offended at blatant lies in a DNC “Fact Check” card emailed out when our townhall commenced with Representative Baird.

You may view the card at

And if I may ask, why is a Democrat couple who allege they mistakenly received the GOP mailer and are offended given such prominence in coverage, but we Republicans are not.

Is this what the Columbian considers “Fair and Balanced?”

I have yet to receive any reply.

I almost cringe thinking what we will see from the most vitriolic John Laird’s weekly screed Sunday Morning.

UPDATE: I ran this story by the editor of a Major National Newspaper and received this reply, “Lew you are right, seems like a lot of fuss over nothing. It’s amazing what the press won’t cover, and then they get all wrapped up on something like this. Unreal.”

August 28, 2009

Who Are The Uninsured In America?

by lewwaters

August 28, 2009

DCCC Mirrors The Columbian

by lewwaters

Upon opening my email this morning, I can say I wasn’t too surprised to see an email from Jon Vogel DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) Executive Director titled, “Documents Obtained Show GOP Tricks.”

The abhorrent GOP trick? Sending out a survey to GOP supporters, which is actually a fundraiser and a “trick” used by both parties to raise funds.

This “trick” was covered recently in the post The Columbian: Mouthpiece For Democrats, addressing how our local Columbian newspaper gave space to a local recently retired couple who claim to have mistakenly received such a survey from the RNC in their mail and how “offended” they were at one question in it.

Remarkably, that same question is the “GOP Trick” Jon Vogel mentions in his email.


Is the Columbian coordinating with the DNC?

Did the Denny’s, the couple so offended by a simple fund raising question, send it on?

Are the DNC fans of our local paper?

Did the GOP obtain a list of Democrats to send a fund raising letter to?

Questions we will never know the answers to.

But, it is odd that one local couple is offended by a question in a survey mistakenly received and within days, the Democrat Party is sending out their own fund raiser listing that same exact survey question.

The email received;


Republicans know the truth is not on their side. Since the beginning of August recess, they’ve come out with one outlandish lie after another to derail meaningful health insurance reform — but this one takes the cake.

In a “poll” mailed to supporters, the RNC is actually suggesting that health insurance reform is a Democratic plot to deny health care to Republicans using voter registration data:

GOP Survey Question.

This is shameless fear-mongering at its worst — and it is just a preview of the falsehoods, fabrications and outright lies Republicans will be pushing when Congress returns in September. We must be prepared to fight back hard and respond immediately to these outrageous attacks.

Help us reach our $100,000 goal before the August 31st FEC deadline: Contribute $5, $10 or more today to support critical Health Insurance Reform.

Millions of American families are just one serious illness or injury away from financial disaster. The cost of doing nothing is just too high.

A GOP spokeswoman is now trying to walk back this outrageous fabrication after being called out by the media, but don’t let them fool you — Republicans are ready to say or do whatever it takes to kill health insurance reform.

They may have scare tactics and shameless lies, but we have the truth.

Help us fight back. Contribute $5, $10 or more today to support critical Health Insurance Reform.

Thank you,




Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

It should be noted that the Columbian, in their article GOP fundraising ‘survey’ outrages some recipients, by Kathie Durbin, acknowledges two professional pollsters who state, “It’s standard practice to use such faux ‘surveys’ to raise money for a variety of causes, said Portland pollster Mike Riley. ‘It’s common, trying to stir the pot to see what kinds of issues get attention.’”

Portland pollster Bob Moore said, “It’s a fundraising appeal, is what it is. Everyone does it — Democrats, anti-tax groups, environmentalists. The audience that receives it has given to that organization at some point in time and is on the list to receive solicitations.”

So, even the Democrats send out such “offensive tricks,” but now claim doing so by the Republicans a new low?

It seems to me that the new low is coming out of the Democrat Party for creating an issue out of one of the common practices they too use.

Will the Columbian now grant a Republican front page in the Local Section to address our being offended?

Do we really need a party that resorts to such dirty tactics and lies in complete control of the country?

Help me answer that in November 2010 by voting such scoundrels out of office.

August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy, Flawed & Imperfect, Dies of Brain Cancer

by lewwaters

Ted Kennedy, youngest brother of John F. Kenney, who was assassinated in 1963, has died of brain Cancer, according to a News Alert issued by Fox News.

Ted Kennedy, Senate Lion and Liberal Champion, Dies

Breaking news last night, as we saw and today, the fawning and gushing over his passing commences. Even the Drudge Report lists his death as “End Of Camelot.”

Ted Kennedy 1

Most people today do not even realize the “Camelot” description of the Kennedy dynasty was a fabrication of Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, after he was killed in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963.

How it now encompasses his youngest brother, Ted, escapes me.

The Kennedy clan enjoys near royal status in America, although they are as troubled as any other. The excessive wealth of the family was gained under questionable means, with ties to organized crime during the Great Depression. For all the claims from the left over “rich fat cat Republicans,” somehow this family is not ever included.

I recall how the country literally shut down from the time JFK was cut down that Friday long ago, until his State funeral on Monday. I recall also as news broke in 1968 of his other brother, Robert, being shot in Los Angeles and dying days later.

Regardless of wealth, that has to hurt and leave a lasting impression on surviving family. While not accounting for all troubles that plagued Ted later on, I’m sure it at least somewhat contributed to his many misguided steps.

He was born into incredible wealth and privilege and along the way, misused it. Many credit him for efforts to make up for that by his congressional work, presumably for the less privileged. That he never gave up his own unearned wealth and life of excessive privilege doesn’t figure into that gushing.

Teddy Kennedy today will be described as “iconic,” a “Liberal Lion,” and all sorts of undeserved depictions, ignoring several acts that would have landed you or me in the unemployment line or jail.

Most notable in those acts was the 1969 death of a young 28 year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, left to drown in the upside down Oldsmobile driven by Ted Kennedy after he drove it off of a narrow bridge in the small island of Chappaquiddick on Martha’s Vineyard. The subsequent actions of Kennedy, indicating incapacitation from excessive alcohol and the rumor of Mary Jo possibly being pregnant, although never confirmed, forever haunted Kennedy’s quest for higher office.

Mary Jo Kopechne

How it didn’t bring about his expulsion by voters from the Senate remains a mystery to me.

His reputation for heavy drinking and womanizing followed him all of his life, often making public statement nearly indiscernible from slurring. He was often seen stumbling around Palm Beach Florida after a heavy night of partying.


The country saw this in the 1991 trial and acquittal of nephew William Kennedy Smith in Florida. Ted was a material witness as he was out partying with his nephew that night.

In his youth he was expelled from Harvard for cheating on an exam. He then put in a two-year hitch in the U.S. Army, serving in Paris during the Korean War. Somehow, he was readmitted to Harvard after his Army enlistment, graduating in 1956.

Acting against his Catholic faith, he adopted a strong pro-abortion position and had his marriage to Joan annulled by the Catholic Church after divorcing her in 1981. In 2005, Joan was found lying in the street injured.

His vitriol against conservatives was handily seen as he almost single handedly wrecked President Reagan’s 1987 nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court when within 45 minutes of the announcement he stood on the Senate floor and said,

“Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored at the whim of the Government, and the doors of the Federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom the judiciary is — and is often the only — protector of the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy… President Reagan is still our president. But he should not be able to reach out from the muck of Irangate, reach into the muck of Watergate and impose his reactionary vision of the Constitution on the Supreme Court and the next generation of Americans. No justice would be better than this injustice.”

Of President Bush’s 2003 nomination of minority candidates to Federal Court positions, he referred to them as “Neanderthals” with impunity for such a racist slight.

Of late he is credited for his hard fight to impose Universal Healthcare on the nation. Since his death, proponents are using his death to further promote this flawed notion, slobbering all over Kennedy for his efforts.

Missed, or ignored, is that the final year of his life was spent seeking and taking medical treatment from a health program that regular citizens would not have access to. He did not receive a copy of “Your Life, Your Choices” booklet that is not passed out to Veterans to ascertain if their life is still worth living.

In 2004 he was instrumental in having Massachusetts law changed, preventing the governor from appointing a Senatorial replacement in case the Democrat candidate that year, fellow Democrat John Kerry, won. With a Republican governor, Ted feared a Republican might be appointed. Instead of an appointment by the governor, any replacement would be selected by a special election.

In the days preceding his death, he again was lobbying to change the law back now that a Democrat governor is in office and he fears such a special election could result in a Republican replacement due to the waning popularity of the Democrat led Congress and seeing the poll numbers of Obama sliding downward.

To Ted Kennedy it is “Republicans need not apply.”

Prior to his bother Robert’s murder, Ted jumped on the anti-war bandwagon helping undermine our efforts against communist forces in Viet Nam and was often seen cavorting with the traitorous John ‘F’in Kerry in the lead-up to Kerry’s infamous lies to the Fulbright Commission in 1971.

Ted Kennedy & Kerry 1

He seemed to oppose every effort at protecting freedom and liberty around the world, if initiated by a Republican President. Yet, he seemed to readily accept and support when President Clinton set about bombing in Kosovo or launching missiles into Iraq.

Although he supported the removal of Saddam Hussein during the Clinton years, he staunchly opposed it once President Bush undertook the task after September 11, 2001.

And now, as if to add insult to injury, we hear that plans are underway to bury this man amongst the fallen heroes in Arlington National Cemetery. That his efforts at undermining their mission, his votes against funding or approving updated weapons to support them may have resulted in the deaths of many is an affront to those real heroes buried there who fell in service to our country.

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen has sent out an email today saying, “With the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, a family lost its patriarch, the U.S. Senate lost its most gifted legislator, and America lost an unparalleled leader.”

Robert Reich, Clinton Labor Secretary, says, “His passing is an inestimable loss.”

As the leftist media tries outdoing each other in their slobbering and gushing reports on this flawed man, I can only recall a portion of Ted’s own words in the eulogy he gave at his bother Robert’s funeral, “[He] need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life.”

August 25, 2009

The Columbian: Mouthpiece For Democrats

by lewwaters

Conservatives in Clark County have known for some time that the newspaper of record in Clark County, the Columbian serves as a mouthpiece for the Liberal Democrats when it comes to political reporting.

Yes, Editor Lou Brancaccio continually denies it, often claiming the papers 2004 endorsement of President Bush as “proof.” He is often seen in the comments section of his editorials making such claims of how ‘fair and balanced’ he is.

I often wonder if he is embarrassed to admit he is a Liberal.

Many were taken aback to discover editorials two weekends in a row critical of congressman Brian Baird’s announcement of not holding townhalls, Kitchen Too Hot? and What was Baird thinking?

It appears that the Columbian is now trying to make it up to congressman Baird for criticizing him. Apparently the paper did not expect Baird’s “Brownshirt” and “Lynch mob” comments to do any real damage to him and felt safe in publishing two mild criticisms, but as seen in the August 18 town hall, Baird has been hurt as citizen after citizen stood up expressing anger at our congressman.

In a feeble attempt to diminish any damage to Baird, we saw a couple fawning articles lauding Baird’s insincere ‘apology’ for his incendiary remarks leading up to Tom Koenninger’s August 19 editorial, Baird can recover from latest woes. At an earlier Chamber luncheon, according to many in attendance, Koenninger attempted to egg on Senator Patty Murray to encourage her to condemn angry citizens who have stood up at town halls to express their anger. To Senator Murray’s credit, she did not take the bait.

In the evening of the same day, the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin submitted an article, Baird talks health care with Rotary, again fawning all over the congressman, but somehow missed congressman Baird alluding to death threats he claims to have received as the excuse for first not scheduling town halls.

Outrage expressed by county Republicans and a release from Clark County Republican Chair Ryan Hart brought us the next days article, Death threat disclosure by Baird draws criticism, condemning Republicans who were outraged over what is now identified as his explanation for not scheduling town halls when he made the comment, “If there is a Ryder truck parked out front, it has my name on it.”

Ms. Durbin makes no comment on how she too missed the comment as such an explanation.

Questions by readers on the validity of such threats and a blog post from a local blogger stating the U.S. Capitol Police saying there were no such reports filed, led to two more attempts at cover, but fell short as the Columbian had to admit that the U.S. Capitol Police would not release any actual information on such a report being filed, saying only some “matter was under investigation.”

Today, August 25, we again see the Columbian returning to it’s pro-liberal mode as they publish an article hardly worthy of being on the front page of the local section, GOP fundraising ‘survey’ outrages some recipients, by Kathie Durbin.

A quick review of the article leaves one thinking the article would have been more accurately titled, “GOP fundraising survey outrages liberal Democrats Raymond and Louise Denny,” as it is all about the Denny’s, who recently transplanted from Connecticut, being offended by one question seen in a GOP survey accidentally sent to them from the RNC.

The “offensive question” merely mentions that government could use politics to determine who gets health care.

Ms. Durbin even quotes two pollsters that say such appeals are common in fundraising letters in her article.

Yet, Raymond Denny, who describes himself as a “Liberal Democrat,” and who received the letter mistakenly, took special offense at it and the Columbian seems only too willing to accommodate Democrats by giving the mishap undeserved coverage.

One wonders when Republican offense taken at a recent healthcare Fact Check Card sent out in an email attachment by Marlon Marshall, DCCC National Field Director, and containing at least two blatant lies will also be afforded front page status on the Columbian’s Local Section.

See update at DCCC Mirrors The Columbian

Updated August 29, Podunk Reporter Creates Issue, Boasts of Resolution

August 24, 2009

Democrats and Unions Coordinate Meetings On Healthcare Again

by lewwaters

Once again, word has gone out to members of the WSLC Washington State Labor Council (AFL-CIO) and Democrats of scheduled meetings with State Senator Karen Keiser, chair of the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee, and Rep. Eileen Cody, chair of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee.

Senator Keiser’s web site says, “Space will be limited, so participants are encouraged to arrive early.”

The WSLC site tells readers, “Congressional town hall meetings and other forums on national health care reform continue this week across the state. Union members and other advocates for universal health coverage with the option of a public plan are urged to attend these events, speak their minds and demonstrate their support.”

Is there a reason word is given out only to Democrats and Union members?

Both sites list pending meeting sites and times scheduled.

August 24, 2009

A Healthcare Solution for

by lewwaters

Just received in email from’s Nita Chaudhary, a tearful plea for help in hosting a vigil for “those who are suffering in your city.”

Says Nita, “Everybody is talking about health care these days. But they’re not talking about what really matters: the people we all know who live in fear, pain or debt under our current health care system.”

Vigil’s aren’t what is needed, Ms. Chaudhary nor is a massive tax increase to take over our healthcare system.

Citizens deserve the same treatment as Veterans, I keep hearing, so forgo the vigil and just issue these citizens “who live in fear, pain or debt under our current health care system” their own copy of the End of Life counseling booklet Obama has reinstated for Veterans, Your Life, Your Choices, also known as The Death Book for Veterans.

August 23, 2009

Clark GOP to Dems, No You Don’t

by lewwaters


Sunday, August 23, 2009. Clark County residents were treated to an unusual softball game today as the Clark County Democrats squared off against the Clark County Republicans in a charity softball game to benefit Share, a local charity.

About 100 spectators gathered at Memory Field to watch as politicians, candidates and party activists from both parties took to the field to battle in the game.

A sunny day, it was a good game for all to watch as young and aging players batted the ball, ran and dropped it too.

The Republicans took an early lead with a score of 16 to 9 mid-way.

The Democrats, showing some spunk fought back hard and tied the score going in to the ninth inning.

But, the Republicans pulled it off with a final run to best the Democrats with a score of 17 to 16.

There was no call for recounts.

It was hoped attendance would be better, but having what was there is nothing to complain about.

David Castillo, candidate against Brian Baird for the 3rd Congressional District and his campaign manager, William Lohr came down from Olympia to play in the game. It’s too bad that congressman Baird didn’t announce attendance as it was felt by many that his attending would have drawn even more spectators who would then donate to Share.

Perhaps Mr. Baird felt that a softball game benefiting charity is more dangerous than town halls.

Jon Russell, also challenging Baird was unable to attend as well.

Clark GOP Chair, Ryan Hart, initially approached Democrat Chair Dena Horton with the idea of a charity game to benefit a mutually chosen charity. He was somewhat surprised to hear that the Democrat Party was thinking of approaching the Republicans with a similar idea.

The Democrats had Senator Craig Pridemore, Representative Jim Jacks, County Commissioner Steve Stuart, City Council member Jeanne Harris, former candidate Pam Brokaw and party chair, Dena Horton, amongst others on their team.

Along with Castillo, for the Republicans, Senator Joe Zarelli, Representative Ed Orcutt, former candidate Tom Langston, County Assessor candidate Peter Van Nortwick, candidate for state Representative 17th District Brian Peck and Party Chair Ryan Hart added to the GOP line-up, along with PCO’s and party activists.

KPTV 12 out of Portland had one of their cameramen in attendance that conducted interviews with candidates and spectators.

There really was no loser in this game as Share was handed over $2800, raised by both parties.

In all it was enjoyable afternoon and an escape from the hardball politics usually played for some softball.

But in the end, the GOP changed the Democrats ‘Yes We Can” to a “No, You Don’t,” at least for the game.

Thanks to all who played and all who attended for a well disciplined game with no partisanship.

Good game, Democrats.

August 23, 2009

Why Baird Was Told “Stay Away From My Kids”

by lewwaters

By now I am sure the majority of the nation has viewed the video of a Marine named David telling off Washington State Congressman Brian Baird and his angry comment, “ Stay away from my kids.

It was my honor to have been present and in the audience of some 2800 citizens to witness David’s confrontation of our congressman.

David was rightfully angered by the recent action of congressman Baird’s, as is seen in his confronting Congressman Baird.

David alluded to an earlier comment on parenting that did not set well with neither him nor a lot of the audience.

Below is what congressman Baird had to say earlier in the town hall to another Veteran named Jeff, who also expressed his displeasure not only with congressman Baird, but with both of our Major Political Parties.

It was Jeff who brought out the provision to fund and set-up “home visitation programs” to educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills. Take note of Baird’s poor attempt at justifying government supplied information on parenting.

CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.

Please note, I have edited out portions of Jeff’s question and congressman Baird’s reply unrelated to the question on “home visitation programs.”

For decades now, we have been deluged with book after book on parenting. Do we really need more government intrusion into our families that they will instruct us now on how to properly raise our children?

The entire 2 1/2 hour video of the town hall may be downloaded or seen at CVTV. Just click on Available On-Demand – Town Hall: Congressman Brian Baird (8-18-09)

Copying or forwarding to your own site must include the CVTV disclaimer above.

August 22, 2009

Local Moms Organize Chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America

by lewwaters

Blue Star Mothers FlagIt was my honor today to meet three ladies at Esther Short Park who are organizing a local chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America.

Blue Star Mothers says, “We are mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military. We are a non-profit (501[c]3) service organization supporting each other and our children while promoting patriotism.”

They are a non-partisan group recognizing that our Military serves all faiths and political aspects in our country.

Blue Star Mothers has a history back to World War Two when “Mothers volunteered throughout the tough times of World War II. They worked in hospitals, train stations, packed care packages for soldiers and were an working part of homeland security during times our time of war.”

Membership waned in the years after that war, but as we continue to be embroiled in the current war against terrorists, many Moms across America are once again banding together in support of each other and America.

Clark County is long over due a chapter of Blue Star Mothers as our Mothers have had their sons and daughters serving in both fronts since the beginning of this war.

It is to the credit of Stephanie Wesztergom, Donna Eisinger and Cyrsta Alger that a chapter is now formed and seeking members in Clark County.

Between these three Moms, there are four sons serving or who have served in this war. Lt. S.L. Whitesell, U.S. Army, Sgt. Alex Eisinger & Sgt. Austin Eisinger, both U.S. Army and Lt. Daniel Alger, United States Marine Corps who is currently in flight school.

These Moms worry and are concerned for their children who go off to war, just like the Moms before them. They seek each other and reach out to other Moms and families to support each other and our country.

This new chapter is the second in Washington State and forming as the South West Washington Warrior Moms, Wa #2.

They have no web page up at this time, but you may contact to join or lend your support through

Be you Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican or anything else, I urge you to support these ladies and join them if you have sons or daughters serving our country today.

You need their support as much as they need yours.

Please help and support such a fine group of Mothers. These are the Moms who raised America’s Finest.

August 22, 2009

Organizing For America Offends Families Of Troops & Veterans

by lewwaters

Saturday August 22, 2009. An announcement in the Thursday, August 20 Columbian caught my eye on Organizing For America, a pro-Obama and decidedly left-winged group, planning on traveling through our county to gather ‘horror stories’ from people with private health insurance, figuring they could shock more people into believing the planned Obama take over of our healthcare and insurance system is best for America.

The group announced plans to gather at Esther Short Park to spread out from there.

Curious as to how they would manage this, my wife and I went down to Esther Short Park to witness the assembling, see what booths they may have set up and to wander through the Saturday Farmers Market held there each weekend.

Although we missed the initial gathering of activists who may have volunteered, we did see that there were not one, but two tables set up by Organizing for America activists.

Bearing in mind that even they have the freedom to spread their malicious lies about Republicans and others opposed to this massive takeover of one sixth of our economy, I especially noted that the sites chosen for both of their tables could not have been more inappropriate or offensive.

If it wasn’t a deliberate act of confrontation to set up where they did, it shows their lack of class and how they don’t care whom they offend to get their way.

The one booth was alongside the booth set up by a brand new chapter being organized for Blue Star Mothers, Moms who have Sons or Daughters who volunteered for our Military and are actively serving America at this time.

OAF - 1

That particular booth was almost inactive.

But, nearly directly across the sidewalk from the Blue Star Mothers was an active table of Organizing For America displaying their signs condemning any and every body who doesn’t roll over and play dead to accept this takeover of our healthcare industry.

Most offensive to the Moms manning the Blue Star Mother booth was that Organizing For America chose to put out a sign directly across from their booth saying, “Trillions for Wars and nothing for healthcare?” Of course, this is a blatant lie as we have poured billions of dollars into healthcare and other social programs. But, that doesn’t stop Organizing For America in their effort to subjugate us under the rule of Obama.

OFA - 5

Offensive because the Moms manning the Blue Star Mothers booth had to look at that sign, with their sons all serving our country today.

These are women who, whether or not they even agree with the war, have sons who are serving in our Military and whose sons either have been to the war or are in training. One Mom I spoke to said her son is currently in Mosul, a hotspot in Iraq and yes, she worries about him every day, like any Mom would.

Blue Star - 1

Blue Star Moms, Stephanie Wesztergom, Donna Eisinger and Crysta Alger look upon offensive sign.

The look on these Moms faces speaks volumes as they have to see that sign, knowing there are people directly across from them that could care less about the safety of their sons fighting for America and who would happily abandon them over there, withdraw all funding that supports and feeds them and divert it to wasteful government giveaways to those not entitled to it here.

And the attitude of the people manning the Organizing For Booth? Happy go lucky, without a care for how their hateful rhetoric may offend those they set up across from.

OFA - 9

Organizing For America, have you no shame? Have you no heart? Is converting America to socialism so important to you that basic humanity and thoughtfulness no longer exists in your world?

It seems the only “uniting” your messiah in Washington D.C. encourages is to knuckle under to his dictatorial control.

Shame on you, Organizing for America. You encourage violent acts at townhalls to deny us our free speech. You encourage highjacking of public events to ensure our side doesn’t get heard. You encourage lies about citizens and insurance companies, claiming the wages of top executives is “stealing from healthcare.”

And now, you disparage the families of those serving America and who fight to protect your freedom to spread your filthy lies.

How thoughtless you all have become since aligning with the socialists ruining America and the future of our grandchildren.

August 21, 2009

Obama To Veterans, Your Life May Not Be Worth Living

by lewwaters

Shortly after seizing power earlier this year, Obama stood before America’s veterans and wounded soldiers and proclaimed,

“For their service and sacrifice, warm words of thanks from a grateful nation are more than warranted, but they aren’t nearly enough. We also owe our veterans the care they were promised and the benefits that they have earned. We have a sacred trust with those who wear the uniform of the United States of America. It’s a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end.”

Little did we know that his administration was going to allow the resurrection of a Clinton era program, for all intent and purpose, urging ailing Veterans to just off themselves.

“Last year, bureaucrats at the VA’s National Center for Ethics in Health Care advocated a 52-page end-of-life planning document, “Your Life, Your Choices.” It was first published in 1997 and later promoted as the VA’s preferred living will throughout its vast network of hospitals and nursing homes. After the Bush White House took a look at how this document was treating complex health and moral issues, the VA suspended its use. Unfortunately, under President Obama, the VA has now resuscitated ‘Your Life, Your Choices.'”

“Who is the primary author of this workbook? Dr. Robert Pearlman, chief of ethics evaluation for the center, a man who in 1996 advocated for physician-assisted suicide in Vacco v. Quill before the U.S. Supreme Court and is known for his support of health-care rationing.”

“‘Your Life, Your Choices’ presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions, much like a political “push poll.” For example, a worksheet on page 21 lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be ‘not worth living.'”

The Death Book for Veterans

Your Life, Your Choices pdf

Obama assured the country that reports of his planning “Death Panels” wasn’t true when he stated,

“I guess this arose out of a provision in one of the House bills that allowed Medicare to reimburse people for consultations about end-of-life care, setting up living wills. Somehow it’s gotten spun into this idea of death panels. Um, I am not in favor of that. I want to clear the air.”

Parsing his words carefully, as he always does, Death Panels, selecting who will live or die under this proposed heatlhscare program, doesn’t appear to be in the offering. But, giving people, first to Veterans, booklets to ascertain their life is no longer worth living seems pretty close to me.

Is this what Obama calls a “Sacred Commitment?”

Obama said before the group of Veterans above,

“Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need. Too many veterans don’t receive the support that they’ve earned. Too many who once wore our nation’s uniform now sleep in our nation’s streets.”

He then says his VA Healthcare program will

“significantly expand coverage so that 500,000 more veterans who have previously been denied it will receive it.”

How much of it will be from the Hemlock Society?

August 21, 2009

Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment

by lewwaters

Ron Paul CrybabyBrian Baird, congressman from Washington States Third Congressional District has lashed back at Clark County Republican’s for our outrage at his Ryder Truck Gaffe made before the Rotary Club this past Wednesday.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin, still fawning over Democrat Baird, wrote an article, Death threat disclosure by Baird draws criticism, critical of those of us who were offended by Baird’s insensitive comment and claiming he was just “recounting a death threat he received.”

Baird made National News for not holding public townhalls and labeling constituents Brown Shirt’s and alluding to Lynch Mobs.

He allegedly apologized for those cracks, claiming his words were not at constituents and reconsidered his no townhall stance,
holding one Tuesday evening at the Clark County Amphitheater, where he received an earful from several angry voters.

His Ryder Truck crack came the very next day before a Rotary Club luncheon, attended by several Republicans who found it unsavory. Clark County Chairman Ryan Hart issued a statement against the remark and has appeared on the Victoria Taft radio program discussing the insensitive remark.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin wrote,

“But after Baird alluded to the threat during brief introductory comments to the Rotary Club of Vancouver on Wednesday, Clark County Republicans denounced him for invoking the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”

“Commenting on why he was initially reluctant to hold town hall forums on health care reform, Baird told the Rotary Club audience: ‘If there is a Ryder truck parked out front, it has my name on it.’”

Sorry, but that last paragraph doesn’t even make sense. The context presented doesn’t make sense. A “botched joke” excuse would have made more sense.

But instead, our elected representative Baird slaps back at us with,

“This is a new low. Rather than condemn those who made the threat, I am being criticized for talking about the threat.”

No Brian, you are being criticized for your insensitivity and trying to play victim over some alleged poster of Obama as the joker being faxed to you and now, an anonymous phone call that you claim said,

“You think Timothy McVeigh was bad, there is a Ryder Truck out there with your name on it.”

As a Clinical Psychologist, Baird should be able to see this for what it is, if it even actually happened. Disgruntled people make outrageous comments they will never carry out all the time.

Still, I can see it serious enough to report to the authorities, which Baird claims to have done. According to Kelly Love, Baird’s Vancouver district director,

“The message left on Baird’s office voice mail was turned over to the U.S. Capitol Police.”

However, fellow blogger Bob Koski, of actually called the U.S. Capitol Police and according to Koski, “there is no record of any such complaint.”

The Columbian, for their part, made no such call to the U.S. Capitol Police to confirm any such threat was ever made or reported. They publish an article critical of voters and subscribers, after not saying anything about voters being offended by the comment, telling us we have “reached a new low” and the more commonly seen Democrat claim, “my words were taken out of context for cheap political gain.”

The residents of Washington State’s Third Congressional District deserve better than to be continually slighted by an elected official who has no problem repeatedly selling out constituents.

UPDATE: If Brian Baird and the Columbian are really so concerned about Death Threats, why not expose Kill a dissenter….save a life?

August 20, 2009

MSNBC Continues Destruction Of Their Credibility

by lewwaters

Contessa Brewer of MSNBC out does herself in reports of “white people” showing up at Obama rallies with guns.

We mentioned this before here

Original news report here

The MSNBC video report shows,

What they carefully concealed was;

Obama, Black Gun Protester

Obama, Black Gun Protester 2

How can a media be trusted that goes to such lengths to manipulate public opinion and create more unrest than there already is?

August 19, 2009

“Firms with Obama ties profit from health push”

by lewwaters

And we thought Democrats hated profits.

Guess it is only when others profit that they get angry and take it away.


From the article,

“They also hired AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama’s campaign and now to the White House. AKPD did work for Obama’s campaign, and Axelrod’s son Michael and Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe work there.”


“There is no evidence that Axelrod directly profited from the group’s ads. Axelrod took steps to separate himself from AKPD when he joined Obama’s White House. AKPD owes him $2 million from his stock sale and will make preset payments over four years, starting with $350,000 on Dec. 31, according to Axelrod’s personal financial disclosure report.”

What was all the noise about Cheney and Halliburton these last few years?

I’d also be interested in knowing what their CEO’s make, since highly paid CEO’s are considered detrimental to the country by the Democrat cartel.

Or, is that also only SOME CEO’s?

August 19, 2009

Brian Baird Steps On His Tongue Again

by lewwaters

Washington States congressman, 3rd District, fresh off of a controversy over referring to constituents as “brown shirts” and “lynch mobs” apparently hasn’t learned anything.

He claims to have apologized for the references in a press release saying, “Frankly, I have had concerns about how we can have constructive dialogue and, unfortunately, in response to some of the things we’ve been seeing across the nation I have said some things myself that I regret.”

Again last evening, at Baird’s first townhall this recess at the Clark County Amphitheater, he again reiterated to the audience that he “had taken the words back” and “apologized” for them.

The sincerity of that apology is highly in doubt after a comment he made at a Vancouver, Washington Rotary Club luncheon today, August 19, 2009.

The following is a press release from Ryan Hart, Chairman of the Clark County GOP. I was with Ryan at Party headquarters late this afternoon as he received confirmation from others of Baird’s words,


“Congressman Brian Baird reverted back to making the same comparisons and comments today that he apologized for last week. Baird was the guest speaker at the Downtown Rotary Club on Wednesday where he was quoted to say “if there is a Ryder truck parked out front, it has my name on it.

Clark County Republican Party Chairman Ryan Hart said he received a call from an individual who attended the meeting informing him of the comment. “I called several other people who attended the meeting and they all confirmed that Baird made the remarks.

Baird’s remarks were a reference to domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh. “This is just unbelievable,” Hart said. “You would think he would have learned a lesson or two over the past two weeks,” he added.

Hart said the comparison linking critics of the Democrat’s health care reform proposals to domestic terrorists makes one doubt the sincerity of his Baird’s apology.”

Is Baird that out of touch that we do not know what he is talking about? Is he trying to milk this alleged death threat he says he received?

Congressman Baird, if you really desire to see death threats issued to a politician, look no further than what was thrown towards President Bush during his time in office.

I suspect in the next few days will we hear an exasperated Brian Baird telling us to get a sense of humor, just another “botched joke,” ala John ‘F’in Kerry in 2006 when he disparaged our Troops saying, “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

We didn’t laugh at Kerry’s disparaging comment and congressman Baird, we are not laughing now.

Most people who apologize take steps to not recommit the offense the very next day.

UPDATE: Is the Columbian running cover for Baird? I’ve tried 12 times to post this quote in their comments section on various articles and it will not take. It just disappears. I’ve made other comments after trying to post this quote and they readily take.

They claim they don’t censor, but I find it very odd that I can post other comments, but this particular quote is not accepted.

August 19, 2009

Brian Baird Gets Scolded by Constituents

by lewwaters


August 18, 2009, Clark County Amphitheater was the setting for Brian Baird’s first townhall after stating he would not hold any due to alleged death threats. Attendance was about 2800 according to the Columbian article on the event.

In all, the townhall went off with any major distractions, although a comment early on stating that many nations, Cuba included, had a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S. did, brought out the first loud grown and heavy boos from the audience.

Organizing for America sent out an email earlier calling on their followers to show up at 5 PM for the 7 PM event, to “make sure that the most powerful voices in this debate are those calling for real reform, not angrily clamoring for the status quo.”

Unfortunately for them, they were met by between 20 or 30 conservatives who arrived even earlier, yours truly included.

The gates were not to open until 6 PM and the line grew back out into the parking lot. Several Obama followers came with professionally made signs or those printed off of Organizing for America’s email.

A table was set up inside the gates entrance for registering to ask question. A group that had been milling around went in, identified as “volunteers,” although not one Republican was included in that group.

No signs were allowed in the auditorium, causing boxes of signs to be left outside the gate.

While the line was, for the most part, orderly, there were a couple Dem activists there who did try to incite trouble with bullhorns.

One, a Black lady passing out pro-Obamascare literature, tried to provoke confrontations, several times stepping very close to me as I handed out my flyers and eventually, following a man who brushed passed her after she stepped in his way, screaming in her bullhorn, and in his ear, that he shoved her and she wanted Police to arrest him.

Obviously a paid professional activist, if not an ACORN member.

Nothing came of it and seeing my wife starring at her, she began her bullhorn act again, right in my wife’s face.

Organizing for America met an unexpected flop as they set up their gazebo to give out professional signs in support. But with no signs allowed, they wasted their time trying to overpower this townhall.

Too bad, so sad.

Another supporter claiming to be a Viet Nam Veteran, tried to confront me for not supporting VA Healthcare for all and who seemed to be offended that I said he and I earned our VA Healthcare benefit. His wife stepped and got in my face to let me have it, informing me that her husband was alive due to VA Healthcare.

I lowered my head allowing her to see my Viet Nam Veteran hat and even her husband let her know that I was not the run of the mill conservative they could yell down easily.

Not too surprisingly, shortly before 7, I decided to walk through the lot just to see license plates, discovering a couple dozen Oregon Plates in the first 4 rows. I did not check on the 6 or 7 more rows back, but would bet money there was dozens more. No buses, though, that I saw.

Inside, questions were randomly chosen and were not pre-selected, as some have said they were. In all, 37 people were selected to ask their questions.

The first two were fairly softball in nature, but many others weren’t.

Of the first in support, single payer or a public option was mentioned as essential. One Dem woman made more of a speech than a question, exceeding her 3 minute limit and stating it was obscene that a CEO should be paid $6,000 an hour.

Another male complained about $900 a month insurance premiums, but then stated he was in a Union, destroying any credibility he might have had with the claim.

Several Veterans rose up and let Baird know they weren’t too pleased with his conduct of late, especially the ‘brown shirt’ comments. Baird sasid he was wrong and had apologized for it, but others still rose up to scold him over that.

One Marine rose mentioning the parenting skill section of the Pelosi bill and told Baird to “keep your hands off of my kids!” He received a standing ovation from the better than 2 to 1 conservative audience.

Several expressed distrust of the government with one stating he had taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution and was doing just that. He ended asking Baird when would he begin upholding the constitution.

I’d say the bulk of questions Baird was asked were against the Obamascare plan, but give Baird credit for being a slick politician and deflecting some, just not answering others.

The audience was loud at times, but mostly just with disagreement with a claim in an answer, occasionally in agreement. No violence for the 11 O’Clock news, although I saw both KGW 8 and KOIN 6 news crews there and also Eric the Great from KPAM 860 AM radio’s Victoria Taft, who was doing a live feed from the Amphitheater.

KATU also covered the event live.

5 Minutes from the end of the event, one Dem stood up and grabbed the microphone to yell out “single payer for all,” but left right after, the event close to being over anyway.

The audience expressed their anger with the proposed plan and Baird’s poor comments a couple weeks ago, but did not get out of hand. Baird had to face angry constituents, but was not threatened

Many properly scolded him, expressing our anger, frustration and fear of this socialist takeover robbing us of our liberties.

Did he listen and take our words and anger to heart?

Most likely not.

Come November 2010, Baird needs to be put in the unemployment line so we can elect someone who will actually represent our best interests.

CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, my profound apologies. You expected another out of control townhall with confrontations and maybe violence.

Even your paid goons could not incite it.


CVTV Video of last evenings townhall

UPDATE: Brian Baird Steps On His Tongue Again

August 18, 2009

Peter Van Nortwick To Run For County Assessor

by lewwaters

Received from Peter Van Nortwick;

Peter Van Nortwick

Peter Van Nortwick Calls on Clark County Assessor’s Office to Stop Unfair
Assessments and Send out Overdue 2010 Assessments

Vancouver, Wash. – August 13, 2009 – Clark County resident and Certified General Appraiser Peter Van Nortwick today asked for the County Assessor’s office to stop over assessments and break through the unexplained delay in sending out 2010 assessments to property owners.

“When you have areas of Clark County over assessed at more than 30 percent, and county real estate prices per RealtyTrac have declined 15.4 percent over the past year, you cannot blame the unfair assessments on the falling market,” said Van Nortwick. “Having our working families unfairly over assessed is not a situation that I can stand by and continue to let happen, so I have filed with the PDC to become a candidate for the Clark County Assessor’s office.”

Over the last few years, Van Nortwick has noticed a trend where the local Assessor’s office was unfairly over assessing homes in Clark County. He started tracking how much the assessed values are above the sales price on his blog: In July 2009, he analyzed all the existing single-family home sales in Clark County and found that the median over assessment is 21 percent. In analyzing the data, he found that the lower the price of the home, the more likely it was to be over assessed.

“The role of the Assessor is to fairly assess the property in the county and right now the homes in Clark County are unfairly over assessed. I personally appraise properties in many Washington and Oregon Counties and I have not seen the same unfair over assessments in other counties that I see in Clark County,” said Van Nortwick,. “I don’t see the same issues in Cowlitz County despite their market dropping at 12.31 percent per RealtyTrac over the past year.”

Van Nortwick wants to bring attention to the failure of the Assessor’s office to send out the new property assessments in a timely manner, during the June/July time frame like other Assessor offices around the state, and its failure to explain to the public the reason for the holdup. The delay in sending out new assessments will push back the appeals timeframe into the busy holiday season.

Van Nortwick is a Certified General Appraiser and Managing Partner of American Commercial and Residential Appraisal. His appraisal experience includes residential, commercial, recreational and agricultural appraisals. He has experience appraising properties worth tens of millions of dollars and providing expert witness testimony. He is an FHA appraiser, a member of the Clark County Board of Realtors and the Appraisal Institute. He is a board member of the Building Industry Association’s Build the Vote Political Action Committee and a member of Leadership Clark County class of 2009-2010.

# # #

Media Contact: Jack Hardy, (360) 604-4799,

Van Nortwick For Assessor Time for a Professional