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August 6, 2009

Rocking The Town Halls Memo

by lewwaters

Now that liberals have had their day of fun, falling for a manufactured outrage over a “leaked memo report” claiming that outraged conservatives and others expressing their contempt for the way we are being treated by congress today, the truth is coming out and once again we see liberals for what they are, lock-step parrots unable to form their own thoughts.

The so-called “Rockin’ the Town halls” memo was written by a Bob MacGuffie as claimed, but who is this Bob MacGuffie? Obviously they don’t know either.

It turns out that Bob MacGuffie and four friends created Right Principles PAC in 2008. Since forming, they have accepted a whopping $5,017 and disbursed $1,777, according to their FEC filing.

Right Principles PAC has a Facebook group with 23 members and a Twitter account with five followers.

They have no connection to the Republican Party and they have no connection whatsoever with FreedWorks, as claimed by “outraged” Democrats.

MacGuffie, a Libertarian, claims to have “never pulled a lever for a Republican or Democrat on a federal level.”

MacGuffie says “He’s surprised at his elevation to national rabble-rouser by the Left.” “I guess they don’t believe that people in America will stand up and fight back when government gets overbearing,” said MacGuffie, who added that he originally e-mailed the memo to 8-10 Connecticut activists in June.

Once again, another Liberal Democrat Lie and manufactured outrage is exposed.

More info HERE

August 6, 2009

Jon Russell Schedules Town Halls

by lewwaters

Press release from Jon Russell, candidate for Washington States 3rd Congressional District against Brian Baird.

AUGUST 5th, 2009

Congressional Candidate Jon Russell to Host Town Hall Meetings

WASHOUGAL- 3rd District Republican Candidate Jon Russell will be hosting four town hall meetings focusing primarily on the federal deficit and health care reform. Current Congressman Brian Baird has not scheduled any in-person town hall meetings to hear from constituents during the Congressional break.

“There appears to be a leadership void on national issues which will impact residents of Southwest Washington. I want to hear from the constituents of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District about issues and concerns they have with Congress and the direction of our country. Even if we do not agree on everything, it is important that I hear from them,” Russell Said.

Town halls have been scheduled for the following dates:
Clark County: August 22nd, 2009 2pm- Three Creeks Community Library 800 C-NE Tenney Rd. Vancouver, WA.

Cowlitz County: August 24th, 2009 7pm Cowlitz County Historical Museum (Community Room-Rear Entrance) 405 Allen Street, Kelso, WA.

Thurston County: August 25th 6pm-Tumwater Timberland Library 7023 New Market St SW, Tumwater, WA.

Lewis County: August 26thth, 2009 7pm- Kit Carson Restaurant (Meeting Room) 107 Interstate Ave. Chehalis, WA.

The public is encouraged to attend and participate. Federal issues not pertaining to the federal deficit and health care reform are also welcome. Future town hall meetings in Pacific, Wahkiakum & Skamania Counties are being scheduled for September.

August 6, 2009

Baird Should Apologize for Comment

by lewwaters

Press release from Nansen Malin, Pacific County Republican Party Chairwoman.

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2009

Media Contact: Nansen Malin
(360) 244-3294

Baird Should Apologize for Comment

Seaview, WA — Congressman Brian Baird told The Columbian newspaper in an interview today that he feared doing face-to-face town hall meetings with his constituents because of a “lynch-mob mentality” and the potential for “Brown Shirt tactics.” In response to this reckless smear, Pacific County Republican Party Chairwoman and Republican 3rd Congressional District Co-Chair, Nansen Malin issued the following call for a prompt public apology:

“Brian Baird should be ashamed of himself. As an elected official and former college professor, he should know better than to paint constituents who disagree with him as violent mobs or Nazi thugs. His comments are irresponsible and he should apologize immediately.”

Brent Boger, Malin’s 3rd Congressional District Co-Chair and Clark County Republican State Committeeman comments, “Is there no limit to what Democrats will say about those who disagree with them? Brian Baird calls government health care opponents Brown Shirts and his leader, Nancy Pelosi, says they carry swastikas.”

Representative Baird’s reluctance to speak with the people he is supposed to represent is, frankly, a little puzzling. When he declared his support for the Iraq surge, he held several town halls, defending his stand to the angry crowds irate with the position he took. As polls show a growing and majority opposition to the Health Care Bill currently before Congress, Rep. Baird would be well advised to take time to listen to the voters of the 3rd Congressional District before returning to Washington DC to vote on such an important and far reaching bill.

“We should expect more from a sitting U.S. Congressman than to call names and disparage citizens in order to provide himself political cover for being unresponsive and out of touch.” Nansen Malin adds.

August 6, 2009

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya…

by lewwaters

Press release issued from Washington State Republican Party on Brian Baird’s refusasl to hold a townhall and his defaming of constituents.

For Immediate Release Contact: Patrick Bell
August 6, 2009 425-460-0570

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya…
Brian Baird Sees Brown Shirts In His Sleep,
And We’re Not Talking About UPS Delivery Men

“What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics. I mean that very seriously.”
–Brian Baird, The Columbian, Aug. 6, 2009

“It’s hard to tell which is more ridiculous: 1) Brian Baird comparing opponents of government-run health care to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi stormtroopers, or 2) taking any of Brian Baird’s disingenuous double-talk on health care seriously, let alone very seriously.
–WSRP Chairman Luke Esser

Bellevue, WA — Congressman Brian Baird announced in a story in The Columbian this morning that he will no longer hold live town hall meetings with his constituents because he feared “Brown Shirt tactics.” Interestingly, Baird is scheduled to be the keynote speaker tonight at the annual conference of the American Psychologists Association in Toronto, Canada. WSRP Chairman Luke Esser offered the following statement:

“Brian Baird may be terrified of speaking with his constituents during the August congressional recess, but he’s apparently not afraid of speaking at a conference of psychologists in Toronto, Canada. Baird is proving that he definitely has the courage to leave the country and speak to a group that won’t ask him why he’s racking up unprecedented levels of federal spending and deficits and voting for so many bills he hasn’t read. Tough questions and forthright comments are such a hassle, so thank goodness Brian Baird will be welcomed by such a friendly audience in a country with the type of government-run health care he and Nancy Pelosi are trying to recreate in America. Maybe while he’s there one of the psychologists in attendance can diagnose Baird and explain why he sees so many Nazi stormtroopers dancing in brown shirts in his dreams. We wish him a full and speedy recovery from his delusions.”

August 6, 2009

David Castillo Press Release: “BAIRD RUNNING SCARED”

by lewwaters


King of Town Halls refers to constituents as Nazis, ‘lynch-mob’

OLYMPIA, WA – Anyone who has met Brian Baird knows that the congressman prides himself on the number of Town Hall meetings he has held in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. In fact, he has a page dedicated to these meetings on his Web site with no less than four links to it from the home page.

On the page Baird writes, “Each year, I hold as many public town meetings throughout the Third Congressional District as possible because I believe the concept of meeting face-to-face with elected officials is at the heart of our democracy. …There won’t be any big speeches – just a lot of listening and a free exchange of ideas.” (Bold emphasis added.)

David Castillo, candidate for Congress, agrees with these sentiments but is perplexed as to why Baird refuses to face the public regarding his position on health care reform. Moreover, Castillo is astonished that a sitting congressman would have the gall to compare hard-working American citizens to Nazis, or a “lynch-mob,” as Baird did recently in local media.

“As an American with ancestors who faced real lynch-mobs, I am more than offended by his flippant use of that term. I am disgusted,” states Castillo.

As someone with extensive experience as a public servant, Castillo is amazed that an elected official with more than a decade in office would not have the foresight to see this coming, or furthermore, have such thin skin when it comes to strong public opposition.

“From bailouts for billionaires, to trillions of dollars in deficit spending placed on the backs of our children and grandchildren, to a disastrous Cap and Trade policy that will skyrocket our energy costs – Brian Baird has been a part of fundamentally changing our nation,” continues Castillo. “And now he doesn’t understand why most voters are upset that he also wants the federal government to take over their healthcare? Leadership involves making tough decisions and real leaders are never afraid to meet with those that may disagree with them.”

Castillo is a U.S. Navy veteran and former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs – where he had a birds-eye view of government run health care.

“The government runs Medicare, Medicaid and the VA. If members of Congress who support a ‘public option’ were forced to utilize any of these systems, rather than their private insurance, they may quickly change their mind on what constitutes sound reform,” asserts Castillo.

Castillo currently works as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He grew up in Centralia and currently resides in Olympia with his wife Callie and their three-year-old son.


David Castillo for Congress, Washington State Third Congressional District.

August 6, 2009

Congressman Baird Labels Constituents ‘Brown Shirts,’ Dodges Town Halls

by lewwaters

Brian Baird 2Democrat Congressman from Washington States Third Congressional District, who artfully stood up to attacks and bused in protestors at town halls two years ago for his support of the war in Iraq, now “fears an ambush” should he hold a face to face meeting with constituents who have been expressing opposition to the proposed healthcare reform currently being whisked through Congress.

Articles in multiple news sources today quote Baird’s expression of fear as he states, “extremists would have the chance to shout and make YouTube videos.”

In that regard, Baird then said, “What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics. I mean that very seriously.”

Brown shirts, I’m sure you recall were a paramilitary organization of Germany’s Nazi Party that played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s.

Instead of addressing constituents real and honest concerns over the proposed healthcare reform, he labels us Nazi’s, then ducks and hides.

Did we elect him for this? No!

In announcing a “secret schedule” for a telephone conference in lieu of a Town hall, should you be fortunate enough to be invited and actually be by your phone if called, Baird said, “There is this national movement in blogs and on the Internet to go to town hall meetings solely to attack people. One colleague of mine recently was hung in effigy at a town hall meeting. Others needed police escorts.”

Seems I recall no concerns over protesters who disrupted Town halls of Republicans around the country and liberals even applauded an Iraqi throwing a shoe at President Bush at a news conference there.

Brian, if it didn’t cross your mind, voters can hang you in effigy any time. We don’t need a town hall for that. That is what effigy is, an expression of opposition without causing any harm to the individual.

Then again, wasn’t hanging Sarah Palin in effigy during last years campaign an “expression of free speech?”

But, when it comes to voters expressing concerns or opposition to a Democratic led proposition, Baird cries, “It’s a lynch-mob mentality out there. There is an ugliness to it,” in describing “an atmosphere of intimidation and harassment from right-wing opponents of Democratic health care reform efforts.”

So tell us, congressman Baird, what was the mentality expressed against President Bush and the Republican Party over the past 8 years while you were in office? I wonder just how that would be described by Brian Baird”

When facing anti-war critics in 2007, Baird said, “Somebody said to me, ‘Oh man, you’re going to get killed tonight.’ I said, ‘No, they get killed in Iraq. I’m going to get criticized.’”

But, opposition and concerns about healthcare reform is now “a lynch mob mentality?”

Constituents have a right to a face to face with their elected officials. If they are unwilling or too cowardly to appear, they need to be voted out.

I suspect the real reason Baird is refusing to hold a Town hall is that is mind is already made up and instead of serving his constituents; he is instead serving Nancy Pelosi. He has no real answers to our concerns and doesn’t have he guts to face us.

So instead, he will hold a secret telephone conference with selected people who will be lucky enough to be near their phone should he call with the invite.

Obviously, Brian Baird no longer represents us and holds his seat for personal gain and political power.

Fortunately, we have two challengers willing to face off against Brian Baird and both are willing to actually listen to us and represent us.

David Castillo of Olympia, who has picked up key endorsements and Clark County’s Jon Russell who has announced 4 Town halls of his own, since Baird chickened out.

Russell says, “There appears to be a leadership void on national issues which will impact residents of Southwest Washington. I want to hear from the constituents of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District about issues and concerns they have with Congress and the direction of our country. Even if we do not agree on everything, it is important that I hear from them.”

Pam Benson of Clark County and a constituent of Bairds said, “He’s supposed to be our representative. He’s supposed to listen to us, whether he’s on our side or not. We are not nut cases that disagree with this issue. There are a lot of very well-informed people that are against this health care thing.”

Yes, Ms Benson, we are not “nut cases” nor are we a “lynch mob” and certainly not “Nazi Brown Shirts.”

We are constituents, voters who are not being listened to but instead are being dictated to.

That is not “Representative Government.” We need to replace Brian Baird with someone willing to listen to and actually represent Southwest Washington voters.

We need to take our country back!

UPDATE: Jon Vogel, DCCC Executive Director has sent out an email claiming, “If there was any more doubt that the right wing fringe is reaching shocking new lows by the day, Rush Limbaugh is now openly comparing the Democratic Party to Nazis and using swastikas on his website.”

Mr. Vogel, perhaps you should speak to Congressman Baird before you cry this.