Democrats, STOP THE LIES!

by lewwaters

New Democrat Seal Senators and Congresscritters alike have been caught off guard and very surprised during the current recess as they face angry voters and constituents at Town Halls, who are upset with their voices being ignored.

For too long now we constituents have felt that our concerns no longer matter to those elected to represent us and all across the country, angry voters are shouting at their elected officials what we want heard.

We are angry at the massive debt increase under the bailouts, the so-called stimulus package and the cap and trade bill being passed rapidly with few, if any, actually reading it.

Now, we see a repeat as a Universal Healthcare reform bill is being rushed through the halls of Congress with elected officials ignoring what the public is saying. We are upset at what the bill has to say and potential harm it will do to children and the elderly.

Instead of putting our fears to rest by showing exactly what is in the bill, we are largely scoffed at, told we couldn’t possibly understand such a complicated measure and yes, ignored!

Taken aback by the anger of those who elected them, instead of listening to voters, Democrats and their hired gun mouthpieces in the media have trumped a series of lies deflecting the outrage and claiming it is all manufactured by Republicans and organized by conservative groups.

The most ridiculous claim is that we do this to “shut down free speech.”

Ridiculous because it has been our free speech shut down for far too long as out voices have been ignored, first by too many Republicans through the Bush year and now, by Democrats as they continue their stranglehold on the country.

The New York Times, possibly the least credible media source in America today, has ran an article, Health Debate Turns Hostile at Town Hall Meetings, where they continue the bogus claim of “protesters are being organized by conservative lobbying groups like FreedomWorks.”

Republicans deny the charge, as it is a bald-faced lie, which leads the Slimes to say, “There is no dispute, however, that most of the shouting and mocking is from opponents of those plans.”

Guilty as charged! We are fed up with being ignored and silenced as we have been under 8 years of verbal assaults by Democrats and Liberals who organized under groups such as and, now renamed to and several more.

What we are not guilty of is organizing under the so-called “memo” they hold up as their “proof,” as was revealed days ago at the Weekly Standard and Media Research Center.

Had the New York Slimes’s Ian Urbina actually engaged in some old fashioned investigative journalism, or simply googled the subject, he would have known the claim was bogus and a lie. Instead, like a good little neo-com Bolshevik, the lie is spread.

After being labeled “mobsters” by Democrats, some radio hosts adopted the label and spoof it by saying, become a part of the mob.”

To the neo-com left that is close enough to claim how conservatives have organized and orchestrated unrest. To them, radio personalities saying, “Attend an Obama Care Townhall near you,” is marching orders to show up and disrupt the proceedings.

As can be seen at a Denver, Colorado appearance of Speakerette Nancy Pelosi recently, in reality it is the left who is organizing disruptions and busing protesters complete with professionally produced material into regions to country conservatives free speech rights.

In St. Louis, Missouri, angry voters showed up for a Town Hall where they were blocked out, while Union supporters were snuck in a side door. Outside, afterwards SEIU Union thugs attacked and beat a Black man selling “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, sending him to the hospital.

In Tampa, Florida, more Union thugs stacked another Town Hall, pushing and shoving people and closing the doors on constituents, preventing them from even hearing what their elected officials had to say.

All across the nation marching orders have been given, community organizers have issued the call and professional protesters are showing up at Town Halls to block any opposition to the proposed healthcare reform.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) says, “to stick with what we’re doing and don’t let them throw you off course,” which I take as just ignore voters who disagree with you.

Even the White House has set up a web site encouraging everyday citizens to forward any emails or report citizens speaking on healthcare reform that they consider “fishy.” Never has a president called on citizens to “snitch” on each other for having an opinion.

Politicians and media pundits both cry about “town hall violence” now as reason to bypass town halls and maybe set up a telephone conference call with selected constituents.

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s personal mouthpiece has said the disruptions were organized attacks aimed at Democrats by conservative, anti-health care reform interest groups.

He makes no acknowledgement of his own parties complicity in calling out the dogs to attack ordinary citizens trying to have their voices heard.

News reporters broadcast the violence across the nation popping up at town halls, but make no mention that it is Union thugs sent out by calls from Democrats and the administration. They just leave listeners and viewers to believe it is conservatives perpetrating the violence when it is actually the liberals, potentially setting up another Reichstag Fire.

Since Obama and the Democrat cabal swept into power by perpetrating lie after lie after lie, our economy has totally tanked, unemployment is near levels of the Great Depression, the national debt has increased threefold at least and Americans are more divided than since the Civil War, even bypassing the unrest during the Viet Nam era.

And, all in just over 200 days!

Spineless Republicans, eager to maintain a conciliatory tone, cowered from the attacks of the lying Democrats over 8 years, expelling our strong member over trumped up scandals.

And now that middle class Americans have risen up, angry as their grandchildren’s future is mortgaged heavily to foreign interests, Democrats perpetrate more lies and send in the goons to beat back any opposition, physically if need be.

Democrats ran on the promise of “uniting Americans.” Another lie apparently, unless we desire to give up our freedom and liberty and knuckle under to their socialist agenda where they have the wealth and the rest of us are poverty stricken.

Our country is imploding and all the Democrats can do is continue the lies, painting others of what they are guilty of.

Democrats, STOP THE LIES!!!

We can never have the “peaceful discourse” you claim to desire so long as you keep telling lie after lie after lie about ordinary common middle class Americans exercising their free speech and demanding representation, not a dictatorship.

We want our voices heard and have a right to express displeasure with proposed bills that directly affect us. We have a right to truth in media reports. We have the right to throw your sorry asses out if we are not guaranteed our freedom and liberty is maintained and protected.

Above all, STOP THE LIES!!!!

9 Responses to “Democrats, STOP THE LIES!”

  1. You were silent when the Bush Administration ran up the public debt in a fruitless effort (Iraq) that would make Don Quixote blush.

    You were silent when the Bush Administration attempt to privatize Social Security, putting your precious government (and yes, the government provides Social Security and Medicare, lest we forget) benefits in jeopardy. Had the privatized plan happened, there wouldn’t be a safety net at all in this economy, would there?

    Let me point out the bald-faced irony of the fact that you called the Democrats “neo-Coms” and Nazis (referring to the “Reichstag Fire”) – clearly, you’ve forgotten your world history.

    My dear sir, the only reason our country is imploding is because of the disrespectful ilk of the far-right of the Republican Party. Your voices are not raised for the sake of dialogue and conversation, or even protest – rather, you do it to obstruct.

    As inhumane as the torture of Abu Ghraib or the treatment of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan may have been, it is perhaps infinitely more cruel to allow your obstruction to stand in the way of progress. Health care in this country is disintegrating, and inaction will propagate nothing but further suffering.

  2. The lunacy of your comment is that we were silent when Bush raised the public debt. And even if we were, that doesn’t excuse our debt being increased more than in our entire history under 200 days of Obama, with another request in to raise it even higher.


    The free market has always performed better financially than government intervention. Had the so-called privatization of Social Security and Medicare taken place, most likely it would be solvent today.


    Yet, you have nothing to say about the White House collecting private information on private citizens, encouraging citizens to report citizens who object to the socialist takeover and Pelosi labeling outraged citizens as Nazi’s, Baird comparing us to Lynch mobs and brown shirts and lie after lie about enraged citizens standing up after being ignored by elected officials for so long.

    You remain silent when Union Thugs, sent by Democrats, beat a Black man in St. Louis that is selling ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags.

    You ignore that Democrats at town halls are locking citizens out, while allowing Union Goons and supporters of the raping of our healthcare in side doors.

    You ignore and have nothing to say about leftists creating violence at town halls then blaming it on conservatives, which is what the Reichstag fire was about.


    You cry about Abu Ghraib, yet ignore that those who committed atrocities there were prosecuted and sentenced by a Republican administration. Beheadings by terrorists are ignored as you hype incidents to paint others as bad. Atrocities by others, such as the Hue Massacre in Viet Nam about the same time as the My Lai massacre, are ignored and relegated to some black hole of history.


    Progress is not returning us to a time of darkness, a time without modern technology or imitating third world countries. Progress is not lording over citizens who have a god given right to freedom and liberty. Progress is not rationing healthcare for individuals or offering them “end of life” counseling, whether they wish it or not. Progress is not taking everything one has worked for and given to others who don’t work for it.


  3. Oh yes, since you mentioned “obstructing,” you also ignore all the Judicial nominees by Bush that were filibustered and blocked by Democrats, including miniority nominees, one on the basis that he was Hispanic!


  4. QED.

    Your selective memory is quite humorous. I believe Republican Presidents hold the record for wiretapping, surveillance, and other intrusions into privacy. Not to mention, the Brooks Brothers bandits who decided to intimidate and harass voters and elected officials in 2000, thrusting a man of questionable Presidential competence into the Presidency of the United States. Yet, you not only stayed silent on this, but you hid it, you lied to yourselves, and took upon the patriotic cloak to justify your actions.

    For you, it speaks ill of a democracy when your representatives decide to limit attendance to an event for the sake of safety, but it is patriotic to “re-designate” protesters at Presidential events and remove them far away from the President, leaving only supporters nearby. It is unpatriotic to call a hostile, unruly mob and compare them to a “lynch mob,” but it is perfectly normal to condemn those who support the agenda as “Communists” and “Fascists” in the same breath. (See the irony here?)

    The “free market” as you know it is one that is filled with government intervention. Any student of economics knows that a true free market does not exist in reality, and can only exist in theoretical variants.

    You cite My Lai and the Hue Massacre, but say nothing about the firebombings in Cambodia authorized under the Nixon Administration. Two can play at the game of selective history.

    You only believe that health care reform will bring you into a time of “darkness” because those who hold your standard – the fringe of the right wing – instruct you to do so. There is a difference between true civil discourse and dialogue when men (and women) are armed with all the facts and rationally debate a subject, and when gentlemen such as yourself take upon a partisan standard and decide to engage in narrow-mindedness and intellectual exclusion. You fail to educate others as to how exactly health care reform will interfere with the so-called “God-given right to freedom and liberty,” and instead blindly state it as such because it sounds like a nice sound bite for Rush Limbaugh and company.

    Sir, do note that you do not have a monopoly on patriotism, a monopoly on civility, and a monopoly on discourse. We have oft-forgotten this fact over the last eight years under the administration of President Bush.

    Progress beholds the unknown. And for someone as articulate as yourself, I find it sad that you have allowed others to define this notion of “progress” for you. You are only deceiving yourself by allowing others to define your philosophy. A three word expression of banality (e.g. Stop the Lies!) will sway no one’s mind.

    Adlai Stevenson (a Democrat, heaven forbid), once wrote that:

    “Every man has a right to be heard; but no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of vocal chords.”

    Your movement is strangling democracy with a single set of vocal chords. Perhaps, if you allow others to be heard, instead of merely mocking them as “Communist Nazis (again, with the irony!)” – we can proceed with debate and civility.

  5. Spare me your condescending rhetoric. As I recall, your ilk wasscreaming bloody murder because of electronic eavesdropping of suspected terrorist inside the country and who were receiving calls from outside the country.

    Then again, after the Oklahoma City bombing, when Democrat Clinton placed a total electronic eavesdropping on the country, silence.

    Selective? What else could it be?

    Yes, I mentioned My Lai and and Hue and you obviously can’t fathom why, which just shows your ignorance of history. You may have studied tainted history from books in public school, but I was there helping make history, a history that you people perverted and continue to lie about.

    If we are as lucky under the 4 years of Obama as we were under the 8 years of Bush, we will enjoy no more terrorist attacks on our country. You side conveniently forgets or ignores that we have been under attacks by radical Jihadists for some 3 decades, teice upon our soil.

    Yes, yes, I know, it is all America’s fault because those nasty vile Republicans force Democracy on those who would rather live under the treat of death for putting on lipstick or wearing nail polish or even trying to learn how to read.

    Heard it all before and it still doesn’t come close to the truth.

    But, truth has little bearing on an agenda, does it?

    I laugh at how scared to death you all are of a radio entertainer. While I rarely listen to him, it is obvious how much he frightens the hell of you.

    You canard of ” Perhaps, if you allow others to be heard” is the single most laughable thing you could say, given that is Union goons from your side stifling free speech, beating up Blacks who have stepped off of massah Obama’s plantation and busing people in to drown out opposing views from people sick and tired of being ignored and not listened to by the Democratic cabal.

    Then again, as the above post shows, again it is once again your side manipulating people to visit congresscritters, supplying them with the right words and information and checking up afterwards to ensure they did it properly.

    Just as it was your side who intercepted a nothing memo from a nothing group in Connecticut and twisted into some huge conspiracy by falsely claiming he had ties to the Republican party.

    You want to talk games and partisan standard? Look in the mirror or the photo you keep above your Obama alter you bow down to every evening.

    The only strangling of Democracy is coming from the commusits and nazi’s that you embrace.

    Obama is acting in so many ways reminiscent of Hitler while the rest of the Democratic cabal is reminiscent of the Bolsheviks.

    That is some history you need to study up on.

    You want people to stop yelling out at town halls? Then have elected official listen to them too.

    And, STOP THE LIES is relevant as all the empty meaningless verbiage you can muster.

    You want civil discourse? Start by giving it and seek to understand really why middle class America is pissed about this instead of listening blindly to Obama, Pelosi and Reid and any other neo-com leading you around by the nose.

    As you all impose your agenda on Americans and steal from us and our grandchildrens future, just remember the words credited to Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor.

    I’d supply them, but since you are the history expert here, you can figure them out for yourself.

  6. Delusion begets further delusion. Clearly, attempting to reason with you is a fool’s errand. My only hope is that your belligerence speaks for itself, and that your unreason will help reason with others’ perhaps more reasonable unreason.

  7. It is obvious that you have a severe problem with so many Americans standing up for their rights and freedoms.

    I suggest you get used to it as we are no longer just rolling over while our country is destroyed from within.

    Perhaps one day you will pull your head back into the sunshine and realize that you are seeing exactly what Admiral Yamamoto spoke of, the awakening of a sleeping giant.


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