Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment

by lewwaters

Ron Paul CrybabyBrian Baird, congressman from Washington States Third Congressional District has lashed back at Clark County Republican’s for our outrage at his Ryder Truck Gaffe made before the Rotary Club this past Wednesday.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin, still fawning over Democrat Baird, wrote an article, Death threat disclosure by Baird draws criticism, critical of those of us who were offended by Baird’s insensitive comment and claiming he was just “recounting a death threat he received.”

Baird made National News for not holding public townhalls and labeling constituents Brown Shirt’s and alluding to Lynch Mobs.

He allegedly apologized for those cracks, claiming his words were not at constituents and reconsidered his no townhall stance,
holding one Tuesday evening at the Clark County Amphitheater, where he received an earful from several angry voters.

His Ryder Truck crack came the very next day before a Rotary Club luncheon, attended by several Republicans who found it unsavory. Clark County Chairman Ryan Hart issued a statement against the remark and has appeared on the Victoria Taft radio program discussing the insensitive remark.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin wrote,

“But after Baird alluded to the threat during brief introductory comments to the Rotary Club of Vancouver on Wednesday, Clark County Republicans denounced him for invoking the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”

“Commenting on why he was initially reluctant to hold town hall forums on health care reform, Baird told the Rotary Club audience: ‘If there is a Ryder truck parked out front, it has my name on it.’”

Sorry, but that last paragraph doesn’t even make sense. The context presented doesn’t make sense. A “botched joke” excuse would have made more sense.

But instead, our elected representative Baird slaps back at us with,

“This is a new low. Rather than condemn those who made the threat, I am being criticized for talking about the threat.”

No Brian, you are being criticized for your insensitivity and trying to play victim over some alleged poster of Obama as the joker being faxed to you and now, an anonymous phone call that you claim said,

“You think Timothy McVeigh was bad, there is a Ryder Truck out there with your name on it.”

As a Clinical Psychologist, Baird should be able to see this for what it is, if it even actually happened. Disgruntled people make outrageous comments they will never carry out all the time.

Still, I can see it serious enough to report to the authorities, which Baird claims to have done. According to Kelly Love, Baird’s Vancouver district director,

“The message left on Baird’s office voice mail was turned over to the U.S. Capitol Police.”

However, fellow blogger Bob Koski, of actually called the U.S. Capitol Police and according to Koski, “there is no record of any such complaint.”

The Columbian, for their part, made no such call to the U.S. Capitol Police to confirm any such threat was ever made or reported. They publish an article critical of voters and subscribers, after not saying anything about voters being offended by the comment, telling us we have “reached a new low” and the more commonly seen Democrat claim, “my words were taken out of context for cheap political gain.”

The residents of Washington State’s Third Congressional District deserve better than to be continually slighted by an elected official who has no problem repeatedly selling out constituents.

UPDATE: If Brian Baird and the Columbian are really so concerned about Death Threats, why not expose Kill a dissenter….save a life?

9 Responses to “Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment”

  1. Yeah, first it was a fax. Now this.

    Here is what I would like to know. Why is the Psychologist not calling down condemnation on the organized people that were trying to agitate his constituents. First there two very rude people with bullhorns, one of whom was trying to cause agitation. Planned Parenthood was there, pushing their agenda. There was a group of people that had professionally made signs that obviously came from a leftist organization.

    These appear to be coming from the Democrat party. We deserve an apology not only from you, but from the President for using our monies to fund these people.

    You sir, are trying to demonize the wrong people. We won’t have it.

    Organized Agitators


  2. I think it’s pretty obvious that Kathie Durbin wrote this to cover her own butt after the fact. This would never have seen the light of day if the Republicans hadn’t (properly) made an issue of it.

    As you state Lew, Kathie didn’t bother confirming that Baird’s office had called Capitol police so this is just another attempt on her part to make Baird look good and the Republicans look bad. And I thought John Laird was a loonie leftie…

    Baird himself raised the spectre of the Oklahoma City bombing in order to scare constituents and demonize opponents. Someone was just calling him on it. Stupid to leave a voicemail (if even that is true), but to call this a ‘death threat’ is a real stretch – and an overeagerness to paint oneself as the victim.


  3. Another point to consider, Craig, if there really was a death threat, the article says it was received here in his Vancouver office. Why call all the way back to Washington D.C. to report it and not the Clark County Sheriff’s Office or Vancover Police?

    Lea is right. This is just CYA and it is backfiring.

    Congressman Baird, you are going after the wrong people.

    Don’t forget, Criag, Democrats love playing victim. It is what they do best, even when they have won all the cards.


  4. I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same article then Lew. Here is a cut and paste from Kathie Durbin’s Thursday evening post “Death threat disclosure by Baird draws critcism”



  5. oops it didn’t paste. Anyway, the article in the second paragraph says the threat was phoned to his Washington DC office.


  6. Okay, I was going by Kelly Love’s talking about it and she is here.

    Call it a senior moment.


  7. Brent Boger, quoted in the Columbian article and present at the Rotary Club luncheon, left the following in commnts,

    Since I was quoted in the story, I will weigh-in.

    Even though I have been an active Republican, I have never been particularly active in opposition to Congressman Baird. My efforts have gone elsewhere. Though I have not agreed with him on most issues, I considered him not an overly partisan Democrat. In my few interactions with him I found him respectful and had no problems with him on a personal level.

    Until now. He has called those who question the current healthcare proposals “Brownshirts” and said the opposition at the townhalls across the country reminded him of the Timothy McVeigh atmosphere. He apologized for those remarks. But the apology did not take hold in his future remarks and he brought up McVeigh again.

    It was not at all clear to me at Rotary that he was quoting a specific death threat when he made the comment. It apparently was not clear to anyone else either. Kathie Durbin went over her notes from the meeting with me yesterday and nothing was in them about any death threats.

    I have two comments about that. First, wouldn’t the Congressman publicly talking about such a threat in room with 200 people in it be considered newsworthy? So evidently Durbin herself missed the point that Baird was describing an actual death threat.

    Second, everyone quoted in the story evidently missed that description too. My friend Elson Strahan, quoted above in support of Baird, didn’t get it when he just dismissed Baird’s statement as a “throwaway comment”. Paul Montague also quoted above (who is a strong Democrat) also apparently didn’t understand Baird was quoting a specific death threat. Along with Lisa Schmidt, the reporter and everyone quoted in her story (along with others I have spoken to who were there) quoted didn’t get the “quoting a specific death threat” interpretation of Baird’s remark. Is it possible he didn’t say he was quoting such a threat?

    Clearly, Baird was at a minimum unclear about what he was saying and was not very careful in his remarks. In light of the controversy that has recently taken place, I found it breathtaking that a successful politician like Baird would make such a misstep.

    The story also makes reference to me “tweeting” his speech. I actually don’t know how to tweet. I was texting to a friend. I misspoke.

    I find the whole healthcare-townhall-Baird-Brownshirt-McVeigh-Ryder truck affair unfortunate. I am unhappy with the mainstream Left that runs the Democratic Party for trying to paint the mainstream Right that runs the Republican Party with Timothy McVeigh. I never understood the basis for the connection. I’m sure the Left gets upset with the Right pointing out the Democrats’ ties to 60’s radical bombers like Bernadette Dorn (Bill Ayers’ wife), Chicago 7 defendant and former California legislator, Tom Hayden, or former Black Panther and now Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush (who, by the way, defeated Barrack Obama in 2000 Democratic Primary). These are closer connections to the Democrats than any far right connection to the Republicans. Is it an example of what psychology calls “projection” when some Democrats call Republicans extremists?

    The Columbian’s performance in this affair has been mixed. I applaud them in their reporting of Baird’s remarks in the first place and when he stepped into the mess deeper by adding Timothy McVeigh.

    But then I listened to a question posed by Tom Koenninger at the Patty Murray Chamber luncheon in which he asked her who is behind the hot rhetoric at the townhalls. The question seemed designed to bait the Senator to attack the townhall attendees. Senator Murray, to her credit, didn’t take the bait. Then Koenninger follows-up with his “all is forgiven” with Baird editorial of a few days ago. That editorial looks ridiculous in light of subsequent events.

    And now we have this story that suggests that those attending the Rotary meeting were too obtuse to understand Baird was really talking about a specific threat. At least I wasn’t the only person in the room to not get it, indeed, Congressman Baird may have been the only person who did.

    I only reluctantly am weighing in on this because I don’t like to get into fights with people who buy ink by the barrel full. Even though, like Tom Koenninger I was brought up Episcopalian, I will quote the founder of the Lutheran Church “Here I stand, I can do no other”. That’s how I see it.

    Additonally, Ryan Hart, Chairman of the Clark County GOP, also said,

    So now Baird is trying to blame Republicans for his own words and comments? Republicans have reached a “new low” by quoting Brian Baird? Baird’s comments were taken in context and Republicans have condemned threatening and aggressive acts. Whatever the context, the fact of the matter is 168 people died in the Oklahoma City bombing and more than 680 were injured. I’m not so sure the people of Oklahoma City appreciate Baird’s repeated references to McVeigh or a flippant comment about a Ryder truck outside the Red Lion at the Quay.



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