Democrats and Unions Coordinate Meetings On Healthcare Again

by lewwaters

Once again, word has gone out to members of the WSLC Washington State Labor Council (AFL-CIO) and Democrats of scheduled meetings with State Senator Karen Keiser, chair of the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee, and Rep. Eileen Cody, chair of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee.

Senator Keiser’s web site says, “Space will be limited, so participants are encouraged to arrive early.”

The WSLC site tells readers, “Congressional town hall meetings and other forums on national health care reform continue this week across the state. Union members and other advocates for universal health coverage with the option of a public plan are urged to attend these events, speak their minds and demonstrate their support.”

Is there a reason word is given out only to Democrats and Union members?

Both sites list pending meeting sites and times scheduled.

3 Comments to “Democrats and Unions Coordinate Meetings On Healthcare Again”

  1. I would like to point out that meetings that Senator Keiser an d Representative Cody are having have been subject to two major media releases to Western Washington media. The meetings dates and times have been reported on KOMO and FOX and in print media by the Associated Press, They have also been reported on radio by NPR. There is nothing stealth about these meetings.

  2. And I would like to point out that some meetings are scheduled for Southwest Washington, Longview in Cowlitz county.

    Where are the news reports here?

    Last I heard, Senator Keiser represents the 33rd Legislative District and Rep. Eileen Cody the 34th Legislative District. Longview is in the 18th Legislative District.

    Aren’t these townhalls down here just a tad outside their districts? Could the lack of reporting this far south on the meetings be attributed to state officials there being Republican?

    Have Senator Joseph Zarelli, Republican; Representative Jaime Herrera, Position 1, Republican; Representative Ed Orcutt, Position 2, Republican been invited?

  3. Correction on a portion of my comment, John.

    I see Longview is just inside the 19th Legislative District southern most boundary, which places it within a Democrat held district.

    Still, where have the mentions of the August 29th meeting been made public down here?

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