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August 29, 2009

Podunk Reporter Creates Issue, Boasts of Resolution

by lewwaters

At one time or another we all have received unwanted mail. Be it by post or email, we all receive something that holds no interest or at times, might even be somewhat offensive, something we disagree with and definitely something we didn’t want.

It is a given in today’s information age that this will happen on occasion.

Most of us who consider ourselves ‘normal’ may grimace or even cluck our tongues as we deposit the offensive piece of mail into the nearest trash can or slide our cursor to the upper right of the offending email and simply click the provided little ‘x’ for deleting such unwanted material.

Of all the people I’ve known in my near 61 years of life, no one ever felt the need to contact a local newspaper to make an issue of such received material. In fact, no news reporter in the dozens of places I’ve ever lived would ever accept such a non-story; much less make it a front-page issue in the local section of the newspaper.

That was before.

Enter Raymond and Louise Denny; recently retired to La Center from Connecticut and self described “liberal Democrats.”

The Denny’s claim they received a GOP fund raising survey and were especially offended by one question contained in it and took the extraordinary step of contacting Kathie Durbin, the ‘Podunk’ Reporter in our failing local paper of record, the Columbian.

Instead of just telling the Denny’s to grow-up and throw it away, Ms. Durbin joins in with the Denny’s and blows it all out of proportion, as I reported on in The Columbian: Mouthpiece For Democrats posted on August 25.

I was more shocked to receive an unwanted email myself from the DCCC’s Jon Vogel, who just somehow happened to find the very same survey question offensive and distorted it in their own fund raising email sent out to supporters and others on their ‘spam’ list, also reported on by yours truly at DCCC Mirrors The Columbian on August 28.

Lo and behold, the August 29 Columbian contains, Nat’l GOP backs off ‘inartful’ mailer, by, you guessed it, our own sweet little Ms ‘Podunk’ Kathie Durbin, where she boasts,

“A GOP spokeswoman conceded, in an interview with The Associated Press distributed Friday, that the question, part of a fundraising mailer known as a “push poll,” was “inartfully worded.”

The question and others in the mailer, called “Future of American Health Care Survey,” have been featured on several progressive-leaning political blogs and have attracted national attention since being reported Tuesday in The Columbian.”

Most offensive is that several times now in the Columbian’s own comments section, I have alluded to a “fact check” card sent out by the Democrat Party which contains blatant lies about the GOP’s stance on the healthcare issue.

This particular “fact check” card was sent as an attachment to an email received from Marlon Marshall, DCCC National Field Director on August 18, 2009 and titled, “Scare Rush and Sarah Right Back.”

You may obtain your own copy by clicking HERE for as long as it remains.

First on this “fact check” card,

MYTH: Grassroots Protestors are Disrupting Town Halls
House Republican Leader John Boehner’s Office: “Back home for the August recess, rank-and-file Democratic Members of the House are facing a backlash from their constituents.”
FACT: Lobbyist-Run Groups Are Orchestrating Extremist Mobs Republicans and well-funded special interest groups are sending far-right extremists to local town halls to stop any meaningful discussion of Health Insurance Reform. Some of these mob scenes have turned especially ugly – including the hanging of Members of Congress in effigy and use of Nazi SS symbols.”

Well before this “fact check” card was made available it was shown and proven that those of us going to townhalls and expressing our displeasure are less “well organized” than supporters who receive their ‘marching orders’ from Obama’s Organizing For America or from Unions and supplied with professionally made signs.

No one complains about them sending their ‘troops’ to townhalls. But, if we email each other and go to townhalls voluntarily and for no pay, we are considered “well-funded special interests.”

Unmentioned anywhere is that on several Craigslist sites you will find ads for “PAID” activists to work in support of the Democrats Healthcare Reform measure and offered between $10 to $15 an hour to do so.

Also in this “fact check” card is,

MYTH: There is a Republican Plan Minority Whip Cantor: “The Republican plan” provides “access to affordable basic coverage.”
Fact: “Republicans have yet to coalesce around a single plan.” Even though the House Republicans’ “Health Care Solutions Group” guaranteed a counter proposal, they have refused to release a plan to the public.

So, is this blatant lie mentioned because the GOP doesn’t have a “single plan?”

Guess what, my friends, NEITHER DO THE DEMOCRATS!!

Congressman Baird admitted openly that they have several versions they are working on at the August 18 townhall.

Or, is it due to, “they have refused to release a plan to the public?” Also a blatant lie.

Remember this was sent on August 18, 2009. That is pertinent because June 17, 2009, CBS News, hardly considered a friendly outlet for the Republican Party, ran the article House Republicans Offer Health Care Plan and supplies a link to that very plan.

Kathie Durbin has nothing to say about this blatant lie issued by her favored party nor about several mentions by many of us on the right being offended by such lies. We don’t merit her time much less front-page mention in the Local Section of the paper.

But, a Liberal Democrat couple does!

Ms. Durbin mentions,

“The story was also picked up by CBS News, the Huffington Post, Politico and the AP.”

Isn’t that convenient? National Left-Winged media becomes interested in a small town couple receiving a survey by mistake and taking issue with one question in it.

Also note that one of our longer term residents, a U.S. Marine Veteran who confronted congressman Baird, is referred to as “ranting.”

Indications are that the paper of record produced this “report” without even talking to the Marine and surprise, surprise, surprise, also written by the same sweet little ‘podunk’ reporter.

Reading Ms. Durbin’s latest promote the DNC screed this morning, I shot off an email to Ms. Durbin, produced below.

Hello Ms. Durbin,

I apologize first for sounding upset, but I am. I am offended that you give such space to an alleged offensive question in a GOP fund raising mailer that even you admit is standard procedure for both party’s.

I am offended that more space is granted to the RNC disavowing the alleged offensive question.

Most of all, I am especially offended that there is total silence from you and your newspaper in regards to Republicans being offended at blatant lies in a DNC “Fact Check” card emailed out when our townhall commenced with Representative Baird.

You may view the card at

And if I may ask, why is a Democrat couple who allege they mistakenly received the GOP mailer and are offended given such prominence in coverage, but we Republicans are not.

Is this what the Columbian considers “Fair and Balanced?”

I have yet to receive any reply.

I almost cringe thinking what we will see from the most vitriolic John Laird’s weekly screed Sunday Morning.

UPDATE: I ran this story by the editor of a Major National Newspaper and received this reply, “Lew you are right, seems like a lot of fuss over nothing. It’s amazing what the press won’t cover, and then they get all wrapped up on something like this. Unreal.”