Washington States R-71 Qualifies For November Ballot

by lewwaters

Sure to outrage the Gay community, R-71, a citizens initiative to block and overturn Washington States ‘everything but marriage’ act has qualified for the November ballot. Received in email,

R-71 qualifys for November vote!

With the Referendum 71 signature-check now nearly complete, state election officials say they’ve now confirmed that sponsors turned in more signatures than needed to qualify for a spot on the November statewide ballot. Signature-checkers passed the 121,000 mark on Monday, the 23rd day of an exhaustive hand check of all 137,000-plus signatures submitted on July 25.

It takes 120,577 valid Washington voter signatures to qualify a referendum to the state ballot. Voters will now have a choice of accepting the new law or rejecting it.

The numbers still are unofficial and not final, as checkers do one final check of hundreds of previously rejected signatures of people who weren’t initially found in the voter registration records. That should extend the margin a bit, but the final margin could be in the range of 1,000.

Final certification is scheduled for Wednesday morning by Secretary of State Sam Reed.

Faith & Freedom Network
Gary Randall
President & Chairman

More coverage at R-71, gay partnership foes make ballot

The measure may have qualified based upon signatures, but there is a court challenge to it pending. King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector is hearing arguments from lawyers representing the secretary of state, proponents of R-71 and Washington Families Standing Together.

WFST claims Secretary of State Reed has not complied with the law. Their attorney claims there are petitions with over 2,000 signatures in which there was no name and no signature from the person collecting them, as required by law.

They claim he also ignores the law requiring only registered voters be allowed to sign the petitions, claiming had he done so the measure would not have qualified for the ballot.

We also have to remember that foes of R-71 wish to obtain the entire list of signers of the petitions to be placed on their web site with a searchable engine. An obvious attempt to intimidate signers.

Traditional Marriage Foes Try To Intimidate Washington Voters

Isn’t it strange that those who oppose R-71 are crying about the law, when they resort to such tactics as intimidation, threats of violence and denigrating supporters of R-71, instead of building a cohesive campaign to convince voters to support their view?

I guess that is easier than working within the law they cry others may violate.

Or, is it that they know they cannot maintain a supportable position with the public, so they resort to more unsavory tactics to force their views on others?

See also The Camel’s Nose Is Inside The Tent

UPDATE: King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector will not block the certification of R-71 that will place it on Novembers ballot. The Seattle Times

The misnamed ‘Washington Families Standing Together’ has stated they will now file a lawsuit against the referendum before the Thurston County Superior Court challenging the certification.

I see that building a campaign to convince voters to reject R-71 remains out of the question.

Intimidation and court rulings take precedence over the will of the people still, I see.

2 Comments to “Washington States R-71 Qualifies For November Ballot”

  1. Hilarious .

    Yet you do not see the absence of “democracy” when those with rights can vote away those without the same rights?

    You do not see how ANTI-gay legislation IS intimidation, IS a threat of violence? This is why I support those who “express” their anger towards those who are trying to harm our families; it is self-defense.

    “It’s Like Trying to Argue with a Dining Room Table”


  2. Funny, John, but I figured you’d be the first one to comment on this.

    As I said before, Gays hurt themselves when they used Civil Unions in California to push for ‘marriage.’

    No one is trying to hurt you or any of you. You desire a major shift in society without offering how it will benefit society or how to close the door once you open it and not also be discriminating.

    Legislators supporting SB 5688 admitted it was but a stepping stone to same-sex marriage, which is that very door once opened will allow a flood behind you that even Gays would oppose.

    Nobody really cares what Gays do amongst themselves any longer. It is when those acts are pushed to be made mainstream and harms to society are ignored that people rise up in oppostion.

    If you really want R-71 defeated, try building an effective campaign to convince voters no harm can be done to society instead of threatening violence.

    Explain how that door once opened can be shut again and no cries of discrimination will be heard by fringe groups also wanting recognition.

    Intimidation and threats only cause your side harm.

    So, I await to see if you will mount a campaign to support your view. Or, if the threats and intimidation tactics will continue.

    Your call bub.


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