Pacific County GOP Chair Receives Threats From Healthcare Supporters

by lewwaters

As you all know by now, Nansen Malin, Chair of the Pacific County GOP had scheduled a meet in her home with Congressman Brian Baird and he backed out.

Baird cancels living room meeting with GOP chairwoman

Almost immediately after the Columbian printed the article, her phone began ringing with nasty and threatening phone calls. One especially nasty, leaning heavily on Military Viet Nam Jargon, threatened to “destroy her business, politically.”

The caller identified himself as “Cliff Hazen” of Vancouver and left the phone number of 608 7692.

This person claims to work with Veterans benefits and if they do, they don’t need to be there. We Veterans deserve better than to be subjected to loud mouthed cowards like that who call up women and threaten then.

Nansen has the audio of the threat left on her voice mail up at Cliff Hazen Threat.

After all of the whining and crying from Baird’s supporters about someone leaving on Baird’s Voice mail, “You think Timothy McVeigh was bad, there is a Ryder Truck out there with your name on it,” how unbelievably tactless that they would now turn around and leave something just as brazen on a woman’s Voice Mail.

‘Cliff’ says in the threat that “this is war, baby.”

‘Cliff,’ this is a war we are prepared to engage you in. Your threats only show your cowardice.

Xin loi, lock and load, fire ’em up back at you, you dinky dau piece of nuc maum.

Why not try coming after a man, mic lom?

UPDATE: ‘Cliff’ sent an email as well, containing phrases that tells me what a cowardly phony he is.

From: Cliff []
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 4:09 PM
Subject: Nan, Please try to get the phone quotes correct.

The rest of the story that Ms. Nansen left out conveniently.

I called this morning to ask about the cancelled meeting with Baird. i explained to Nan that my background is a Vietnam veteran with specific interests in quality health care access for war veterans often unserved by the present for profit only system. I made Nan aware that I had voted for both Democrats and Republicans
I inquired about the format of the proposed meeting and questions she would have asked of the Rep. concerning health care for all Americas.
She became arrogantly hostile and vocally loud, much like we have seen by those opposed in the town hall meetings across America concerning health care. I tried to explain to her my interests in the subject were from the standpoint of war veterans left out in the cold by the American health care system. Those mentally wounded by war, those crippled and damaged physically by war, those poorly served by the VA and private medical insurance system in America.
Ms. Malin had no time to listen to my opinions, I was only to listen to hers. She hung up on me.
So, to paraphase a great American and winner of wars, “This Day Will Live in Infamy”.
Oh, and don’t bother coming to my house and trying to scare my family, I was trained and paid to hunt humans in the dark.
Ditdu mai.

The only ones I recall ever boasting about such training were usually “in the rear with the gear.” Company clerks, cooks and what have you.

Most telling in his ‘rant,’ “those crippled and damaged physically by war, those poorly served by the VA.”

Haven’t they returned to telling us how great we have it with VA medical care, that “free program” Veterans shouldn’t receive just for serving in war?

Do they not wish everybody to be on that program as well?

Why would they demand what they describe as “poorly served” be forced on everybody?

If Nan did hang up on him, does that give him just cause to leave such a threat as he did on her phone?

If it does, why all the concern over the Ryder Truck comment to Baird?

And Cliff, none of us has any desire to try to go after your family, unlike you who would deprive her entire family of their livelihood.

No, if any one comes by your home on 15th Ave, it will be the Clark County Sheriff, not us.

You aren’t above the law either.

2 Comments to “Pacific County GOP Chair Receives Threats From Healthcare Supporters”

  1. For anyone who has ever dealt with Brian Baird or his staff, it comes as no suprise as to the arrogance this person has. He has always considered “his” way to be the only way, and refuses to listen to anyone.

    In closing, let me repeat my battle cry “VOTE THESE RAT BASTARDS OUT”


  2. Here in Lewis County, we just had a town hall meeting with Baird. Since this is a conservative county, Baird thought it necessary to bring three bus loads of democrats from the Puget Sound region to our local town hall. None of the local folks with questions were able to get in because we were told to be there at 6:30 by Bairds website, and Baird brought his buses to arrive by 5:30 pm. By the time locals got there at 6:30 for the 7:00pm start, all the seats were filled with the out of towners and locals were not allowed in. This is how Baird has decided to run his town halls. In Olympia’s town hall, the first four people drawn to talk all happened to be democrats and two of whom worked on Bairds campaign. Dirty Politics. I assure you Baird will not get my vote again. And he IS who I voted for last time.


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