Battle Ground Should Keep Lisa Walters For City Council

by lewwaters


Mike, you ran a good campaign and I hope you’ll look upon this as a learning experience.

(October 13, 2009) A Message From Mike Dalesandro

Lisa Walters b

In reviewing the 2 candidates for Battle Ground City Council Position 4, a non-partisan position, I can find no logical reason long time Battle Ground resident Lisa Walters should be replaced. You have in her a seasoned council member with 7 years on the city council who does not follow along in lock step, but places the interests of Battle Ground residents first. In today’s political climate that is a welcome rarity.

Her opponent has lived here 5 years and lists as his qualifications for city council, a short term volunteer seat on the planning commission, assistant manager of a warehouse and worked in a “small family pizza shop” before that.

Opponents have tried in the past to make hey out of the fact that Lisa Walters came from Portland, Oregon, relying on the anti-Portland fervor we have in Clark County. They ignore that her challenger recently hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has many more problems than does our neighbor to the south.

In looking over the qualifications of both candidates, I was particularly struck by 28-year-old Michael Dalesandro’s campaign site and a list of endorsements that is a registry of who’s who from the Democratic Party, for a non-partisan position.

His ‘About Mike’ page relies heavily on what his grandparents accomplished and not what he has. His grandparents are an American success story, but what about him? What is the relevance to the hard work they performed and succeeded in have to do with Mike?

My own personal achievements by the age of 28 would likely seem foreign to him and many others, but I am not running for office. We’ll just leave it at by that age, I had accomplished and experienced much more than an assistant manager position in a warehouse or working in a small Pizza Shop.

But mostly, this strong support and flashy web site set up I’m sure with Democratic Party funds and donations should be of concern to all, since partisanship is not a part of the position he runs for.

Is the Clark County Democratic Party attempting to stack the Battle Ground City Council? After all, Lisa Walters and Battle Ground Mayor Michael Ciraulo have had their differences and Ciraulo has openly endorsed Dalesandro for Ms. Walters seat.

Something to think about before you cast your votes, Battle Ground.

In contacting Lisa Walters personally for information on her campaign, she replied, “I do not have any flashy campaign info,” and “I have elected to not seek support from any group.” Again, showing humility and a true desire to serve Battle Ground, not attain the seat as a possible springboard to higher positions.

That alone is impressive as she has a proven track record to stand on. At 44 years old, she is settled in yet still youthful. Lisa lists affiliations with the Association of Washington Cities, the League of Women Voters and the Clark County School Advisory Committee.

Battle Ground voters, I urge you to not be deceived by the “flash,” but retain who has served your interests for 7 years, Lisa Walters, Battle Ground City Council Position 4.

34 Responses to “Battle Ground Should Keep Lisa Walters For City Council”

  1. Is this the same Lisa Walters that was heard thourghout Battle Ground during the General election that she is an “ardent” Demo “rat”. She stated how Oboma would bring good things to cities like Battle Ground. She personally tried to push through council to BAN all small livestock. She personally tried to push through the highest school impact fees in the county not caring about the local economic impact. She is NOT what Battle Ground needs…..I think the majority of Battle Ground realizes that.

    -Battle Ground Citizen

  2. Anthony, she may be a Democrat, I do not know how she votes in elections.

    But, she also has stood up to the mayor, something he isn’t too fond of.

    Go back and look at her proposed limiting of small farm animals. It was in response to a complaint about 50 chickens at a home on a 5,000 sg ft lot. 50?

    Apparently you haven’t been too close to chicken ranch’s and the stench of their waste.

    She is but one person on a council and from what I hear is a rogue who won’t walk lock step with a Democrat mayor.

    With the registry of who’s who in the Democrat Party, can you say Dalesandro, and his mass experience running a small pizza shop and some lesser assitant manager of a warehouse, and hailing from a city like Pittsburgh, knows better and won’t just rubber stamp the agenda of the mayor?

    Ask yourself, why is a political party so intent on grabbing a “non-partisan” seat held by one of their own already?

    Sounds like stacking the agenda to me.

    Oh yes, from many I speak to, buyers remorse over Obama is on the rise.

    And again, 50 chickens in a backyard?

  3. Hi Lew: I don’t think Michael Dalesandro should be faulted because his love for the City of Battle Ground and desire to represent it on City Council has grown out of five years experience of being in the community and not ten or fifteen, etc. Battle Ground is the second fastest growing city in Clark County; I should hope its voices can include those who have chosen to live and raise their families in Battle Ground because they find it a special place. I’m not sure what specific requisite combination of life experiences you require of candidates, but Mr. Dalesandro’s, as a father, a businessman and volunteer Planning Commissioner for the last year and a half, isn’t coming up short.

    I, for one, am glad I can go to Mr. Dalesandro’s website for information. Some of us use the internet to garner information; I don’t think you or your blog have suffered from this phenomenon. But Mr. Dalesandro is also going door to door, reaching out to the community and making his campaign very public.

    While I was checking for information, I didn’t see any evidence that Mr. Dalesandro was looking for a springboard to higher office, a cute cliche but a misrepresentation. I think if we asked Michael’s supporters why they are supporting him, it wouldn’t because he is a Democrat or Republican, it would be because he is offering something: vision, compassion and a level-headed approach to local government. These qualities will serve Position #4 well.

  4. Hi back, L Walsh, or is it Marcie Seaton?

    Pointing out the difference between experience of a seaoned office holder and a young newbie is not faulting, it is pointing out the difference.

    Battle Ground is indeed a fast growing city, which shows how those who faulted Lisa for her stand on the 50 chickens on a 5,000 sq. ft. home lot had little understanding of how she was trying to protect the community from disease, noise and of course, the putrid smell of waste.

    You cannot pack homes on such small lots an still consider yoruself “rural.” You want the growth, you have to give up something you had.

    I fail to see where claiming “businessman” can be justified from an assistant manager position nor from managing a small pizza shop. Enhancement of a resume’ like that does not grant one the experience.

    You fail to note or even try to answer why the Democrat party is so heavily funding and fighting for a “non-partisan” seat. Or, do you not know that is how parties ‘groom’ candidates for higher offices?

    Hardly a “cliche’.”

    And again, as was previously claimed, if Lisa is a Democrat herself, why is it the party and the Mayor are working so hard to replace her, after her standing up to the Mayor?

    Stacking the city council with ‘yes-men’ who will ‘rubber-stamp’ the Mayor’s agenda is not what I would classify “offering vision, compassion and a level-headed approach to local government.”

    Why bother having a city council if none on it will question the Mayor?

    That may be what the Mayor wants in Position #4, but it is not serving the community very well at all. It is just giving a Mayor the power to do as he pleases and the hell with what citizens want should have.

  5. Saw your plug for Lisa again on the columbian, Lew. As we all have the right to support any candidate we choose, just wondering why you are so focused on a single contested race in Battle Ground. (BTW is Lisa Walters too humbled that she cannot respond to the Columbian’s request for an interveiw?) All this aside Lew, there are two other VERY interesting races for Battle Ground City Council that are gaining a LOT of attention from many people. Fair & Balanced reporting sounds good.

  6. Anthony, let me pre-apologize if my reply comes across flippant, it is not my intent, but may sound like it.

    If you look across my blog you will see I have written in favor of several candidates from all over the county. I am hardly focused only on Lisa Walters.

    Unlike a newspaper claiming to serve the community, I am a blogger advocating conservatism. I try to be fair in my advocacy and criticizing of liberalism, but “fair and balanced” is something more needed in the media claiming to serve the community.

    As the media doesn’t present more of a “Fair and Balanced” view for the community, we bloggers are often the “balance.” At least, to those who read our words.

    Back to Lisa. I have never met the lady and doubt I will. My main focus on her race is seeing a political party and mayor out of balance in their support of her opponent for a “non-partisan” seat.

    Seeing that Lisa has stood up to the mayor, I can see what might be the reason and it appears an effort to “stack the council” in favor of the mayor may be afoot.

    As a conservative blogger, I desire to see governments within the county more “fair and balanced,” and not filled with “yes men/women” blindly doing the mayors bidding.

    If a conservative mayor were trying to pack the council with conservative members and the Republican Party were heavily supporting a liberal members opponent for a “non-partisan” seat, I would expect to see the same coming from liberal bloggers in the county.

    That being said, I do look closer at other campaigns but as one person actively posting on 3 blogsites, I simply cannot cover all of them, that is the newspapers job. So, I select what I feel to be the most promising to give my opinions on.

    Researching Lisa compared to Dalesandro convinced me that the effort to unseat her should be discussed.

    As for an interview with the Columbian, depending on just who it was that asked for one, I can fully understand any hesitancy on her part, seeing how the Columbian’s writers are often “unbalanced” in their coverage of these “non-partisan” seats.

    Take the time to look through my site, Anthony and you’ll find that Lisa is hardly the only candidate I am supporting here.

    I’ll end by asking you why you are so concerned by one citizens support for a candidate?

  7. Oh Lew, I am not concerned, Just an old timer trying to stay involved in my community. What are your thoughts on incumbent Bill Ganley or rising newcomer Adrian Cortes and their races? I am leaning their way, thoughts? Keep up the blogging Lew!

  8. Anthony, I appreciate hearing of a fellow “old timer” staying involved in their community. Now on to your question.

    As an incumbent, I think Ganley stands a very good chance of retaining his seat. I like Shane Bowman, but he seems a bit naïve in how he chose to confront Ganely over the sign incident.

    As I’m sure you know, Ganley denies the allegations and let’s face it, true or not, what else would he do?

    If there is a shred of truth in Bowman’s allegation and I wouldn’t doubt there is, it also shows what I mean about keeping a council favorable to the mayor and elimination of opposition.

    On Ganley’s web page he says, “I want to preserve the qualities of the small-town atmosphere with careful planning to ensure Battle Ground remains a great place to live.”

    I also see Battle Ground as good place to live, but with the level and pace of growth of the city continues to see, it will be next to impossible to retain “small-town atmosphere.” But it does sound great in campaigning, doesn’t it?

    Still, as a challenger, Bowman does have an uphill battle.

    I also think that the past conduct of Reinhold’s son reflects poorly on him. I also like seeing Cortes has bi-partisan endorsements, including Dalesandro and mayor Ciraulo. And yes, I know that Cortes endorses Dalesandro and it changes nothing in my opinion, especially after the immature emails Mike sent to me.

    And again, you have the aspect of an uphill battle against an incumbent.

    I guess we will see a few weeks what voters think, won’t we?

    Whoever wins the elections; let’s just hope the council ends up actually as “diverse” as many claim they want.

  9. Lew,

    I am enjoying reading your thoughts and those responses in this forum. In Battle Ground this the races for City Council are the most interesting, somewhat stressful and more drama filled than any I’ve ever been involved in. A long with Councilor Paul Zandamela, Lisa Walters and myself have been “tagged” as rouges. Simply because the Mayor either disagrees with our philosophies or we have had the nerve to question things. When Mayor Ciraulo got the highway names changed to Battle Ground and Lewisville highway he also advocated that the City spend over $50,000 to change street signs claiming that it would increase business. Those of who questioned the logic were defiantely frowned upon. If people are going to choose to view in the context of what my adult has done rather than on my record, so be it. Overall I would rather have people who ask tough questions, point out things and look at all angles of an issue.

  10. Alex, as we can see at the federal level today, one party control, even in a so-called non-partisan position, does not serve the people at large. I became interested in this race after seeing the heavy partisan support for a non-partisan seat.

    No one is perfect and whoever has a council seat will end up either making mistakes or upsetting someone eventually. But over all, I feel the city council needs to retain a mixture of people asking tough questions and at times, fighting the mayor.

    As I said to Anthony, Whoever wins the elections; let’s just hope the council ends up actually as “diverse” as many claim they want.

  11. When you express an opinion people get upset, its just the way things are. If everyone is OK with you in politics that means you aren’t doing anything. I’ve sat next to Lisa Walters for years, we don’t always agree, but I respect the opinion she brings to the table. I know last week in the cities spending report there was $180.00 spent on dog scarves, she and I were the only two councilors to ask what was up with that. Apparently this is a part of the Clark County clean water group, sorry I don’t remember the acronym. But I was amazed that for all the talk of tight budgets, you see things like this slip in. I made and still make the arguement that this type of expenditure isn’t the right kind for what this economy is.

  12. $180.00 for dog scarves? I’d love to hear the justification on that one.

    You’re right, though. It might not seem like a lot, but how many small expenditures as that does it take before it adds up to some serious money?

    You give a prime example of why council members need to question such things and not just blindly approve them, even if justified.

  13. Lew its a part of the clean water program, if a dog owner who walks their dog signs a pledge to pick up the waste, rather than leaving it where it could wash into our water systems, they get a scarf for their dog that has the info on it. While it may be a good idea in theory when we have to make budget cuts thats $180 that could have gone to keep something we need.

  14. It does sound like a good idea, Alex, but in more prosperous times.

    That’s why city councils need you “rogues” to question such expenditures.

    From where I sit, there is an appearance, at least, of stacking the council to rubber stamp such ideas and not question them.

    As I said, that is what drew my attention to this particular race, such heavy partisan support for a non-partisan seat.

    Mike didn’t seem to take too kindly to my interest either, A Message From Mike Dalesandro.

    For him to even contact me directly in such a manner shows me immaturity and not ready to sit on the council just yet.

    Maybe in a few more years, but not at this time, in my opinion.

  15. I particularly like Mr. Dalesandro’s calling out Councilor Walters for not expressing her vision and priorities are, apparently in the 8 years she has served she’s never expressed any ideas. I also like that she was called out for not participating in a council candidates forum that we were contacted about doing 10 days before it happened. My boss makes my work schedule 3 weeks in advance and that the type of notice I usually need to give but he was nice enough to let me take a “long lunch” to participate.

    He also talks about a PDC complaint that he made about her but doesn’t mention that his campaign took an illegal contribution from Adrian Cortes’ campaign.

    I’m not saying anyone is perfect but don’t gloss over your screw-ups to downplay someone else either.

    If Mayor Ciraulo gets his way and Mike Dalesandro and Adrian Cortes get on council the Mayors agenda gets an auto-pass on most issues.

    While my fellow councilors, except for Lisa Walters, turn a blind eye to this type of tactic, one day when the Mayor comes gunning for them they will realize how wrong this whole election season has been. I’d be lying if I said that working with someone for 8 years and them suddenly doing a 180 degree turn on you doesn’t hurt, because it does.

  16. Alex, if you read the Democrats newsletter, they make it pretty clear they hope for bigger things for Mike already and he hasn’t even been elected yet.

    You’re right, though, no one is perfect and I can imagine council meetings can get pretty contentious at times, but the council needs those voices who will not just roll over and rubber stamp a mayors position.

    It is times s we are in that tough choices must be made and yes, someone will be hurt in them, hopefully equally spread around.

  17. Hi Lew looks like you have an interesting conversation going here with Adrian Cortes’ opponenet. I have already voted and Adrian got my vote. It’s interesting to hear Alex talk about spending money to change signage for 503 & 502 when he pushed to rename 199th St. to Everett Eaton St. You wanna know how much that cost the city? My neighbors and I constantly are talking about it. It seems Alex likes to point at others arrogantly but not himself. I and others are so tired of him! I had the pleasure to again speak with Adrian Cortes at the Clark County GOP social the other night ago, it was great. A lot of people have told me they have their eye on him in the future. I like the latest post he has on his blog that talks about his opponent. If you don’nt mind Lew I’ll put his link here: (take it down if I violated any of your blog rules) talk to you later Lew!

  18. Not to worry, Anthony, I have very few “rules,” so to speak. Mostly I prefer that people remain civil, which for the most part happens.

    What is going to happen in the election is what will happen. We don’t know the outcome yet and soon will see.

    My main effort in this, though, has been to keep the council diverse and not see it go to a one party rule, although non-partisan.

    Although conservative myself, I would not want to see the council in lock-step that way either.

    Diverse ideas and challenges are necessary and I hope to see Battle Grounds city council come out of this election as so.

  19. Anthony, with the new annexation the majority of the signs were going to be changed anyway. All within city limits. The BG Highway and Lewisville Highway signs we were slated to pay for ran the length of the highways outside city limits.

    Adrian Cortes’ blog only tells the story in a way that suits his needs. I have never ever advocated that peoples taxes should be raised every year. All of the budgets that I have been a part of were done within the confines of the system as it was when we passed them.

    I think the hardest part about the whole campaign is that there isn’t a real honest to goodness debate. There are a TON of opportunities to give a 30 second sound bite of a post here or there but very little to discuss specifics. While people find that boring it is what gives a good sense of who a person is and what they can do.

    Mr. Cortes talks about our conversation partially. At the time I was weighing pro’s and con’s about running again. Mr. Cortes requested that I not say anything until just before the registration deadline was up. Mr. Cortes also doesn’t mention his campaign bothering my folks’ neighbors to get a sign up near where the one my Dad puts up. To the point where they were going to make a police complaint.

    Either way win or loose its been a great honor to serve and has for the most part been a very enjoyable experience. I don’t know about on a larger scale job but anyone wanting to get involved locally and get a good sense for whats happening getting involved with the city council where ever you live is a good thing.

  20. Mr. Reinhold,
    Thanks for the info but you’ll have to forgive me if it falls on deaf ears. Quite frankly most of the people on my block have more intense opinions of you that I cannot repeat here. Before I voted for Mr. Cortes I had the opportunity to veiw his blog, read his literature and speak to him personally. However (other than one free Reflector & Columbian article) you did not “reach out” like he did. As a matter of fact when I and others looked for anything of substance about you on the internet all we found was your facebook site that you stated was for your re-election campaign. However the outragious polls & questionaires you were busy taking like: “what is your favorite sexual position”, “how well do you know porn stars”(you scored a 99%) or “how black are you” were disgusting at best. I have had 8 years to see you in action and I hope your departure from city council will get you to do some “soul searching”

    Just a concerned citizen

  21. Anthony, while I can see your frustration and opposition to Alex Rheinhold, I’m going to request that you keep comments a bit more above board.

    Let’s stick to issues and not silly facebook tests than even I, my wife and my daughters have taken for amusement.

    Mine even said my mental disorder is called a mental disorder.

    But let’s face it, those facebook tests are for amusement purposes.

  22. Lew, you should hear what some of my neighbors wanted to say. But point well taken(sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me!)

  23. Let’s face it, Anthony, there is no such thing as any candidate for office that some people won’t have some very upsetting thngs to say about. I can do it with those I didn’t support and so can you, or Lisa or Alex.

    That’s why I prefer to stick to issues of real concern when and where I can.

    I don’t always succeed, butI try.

  24. Thanks for the info but you’ll have to forgive me if it falls on deaf ears. Quite frankly most of the people on my block have more intense opinions of you that I cannot repeat here. Before I voted for Mr. Cortes I had the opportunity to veiw his blog, read his literature and speak to him personally. However (other than one free Reflector & Columbian article) you did not “reach out” like he did.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Mr. Cornelius,

    You are definately entitled to your opinions and I respect that. First off I am glad that you voted and on Election Day the people will have spoken and we will see what happens. Win or loose, for me, this has been the most interesting election seasons ever. I am very curious to see what direction the people of Battle Ground want to go in.

    I'm sorry the quizzes on my facebook page were not up to your standards.

    That said I have an 8 year record of votes on issues, balanced budgets and a city with one the highest reserve funds in the area. We have had a true renaissance in our parks system. We have added a some great infrastructure. Those are some pretty great things. Am I alone responsible for that, of course not, but I have been a part of all these things. I am very proud of the work I've done for the City and if I am not re-elected I will still continue to volunteer for the groups I help because I love being a part of the Battle Ground community.

    I see Mr. Waters concern (of a party driven candidate for a non-partisan position) luckily most of what a council does is really based on common sense, a lot of reading and getting the right questions answered. These traits are not exclusive to any party. Mr. Cortes, Mr. Bowman and Mr. Dalesandro all seems to be nice folks but inexperienced and a bit naive about the political process but if they are elected I am sure over time they will adopt. I find there is a learning curve when you get on council of about 6-9 months before you get enough of an understanding to really dig into issues.

  25. Mr. Watters,

    With election day upon us, I want to thank you for your support. I have read your blog and quite honestly you say things in print that I can not say in public. It is unfortunate that the election season has become so ugly and personal. I have only spoken to Dalesandro once. He seemed like a nice guy. Sad what running for office and the “how bad do you want it” mentality takes away from the true person we know we can be!
    You are spot on with your impressions. Again, thank you and perhaps our paths will cross so I can shake you hand! Lisa Walters :o)))

  26. Waters…..tis late and the mind is gone. Mr. Waters!

  27. LOL, Lisa, not to worry, for 61 years now, many have tried to make me a Walters too, having trouble with Waters I suppose.

    Good luck in tomorrows election. I hope you win.

  28. Thank you, I don’t know if you can truly understand how much your support hads ment to me. Picked me up on the rough days! For a guy I have never met you make wanna find ya and give you a BIG hug….

  29. Thank you, I don’t know if you can truly understand how much your support hads ment to me. Picked me up on the rough days! For a guy I have never met you make wanna find ya and give you a BIG hug….

    It is hard to hear you hope I win, I am not sure what I will win. Don’t want the “boobie” prize anymore. This gal is tired of the fight.

  30. Lisa, as a Viet Nam Veteran, I do know how good a little support feels.

    I too get tired of the fight, but then realize how important the fight is. We need people in office that stand their ground and hold true to their values, even if we may not share those values.

    It is that fight that has made us a great country, even at the lowest levels of government. Out of disagreement some of our best pieces of legislation have been born.

    We all get tired of the fight from time to time and deserve some R&R.

    Once this election is over, whether you win or lose, tell your husband you deserve a weekend at the coast and make him take you. Take some leisure time to yourself, you deserve it.

    You can tell him I said so 😉

  31. So now that election season has wound down, I wanted to thank you for paying attention to some of the politics going on outside of the City of Vancouver and Clark County Commissioners. I think the light you have shined on this race is a statement that there are interesting things happening in the whole county. Mr. Waters its great of you to do that. I’ve become hooked on checking out what you are writing about.

    In Battle Ground, this was an interesting election season with a lot of things happening that I had never seen before and hope will never see again. I’m glad so grateful for the people who vote and those who take time to express thoughts, both positive and negative, as to what the City needs to do.

    I think after the election is finalized there will come a time of great discomfort because things happened in these races that need to be talked about and than a time of healing followed by a lot of preparation for when the economy turns back around.

    At this point I am really looking forward to another term of service next to Mrs. Walters, we don’t always agree but I know in my heart she is doing what she thinks is best for the people of our city.

  32. Thank you, Alex. You are right, there is much more to Clark County than just Vancouver, although that draws most of the attention.

    I am flattered that you check on what I write on a regular basis. I’m sure we won’t always agree, but as Americans, enjoy the freedom to disagree without fear of retribution.

    Although all of the candidates I backed did not win, over all I am pleased with the elections.

    If there is anything going on in Battle Ground that you would like the rest of the county to know about, fell free to drop me a line and I’ll post it.

    Now, let’s all pull together and get this county back on track.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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