Congressman Brian Baird Cheap Shots U.S. Marine At Town Hall

by lewwaters

At one time, I respected David W. Hedrick for his stance against Brian Baird. I still feel Baird’s comment on VA Healthcare to have been out of order, but have lost the respect for the man I once thought was a “wounded warrior” who now refuses to explain his time in service, choosing to hide behind the all too familiar claims of “classified,” as do many who aren’t being up front about their service.

That David W. Hedrick chose to pull this disappoints me. Although I never felt he had what it takes to be a congressman, I did respect him for serving. That he apparently misled many into believing him to be a “wounded warrior” from the war on terror I find reprehensible and as despicable as Brian Baird’s conduct.

David Hedrick, the U.S. Marine Veteran who made news by confronting Washington State Democratic Representative Brian Baird at an August 18, 2009 Town hall in Vancouver, was fortunate enough to receive a second chance to address our congressman for the 3rd district.

At a town hall event held in Olympia, Washington, Monday evening August 31, Hedrick again confronted the congressman and unfortunately, didn’t do as well this time. From the video below, it would almost appear that Baird was anticipating his question.

As you can see, Hedrick, knowing the congressman carries a small copy of the constitution around in his pocket, asks Baird to read the 10th Amendment from our constitution out loud, which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

You can obtain a pocket constitution of your own at

After it was read, Baird, who had already gotten Hedrick to agree that he felt Medicare was also unconstitutional, went on to state that many scholars and others had also read the amendment and was of the opinion it was constitutional for government to give health care. He ended by telling Hedrick “you are not the only one entitled to interpret the constitution.”

Basically, he had Hedrick and was obviously prepared this time. Which is why I find it to be an awfully cheap and uncalled for shot for the congressman to inject what he did at about the 3:23 mark, “I don’t see where in here it says we have a VA health care system.”

How tacky is that for a congressman, who never served a day in the Military, to tell a U.S. Marine Veteran, or even to hint, that the Veterans Health Care initiative is either a free entitlement or something unearned.

As a Viet Nam Veteran, hearing the congressman stoop that low is more than offensive to me.

For the record, congressman Baird, we Veterans have paid for that health care which just a short time ago, your own party was labeling as sub-standard care in the effort to blemish President Bush in any way they could. Many paid for it in blood, sweat and severed limbs.

Those of us not severely disabled due to combat wounds gained protecting your privileged butt, pay for the coverage we receive, in dollars.

While you are off “studying” coral reefs on expensive snorkeling vacation trips, on our dime, we Veterans were standing in Harm’s Way, being shot at and all too many receiving wounds. All for sub-standard pay much less than we could earn as civilians and much, much less than the $175,000 a year salary you congressmen start off at.

In fact, those of us who do face America’s enemies will never see the amount of wages you make in the beginning of your political career if we stay in the Military and retire.

And you begrudge us a health care system that we didn’t ask for, but was made available long before we were born as a way to repay a small portion of the debt we are owed for keeping America safe?

I know the fringe left thinks that system is just a freebie we receive, but it is not. Some Veterans receive substandard care, depending on location and staff. I have been fortunate, but have not had a major problem yet either.

But, to stand up and appeal to the fringe left, who applauded your answer, is beneath the dignity of a sitting United States Representative and elected by the very people you face.

Congressman Baird, you are a disgrace. You cannot wiggle your way out of this, as you did the Ryder Truck comment you made here at the Rotary Club. Kathie Durbin cannot run to the rescue and throw up her smoke screen or claim you were just describing some alleged threat you received.

No sir, you continue to sneer at and offend constituents without a care. You continue to twist words and lie to the public.

We know you have already made up your mind on supporting this massive healthcare take over. Your continual supportive comments and defense of every aspect of it betrays your lies. Your 1996 survey answer stated you supported a Universal Health Care system.

But, throwing the VA Health System in a Veterans face is over the top and offensive.

To quote the recently resigned Democratic ‘Green Czar’ Van Jones, in his earlier description of Republicans, you’re an asshole.

17 Responses to “Congressman Brian Baird Cheap Shots U.S. Marine At Town Hall”

  1. Actually the government made a pack with veterans in 1620 concerning those maimed in defense of the colony. It was in Massachusetts. Although it didn’t specifically mention health benefits it did say that any person maimed in defense of the colony would have a lifetime job. Oh those were the days. Veterans have unemployment close to 5% above their non-veteran peers. The Congressman needs to understand that without veterans there is no United States regardless of popular opinion.

  2. Further care for veterans including veterans preference was made in 1863 and has continued to date. There has been the 40 acres and a mule, there has been medical treatment, disability compensation, and others. Although the Constitution does not mention medical hospitals even early Congress took care of those who served his Colonial Army.

    In 1776, the Continental Congress pensioned veterans disabled in war. Among enlisted personnel, indigent veterans would finally be pensioned in 1818, but full service pensions did not arrive until 1832. Thus, from its inception, the U.S. military pension system recognized three classes of the deserving: war invalids; indigent “dependents”; and soldiers whose only claim to benefits was their service.

  3. Also troubling to me, Corpsman, is the audience reaction when Baird made his “inartful” comment to Hedrick.

    Too many today see the VA Healthcare as an “entitlement” that is just given, for no particular reason. They use it to score points in support of a full and complete takeover of the healthcare system by government, with no regard to their own complaints about the system when Bush was president or the long waits we often have to endure to receive an appointment.

    To receive immediate care, one must go to emergency, which can over tax the facility for what is actually a non-emergency.

    But, my point is that Baird’s slap was unwarranted and uncalled for. His quip and the audience reaction shows a definite lack of appreciation of those very men and women they claim to support.

    It leaves me feeling like they think Veterans are a burden, which would account for their reinstatment of “Your Life, Your Choices” booklet, which helps us decide if our lives are still worth living.

  4. That was the point of my little history lesson. The obligation of the nation to the veterans is one that goes back to Plymouth Rock and to the beginning of this nation.

    This obligation was recognized by the Continental Congress although there were a number of disputes about that obligation. This has happened throughout our and other nations’ histories. Kipling’s Tommy is a great example.

    I have a number of other articles which refer to veterans and VSOs as just another special interest group. It is true that veterans have a problem with perception. People ask why should veterans’ have special benefits and preferences because the military is volunteer and there are no draftees.

    I wasn’t disputing your point. I was congratulating you for pointing out that the Congressman is skilled in debating techniques even though he lied about the intent of this Nation’s Founders to take care of those who served. The intent was clear when they pensioned disabled veterans of the Revolutionary War and officers and soldiers of that war.

    I hope that this discussion is answered by those in your area who know about veterans benefits and the sacrifices performed by veterans. I worked for veterans over 30 years. I am a veteran who was a Hospital Corpsman attached to the 2nd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade from 1967 to 1968. I forgot to duck a couple of times and as a result I am classified as a disabled veteran myself. I will work for veterans until I die.

    Thank you for the forum and we elect our Congressmen. They represent us. Your Congressman did not seem to recognize that he works for the people. There’s a lot of that going on in D.C. and in the State Capitols, and in the City Halls.

  5. I didn’t assume you were disputing my point and I appreciate your comments. You are correct. In my own way, I was trying to add to them.

    If you recall, mention has been made of a “Sacred Trust” between the nation and Veterans.

    The articles you mention, which you are welcome to post or link to if you are so inclined, and Baird’s little quip leave me thinking that “sacred trust” mentioned by politicians is nothing more than a campaign slogan, to them.

    I too am a Veteran, Army, Viet Nam 69 to 71 with C Troop 7/17th Air Cav. I too will do what I can to support and defend Veterans to my final breath.

    If you were anything like our Army Medics, we owe you a great deal. Welcome Home.

  6. Wanted to chime in and THANK the both of you for the continuing sacrifice you make on behalf of Veterans, and on behalf of America!

    Congressman Baird and his ilk are a step out of time with the majority of Americans. While we bide our time until Nov 2, 2010, we do what we can to point up their deliberate deceit and misrepresentation of both history and fact, and do our best to support our fellow Americans. Those of us who enjoy our various parts of ‘opinion media’ are poised to keep the drums beating and the ‘fired up’ [as Obama said today] encouraged that they do not lose steam and interest in the long 14 months ahead of us to the next significant election.

    It is the sound reasoning, the honest talk from the heart and the folks who present actual facts that continue to remind Americans what we will lose if we are not vigilant and what we will have left to us if we become apathetic or complacent

    Each day I find myself with so many reasons to sit down and opine that I cannot figure out which reason to front burner. Glad you all have put this one out there for people to read. Thanks, Lew.

  7. We just do the work that media refuses to do, Toni. 😉

    Thank you for all you do from Hawaii.

  8. There has been some comment about my reaction to Brian Baird’s response to my 10th amendment challenge. Please allow me to set the record straight.

    The rules of the event were clear. Audience members who were selected to speak had three minutes to make a statement and/or ask a question. Then Brian Baird had three minutes to respond.

    Brian Baird knows that creating a government health care entitlement program has nothing to do with the regulation of commerce between states. If it does, the power of the Federal Government is limitless because it could apply to anything and everything. If this is the case, why did our founders bother writing the rest of the Constitution? The fact is, liberal extremists have been abusing this clause for many years and taking advantage of the apathy of voters and a complicit judiciary. What’s next? Will Brian Baird claim that the second amendment gives us all the right to free ice cream on Thursdays? This would be just as absurd. What’s more, he knows it, but is hoping the average American voter doesn’t.

    And yes, he did anticipate my question. In fact, at the beginning of the event, seeing me in the audience Baird pointed to me, made a comment to the moderator and handed him a folded piece of paper. When my number was called and I got up, the moderator said something to Baird and handed him back the piece of paper. This was an obvious signal.

    I was also being closely watched by the police at the event. I thought this was strange at the time, but did not find out until last night why. I was notified by a police officer (that I have never met) that local law enforcement had been given my picture and told to keep an eye out for me at the Centralia event. One would assume that Olympia was no different and this explains all of the eyes on me. I am working on getting proof of this out to the media without bringing scrutiny upon the law enforcement officer who did the right thing by notifying me of this.

    Since when does a Veteran and American citizen speaking his mind to his elected representative warrant special police scrutiny?.

    As for my reaction to what Baird said; I didn’t intend to show how much I wanted to grab that mike and expose his deception. In a debate, Baird would not get the protections built into the format he designed. Unfortunately, this was not a debate.

    Our freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution will survive the night.

    As for this event, the fix was in.

    Thank you all for your support and lewwaters for this write-up.

    David William Hedrick

  9. Baird is a sleaze and a liar, David. Of course, you already saw that.

    Also in his 1996 survey answers he stated he advocated term limits of 12 years. 2010 is year number 12 since he was first elected in 1998.

    Somehow, I doubt he will keep his word and step aside. He has obviously grown quite comfortable with the power and the real “unearned freebies.”

    I tried once to contact you through YouTube and ask you to check out David Castillo, who is running against him. It’s really far out from the election and anything can happen, but I hope you had the chance to check him out.

    I’m pretty sure he’d like to speak with you too.

    Whoever ends up getting the nomination, we have to fight hard to replace Baird. We can no longer afford him representing us, not that he does.

  10. Is Brian Baird actually suggesting that for a soldier to have VA health care (which is in no way free by the way) is not constitutional? Does he not know to try and slap one veteran of war, he is slapping all Veterans? This angers me to no end.

    I will do everything I can to make sure this scumbag does not get elected again. To me he is nothing more than a stinking sack of shit. I can not even come up with ugly enough words to describe his symbolically spitting on a Veteran.

    Brian Baird never gave thanks to this young man for serving our country the last time he spoke to him. This with the police and obvious set up makes matters worse for me.

    Did he not vow support for our troops? Now he just invalidated his support for our troops by treating Mr. Hedrick the way he did. His so called support and “bravery” by taking his stand and facing the left’s anger had to be a gimmick.

    Why with the police? Where are the police outside of these events when people start filing in from “ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA”. Why isn’t any news outlet or media reporting on this vile organization? Mr. Baird? Can you answer that question? In Vancouver they piled in from Oregon……..uh, Clark County is in south Washington, very decietful, much like you.

  11. Trying to find information on Hedrick and happened to stumble on your site.

    It was enjoyable to see Hedrick punked, thanks for the youtube link. The stupid lad deserved it.

    When the constitution was signed, roughly 90% of the soldiers that were unavailable for duty were for reasons such as disease (malaria et al) – not from battle injuries. Equating conditions at that time to the present time is plain stupid.

    If you think that the government should not provide health care, then why don’t you lobby Congress to buy you an insurance plan when you go to war and get rid of the VA.

  12. Well, Tom, come next November, we’ll see just who gets ‘punked,’ won’t we?

    But, I appreciate you expressing the left’s “sacred trust” with Veterans that your messiah has so aptly expressed before.

    What you all fail to realize is that there is a big difference between someone serving and earning and someone demanding and receiving a hand out.

    I also notice you give no documentation with your rant, as I have come to expect.

    Feel free to post your ‘proof’ of your claim, if you can.



    That is NOT how you CONDUCT YOURSELF at a town meeting, in MY opinion Brian Biard was TO KIND to THIS PILE OF TRASH

    If I was in Brian Biards place This GRANDSTANDING JARHEAD would NOT LIKE how I WOULD have handled HIS SORRY A$$.



    It is the GOD DAMM REPUBLICANS who have SLASHED healthcare and bennefits for OUR VETERANS, and THAT is a COLD HARD FACT!

    This PINHEAD, with the FAGGY GLASSES planted above his head in YUPPIE STYLE was NOTHING but a PATHETIC GOP PLANT [Was his name JOE by chance?]

    YOUR STUPIDITY hurts NOT ONLY YOUR ignorant veteran A$$, but it also effects ME, MY FATHER, and ALL OTHER VETERANS,


    We don’t appreciate THE LIES!

    Thanks for STABBING the REAL veterans in THE BACK Lew!

    Oh BTW,

    How did David Castillo do in Tuesday’s election?

  15. First off, Chuckie, how dare you you pull that “REAL Veteran” crap on me. I’m the one that did 18 months boots on the ground in Viet Nam, remember?

    I know a couple people who better hope and pray I never run across the link between them because I will expose it.

    Chuckie, you should be elated as Denny Heck will not have an easy run for office.

    There is a reason the GOP cannot win this seat, even when Democrats are out of favor and they just repeated it.


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