Rep. Baird, The ‘Silent Middle’ Is Speaking Out, You’re Not Listening

by lewwaters

Now that the August recess is over and our congrescritters have returned to their ‘Ivory Halls’ in Washington D.C., Barack Obama went before the nation last evening with his pitch to salvage his heavily flawed takeover of our Health Care System.

Reactions are predictable, Democrats praising any word that comes out of the false messiah’s mouth and Republicans continuing to point out the lies and other fallacies in this ‘pie in the sky’ campaign speech.

In that regard, Washington States 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird is quoted in day after article appearing in the Columbian newspaper, August 10, 2009 saying, “It’s time for the ‘silent middle’ to be heard.”

He also says, “The silent middle is going to have to speak up — the silent middle who have listened and taken the time to understand this.”

Congressman Baird, with all due respect, are you a simpleton?

Who do you think it has been confronting you at town halls? Who do you think it is that has flocked to town halls to express their displeasure with this proposed takeover of our Health Care System?

David Hedrick is the “silent middle.” Nansen Malin is the “silent middle.” I am the “silent middle.” Every single person that braved organized union thugs to speak out against this pig in a poke proposal is the “silent middle.”

Nansen Malin is the “silent middle” when she invited you to her home.

Ryan Hart, Clark County GOP Chair is also part of the “silent middle” who is speaking out when he called this ‘pie in the sky’ plan “too expensive for the nation to afford as it struggles to emerge from the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

We, the “silent middle” are no longer silent. We are sick and tired of being ignored by elected officials such as you, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and so many of the rest who we send to Washington D.C.

We are the ones who have chosen to blog about matters long ignored by the media, who are little more than propaganda mouthpieces for the Democrat Party.

We are the ones who have tired of being spoon fed talking points in this biased media outlets who only speak in glowing terms of Democrats and demonize our long held values and beliefs.

It is we who take to time to read bills that you and your cabal in D.C. vote into law without reading it yourself and we send you emails, letters and call your offices to express our displeasure, usually only receiving form letters in response, but always ignored.

You unknowingly supplied me that proof when you switched your position on the Iraq Theater of the War on Terror. After meeting you at the Vancouver Barracks on Memorial Day and expressing my support to you, I received and email answer to an earlier an email I sent you days earlier expressing my thanks.

You did not thank me for that expression of support, but sent me an explanation of and justification of your changing your stance. In simple terms, you did not even read my email.

When you were embarrassed by David Hedrick at the August 18 town hall in Clark County, you didn’t just move on, but took another opportunity to ‘knock him down’ with a cheap shot.

You did not return to your district to listen, but to preach.

You lied when you said you hadn’t made up your mind on how to vote. You did not listen to any opposing comments from the “silent middle” that are no longer silent. You defended and justified every portion that concerns us.

Congressman Baird, the “silent middle” as you call us is no longer silent. We are waking up and we are angry, angry at being ignored by you and the rest back in D.C. We are speaking out and demanding you listen.

We have legitimate concerns and we want answers.

We have grown tired of being treated like children who must be taught potty training by government.

We are frustrated at being taken advantage of by government and having our paychecks tapped more and more for government programs, those who still have jobs that is.

You ask for the “silent middle” to speak out.

We did, all during the month of August.

You blocked your ears and didn’t listen.

This “silent middle” you ignored intends to speak out again in November 2010.

7 Comments to “Rep. Baird, The ‘Silent Middle’ Is Speaking Out, You’re Not Listening”

  1. The silent middle is hardly conservative – at least by today’s standards. This post makes no sense.


  2. That’s because you are fooling yourself, Kurt. You liberals only think you’re centrists after moving the political parameters so far left, the center you think you are is solidly on the left.

    I’m sure that makes no sense to you either.

    Oh, Poll: Conservatives outnumber liberals both nationally and in Pennsylvania

    If this post made sense to you, it probably would shake your liberalism to the core.


  3. Very well written, Lew. In prison death row parlance, Baird is a “dead man walking.” After his pathetic showing at the five (wasn’t it?) town hall sessions last month, he has shown him self to be nothing more than just another apologist and toady for the Speaker of the House and First Pinocchio of the House by default, Nancy Pelosi, as well as the Prevaricator in Chief of the United States, B. Hussein Obama.

    He will certainly be brought back to his home in Washington State and will be replaced overwhelmingly by someone who is more in accord with the constituents of the 19th district here. Hopefully that someone will be David Hedrick.

    Again, Brain Baird is a “Dead Man Walking.”


  4. Who replaces him remains to be seen, Bill. David says he is in an exploratory mode currently, so time will tell on him.

    In the meantime, we have a strong contender out of Olympia, David Castillo and a local candidate, Jon Russell.

    We also have the potential of a very strong candidate yet to jump in.

    The election is a year off, so we will see what happens.

    But, bottom line, Baird needs to go!


  5. Ouch! I’ve voted Republican three times and Democrat three times in the last six presidential elections. I think Obama is a little more left of center than I’d like, but I – like most centrists – support him.
    How does that make me a liberal?
    The only problem I have with this post is that you’re claiming the “silent middle” is conservative.


  6. If I hurt your feelings, Kurt, sorry.

    And I will only reiterate. The poltical parameters have shifted so far left these last years that what may be considered centrist today is soldily on the left.

    In many circles, right of center is considered radical.

    But maybe you are right, we are no longer silent and many of us are much more center than many think.


  7. Go ahead and debate who is the silent middle because I have a different view. This issue has scared the seniors. Look at the rallies and there are a lot of older Americans afraid of the 40% coming from Medicare to cover everyone else. It does not take a genius to know that means less for seniors and they vote.


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