Bill Turlay For Vancouver City Council

by lewwaters

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Vancouver resident Bill Turlay is running for Vancouver City Council position 1 against former council member, Jack Burkman.

Bill will bring with him values learned along the way in his many years service to America as a Naval Aviator and some 30 years in business. His common sense voice and ideas will be a welcome addition to the city council to counter Vancouver’s downward spiral into economic morass.

Bill is well known for testimonies given before Vancouver’s city council and various legislative committees both in Oregon and Washington, giving him a well-rounded view of changes we must make in order to return Vancouver to sound financial footing.

A July 31 Columbian editorial took delight in denigrating Mr. Turlay and his conservative values accusing him of “pounding on the table” and “yelling at the TV screen.” Oddly, they called him “lackluster” then went on to speak of his “passion.”

They rightfully acknowledge that Bill is the only candidate to oppose extending light rail into Clark County from Portland, Oregon. Ignored was that at last vote, Clark County voters rejected light rail by a 2 to 1 margin, placing Bill in line with the majority of voters in Clark County.

Only Bill Turlay is pointing out that Light Rail is not feasible for Clark County at this time and that costs of building it and a replacement I-5 bridge as currently planned will unfairly saddle Clark County residents with the costs and fees through tolls. With Light Rail, not only would we pay for it, payment for the few riding it would go to Portland, not remain in Clark County.

The September 19, 2009 Columbian acknowledges the rightful concerns Bill has by quoting him in urging the Columbia River Crossing officials to compare costs of bridge designs being considered. Bill said, “We need to have some type of comparison of what we are paying for this beautiful new structure as opposed to a simple one that does the job.”

Bill obviously realizes that taxpayers do not have endlessly deep pockets to keep being tapped.

Bill is running against former council member, Jack Burkman who left 7 years ago over personal reasons no one could fault him for.

Still, that is 7 years off the council and while I applaud him for placing family above politics, you cannot just start back up where you left off 7 years ago in today’s charged and economic troubled climate.

In these tough economic times, we need voices that can be critical of proposed tax increases and unneeded tolls, not another who will just rubber stamp such proposals.

Turlay sees the importance of spending more time and money in supporting local small businesses rather than expending those efforts in wooing international businesses, our local small businesses being the backbone of our community.

In acknowledging his own “think outside the box” attitude, Bill says, “Vancouver voters need to elect council members who are averse to increasing city debt. We need to be working to attract new small businesses, retaining the small businesses we have, strive to reduce our citizen’s tax burden, and be actively engaged in responding to citizens’ concerns.”

Vancouver is currently nearly $250 Million in debt with no foreseeable way to repay that debt.

We need elected officials that are willing to put the brakes on out of control spending, borrowing and raising of taxes on an already over burdened taxpayer. We need representatives that will place us first over high profile international businesses who don’t really offer that many high paying jobs.

We need representatives with business experience who know how to balance a budget, make tough decisions and who have a sense of serving the country and its citizens.

Vancouver, who we need sitting on the city council is Bill Turlay.

4 Comments to “Bill Turlay For Vancouver City Council”

  1. Just heard Turlay, who Clark County Conservative endorsed, on the radio but can’t find a contact for him. Please pass this on to him. I am well known as an transportation expert.

    Turlay said we need a truck bridge between the Ports of Vancouver and Portland. That is really dumb. All truck traffic across the I-5 bridge doesn’t amount to 12% and very little of that is between the Ports. If we add lanes and do not limit lanes to transit, truck movement will flow smoothly and diversion from the Glenn Jackson bridge will lessen and keep traffic over that bridge flowing.

    We do need bridge expansion, not for light rail, now OR later. However, we don’t want tolls to go on in perpetuity and for transit, as Metro, the City of Portland at Patty Murray desire.

  2. Mel, I don’t know that I would say Bill’s proposal is “dumb,” but worthy of discussion, which you did.

    What I see is what should be, an open discussion of various ideas and free exchange of ideas, something the current CRC and light rail proponents are not willing to engage in.

    Thanks for leaving your comment. I’ll see if I can get it to Bill.

  3. Reply to Mel from Bill Turlay;


    I am not a transportation expert, but I have traveled the US 99/I-5 bridge since 1941. I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in a multitude of countries, so I am not exactly uneducated about traffic flow. The percentage of truck traffic traveling across the I-5 bridges at high rates of speed is dangerous, especially during bad weather. The present truck speeds with heavy loads were not envisioned when the US 99 bridge was originally built.

    There will be a “Third Bridge” presentation on 11/24, Saturday, 10 AM, at Vancouver’s Fairway Village. Would you be able to attend this presentation? I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you. I am always open to learning more about transportation as it is the life blood of our economy.

    My primary concern is the cost of a 8, 10, or 12 lane concrete, steel structure that will cost over $4 billion. I do not want a monument. I just want a simple bridge to enable interstate traffic to safely cross the Columbia. You know an interstate bridge like I-35 that collapsed in 2007 and was rebuilt in a year with a total cost under budget and three months early. Interestingly the federal government paid for it (budget $310 million and it came in at $234 million). There was talk of allotting a $27 million bonus, but I do not know how that turned out.

    I also think it’s crazy to destroy wealth and the present structures represent wealth. They should be able to safely have automobile and light trucks use the bridges for local traffic. I think we should have three bridges in the Portland/Vancouver area. A single high capacity bridge is extremely vulnerable to terrorist or enemy action.

    Please give me a call at your earliest opportunity.

    Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to meeting you.


    P.S. If the presently envisioned monumental design is built, there will be years of tolls. Tolls are a tax, or some disagree and say tolls are a user fee; however, that is another discussion. Tolls in the CRC case will be extremely burdensome on the working class, which now constitutes some 60,000 who cross the Columbia to work in Oregon. Also businesses that use I-5/205 will need to raise their prices, which father impacts the working class. I am adamantly against tolls/user fees for this project. We can discuss this issue also.

    Please note, Bill doesn’t ignore counter ideas and desires to hear them. This is why Bill Turlay should be sitting on the City Council, an open mind willing to hear the ideas of the public.

    That is something that has been missing for too long in Vancouver.

  4. I agree with Bill Turlay–We do need a newer, larger bridge, not a monument to various political egos. Lets make the bridge effective but not bury ourselves or the users in fees for tolls for years to come. The voters voted against extending light rail to Portland but officials just cannot listen to the people–They apparently have their own agenda which to them is more important than the voters. Hopefully Bill Turlay will represent us effectively with his conservative values on the Vancouver city council.

    Phil & Janell Harder—Vancouver, WA.

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