Pat Campbell, Take A Vacation

by lewwaters

Pat Campbell Fortunately for Vancouver’s City Councilman, Pat Campbell, he is not up for reelection this term. Given some of his outbursts towards citizens, if he were he might find himself ousted easily.

I give Pat credit for being one of the few, if not only, council member who reads citizens blogs and letters to the editor and comments on occasion. In the past he has shown me that he cares what citizens are saying.

Something has happened to his demeanor, though as I have noticed his comments towards citizens have been getting derogatory if he disagrees with them.

I first came aware of Pat’s attitude last year from an email a friend received from Pat concerning I-409, the failed initiative on curbing Illegal Immigration in Washington. Pat assured me on my blog that it was just a joke and as happens to me, jokes are often taken serious.

Giving him the benefit of doubt, I accepted the reply knowing how my own dry sense of humor gets me in trouble from time to time.

However, some time later and completely out of the blue, he launched into another commenter with a totally unrelated comment to the subject.

Again, in an October 11 Columbian article, In our view: Pollard for Mayor, Pat came at me for speaking against the mayor and the budget deficit the city faces, telling me, “If you have paid off your mortgage then you might have a pebble or two to throw at city council Mr. Waters.”

That quip elicited the response from me of, “And no, I haven’t paid off my mortgage, but last I heard, voters still have the right to question the acts and conducts of our elected officials.”

He said nothing more to me on that.

However, the Saturday October 17 edition of the Columbian contains a letter to the editor from an 88 year-old Veteran who says he has not had his concerns on how the American Flag is flown at our Veterans Memorial against Army Regulations, in spite of asking Mayor Pollard about it for over a decade.

A decade mind you!

Pat’s outburst towards him is unbelievably rude and uncalled for. It is no doubt beneath the dignity of an elected official. It is a crude and disrespectful manner in which to address a citizen, especially an aging Veteran.

Why haven’t the concerns of Mr. Tharp been addressed in the 10 years he’s been asking? Has anyone sat down or even written Mr. Tharp a letter explaining the flag is proper or the reason it may not be?

Instead, Pat Campbell, a sitting member of the Vancouver City Council and who claims to also be a Veteran, blasts an aging Veteran for his comment against the mayor during a campaign!

Disturbing on how he blasted Mr. Tharp is Pat’s own words left at the Columbian on February 17, 2009, “I expect some strong emotions in letters and emails directed towards me. People have a right to their feelings and an expectation they will be heard and treated as fellow human beings by those who endeavor to serve them.”

Why isn’t a Veteran as Mr. Tharp entitled to that sentiment?

What is most disrespectful is Pat’s words of, “It is only recently that some of us veterans have even been thanked for following the orders of your generation’s leaders… even though we weren’t so keen on a lot of Army regulations at that time or even now.”

I wonder how Pat would react to a returning Veteran from Iraq or Afghanistan coming before him at a council meeting or even on the street and blasting him with the same words, since the leaders of the Military today is our generation?

As a Viet Nam Veteran I am all too familiar with the reception we received coming back to “the world,” and since. I am also too familiar just which political party micro-managed that war from the Oval Office and how elements of the left undermined us and even cheered for our deaths.

I also know that our thanks actually began when President Ronald Reagan dedicated the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial and issued a public thank you to all of us.

I am also aware of crude, rude and obnoxious conduct by elected officials, Veterans or not, towards citizens.

Is Pat worried that Royce Pollard is going to lose? Is he fearful of Tim Leavitt winning for some reason?

Since Pat and Tim served together on the council and Pat once said of the council, “The Vancouver Council’s decisions are group decisions, not Leavitt’s nor Pollard’s.” I fail to see or understand why Pat chooses to attack commenters in disagreement with Pollard as he did Mr. Tharp, instead of addressing their concerns.

This is very unlike the Pat Campbell I first began exchanging words with.

Pat, take a vacation. Get away for a while. Get outside and breathe some fresh air.

Don’t worry about when you get back. You will still have your seat on the council under Mayor Leavitt.

But mostly, learn a little respect for the voters.

8 Comments to “Pat Campbell, Take A Vacation”

  1. Another GREAT post by Lew!
    I wish I had saved an older response from Mr. Campbell to one of our … Sadie or my … e-mails!
    In it, I thought he implied that his tenure as Councilman would not be long … as if he was either dying or had higher ambitions.
    Am I imagining things?
    Mallory Vanhouser

  2. Mallory, I would hope there is nothing wrong with Pat’s health. I haven’t heard anything about that.

    I do know he ran for higher office not long ago and didn’t make it.

    Overall, I give Pat credit for interacting with citizens on blogsand comments at the Columbian, but am concerned with this change in his demeanor.

    Yesterday’s to Mr. Tharp was just over the top, though.

    As a Veteran myself and Pat saying he too is a Veteran, slapping a WW2 Vet over generational leadership is just too much.

    Today’s Vets could make the same claim about our generation due to mistakes made in the War on Terror.

    Every conflict has its mistake and poor leaders, don’t take it out on the whole generation as the generation also produced many heroes.

  3. Wally Tharp, Vancouver: I’m an 88-year-old proud veteran of the U.S. Army and Air Force, having been stationed at Vancouver Barracks in 1938. I’ve been working to bring honor to the 582 Clark County veterans. For over a decade, I’ve been stonewalled by Royce Pollard. At the existing memorial to these soldiers, the American flag is flying opposite to Army regulation. Although this matter may not seem important to the masses, such a situation is embarrassing and disrespectful. Residents have an opportunity to vote for better mayoral leadership, and somebody who isn’t so stubborn to rectify mistakes. Improvement is long overdue.

    Show 5 Comment(s)
    by Pat Campbell : 10/17/09 9:31am – Report Abuse

    Mr. Tharp,
    It sounds like a lot of time was put in by Veterans and their supporters to build the new memorial and place it. I think most of us veterans are not so bitter to complain about things of this nature to turn a memorial into such a divisive opportunity to attack someone running for public service.

    It is only recently that some of us veterans have even been thanked for following the orders of your generation’s leaders… even though we weren’t so keen on a lot of Army regulations at that time or even now.

    Thanks Clark County for this memorial!:

    I took the liberty of copying the whole exchange so there would be context for all of us veterans. If you want to twist what I say by taking it out of contest, that is your issue not mine.

    There a a lot of people who could be blamed for what Mr. Tharp considers a grave violation of military regulation, but rather than blame the Veterans and others who planned and paid for this monument, the turned it into a cheap political attack.
    Pat Campbell

  4. Hey:
    Lots of talk about the armed services. I was exempt as a student from 1961 [when Pollard went in] through 1966.
    Even though most of the guys I KNEW were threatened by a judge to either enlist or go the jail. Some grew up, for the better, from their terrible FIELD experiences.
    Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering what the MOS [job] of Mr. Pollard
    was. In several debates, he stated that he balanced Army budgets.
    In others, he stated that soldiers died in his arms.

  5. PS. Pat did not answer the question re: his tenure as a Councilman.

  6. I did not twist what you said, Pat. Even you supplied the quote, “It is only recently that some of us veterans have even been thanked for following the orders of your generation’s leaders…

    Nowhere in Mr. Tharp’s letter does he say “a grave violation of military regulation,” you wrote that. Who is twisting whose words?

    Have you made any contact with him to inquire about spending over a decade on addressing it? Has Pollard? Have you even expended him the courtesy of your words published back in February? “People have a right to their feelings and an expectation they will be heard and treated as fellow human beings by those who endeavor to serve them.”

    Has anybody even heard just what Army Regulation he is referring to? If not, why not?

    Is it possible he is referring to Regulation in force when he was in and that is no longer in force? If so, why hasn’t that been pointed out to him?

    I am not aware of just what Regulation he refers to, but then again, I don’t sit in City Hall either.

    Regardless, Pat. Your quip about his generation is over the top and uncalled for.

    How will you feel when today’s Veterans complain about leadership from “OUR generation?” Don’t forget, it is yours and my generation leading now and several mistakes have been made too.

    Expressing over a decade of being ignored is hardly a “cheap political attack,” but more like a citizen expressing his frustration.

    What troubles me, Pat, is your quick lashing out at voters who support the opposition. From earlier exchanges we’ve had, you’re better than that.

    Oh yes, not to worry about “context,” Pat. I have a screen shot of our exchange I’ll be happy to post if need be.

  7. I might also add, Pat, as Viet Nam Veteran myself, I know full well the disrespect we have received over the year and of efforts today to deny it happened.

    I don’t know if your time in was all stateside or if you made it over too, but as Veteran myself, I cannot see giving that disrespect we received to an older Veteran, even ones I disagree with.

  8. we really should look into Pollard’s actual military history.
    surely just an inquiry to the army would find it?

    for today, i think looking into the expenditures of Pollard while travelling to meet SEH people and such would be wise.

    see what Washougal’s mayor did?

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