Baird Snubs Columbian, Accused of Grandstanding By Castillo

by lewwaters

Brian Baird 7 Castillo

I found it somewhat peculiar to sign on to the Columbian’s web site Tuesday, October 20 and see Kathie Durbin had written yet another fawning article on congressman Baird pertaining to some new proposals he has recently dreamed up on health care, Baird suggests sweeping reforms.

Although some of the thoughts Baird presents may hold a certain degree of merit, I found it most peculiar that his op-ed outlining these ideas turns out to be a “Special” to The Seattle Times, located well outside of his district, Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District and in fellow Democrat Jim McDermott’s 7th Congressional District. McDermott’s name appears nowhere within the op-ed appearing in the Seattle Times nor in the articles from papers located within the 3rd District that cover his new found ideas, leaving me believing he had nothing to do with any part of these new ideas of Baird’s.

Wouldn’t you think these ‘grand new ideas’ should be presented to Baird’s constituents, not McDermott’s? That is what I find odd in his presenting this op-ed only to the Seattle Times and not to the Columbian or even the Olympian, 2 of the largest newspapers within his district.

Could there be a specific reason constituents were not easily made privy to his ideas? Surely the Columbian, very supportive of him over the years, would run any op-ed he submitted.

Unconfirmed rumors heard around town claim some at the Columbian are a wee bit irked over it, but you cannot tell from Durbin’s fawning article above.

Out of the 3 challengers vying to replace Baird in the House next year, only one is calling him on this “newly unveiled proposal to overhaul the federal tax code, merge all government health plans, and adopt a means test for Medicare recipients,” David Castillo of Olympia.

Kathie Durbin covers David on his accusation in her Thursday October 22 article, Republican accuses Baird of grandstanding.

In spite of the less that appropriate headline, she seems to actually give David fair coverage interviewing him on his accusations.

David said, “Baird offers no explanation why he made no such call for tax reform when Republicans controlled Congress and many of their members were pushing for the same agenda. He is making this call for change only when Democrats are in charge and his own leadership has shown absolutely no indication this is policy they are willing to address.”

Coverage of the op-ed from the Daily News Online, also within Baird’s district, credits him with explaining, when asked why the silence up until now, “I thought it was fair to let President Obama and the leadership of the House and Senate take their best shot.”

Isn’t that big of the congressman, allowing the president and congressional leaders months to “take their best shot.”

Truth be known, these ideas are DOA, dead on arrival, should they actually be brought before congress, after all the months they have invested and all the backroom deals made in secrecy. Any novice can see that. Member of his own party will not agree to just scrap everything they have done in favor of a whole new approach as suggested by Baird.

I have every reason to believe that he knows that, which would somewhat explain why his ideas appeared in the Seattle Times and neither the Columbian nor the Olympian.

This is also why Castillo accuses him of another grandstanding play saying, “Baird gives no rational reason why Congress and the American people will turn to his solutions when President Obama — with a built-in bully pulpit — has been unable to convince a majority of Americans that his ideas are viable.”

As can be expected, Baird accused Castillo of “a personal attack,” adding, “That cheap shot doesn’t contribute to solving our problems. How else is one supposed to discuss policy initiatives other than by publicizing them?”

Uh, congressman Baird, did it occur to you to “publicize them” within your district to your constituents, not the Jim McDermott’s constituents?

The last time Baird was caught ‘with his pants down,’ so to speak, he dreamed up his Ryder Truck death threat claim, which remains unresolved.

Castillo is correct in calling Baird on these grandstanding plays of his lately.

Baird is trying to appear relevant in the debates currently ongoing and takes the easy road, publishing new ideas, but outside of his district where most of his constituents will not even read about them until he comes back later to show his ideas that didn’t make it.

Southwest Washingtonians, we can do better, we deserve better. We need to call Baird on his grandstanding and his claim of limiting his terms to 12 years, as he stated the election before his defeat of Republican Linda Smith.

2010 is year 12 for Baird. 2010 should be Brian Baird’s last year in Congress. We deserve and need strong representation with new conservative ideas.

We need a man who isn’t afraid to call matters as he sees them, David Castillo.

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