Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council

by lewwaters

Any who have been following the Columbian the past few days have seen the problems unearthed in the city of Washougal, Washington where their mayor, Stacee Sellers is accused of some improper use of tax dollars on personal trips pertaining to charges on her city credit card resulting from an accountability audit.

Audit critical of Washougal spending

Sellers’ Las Vegas expenses questioned

Whether or not Washougal’s mayor is guilty of anything remains to be seen and I am not here to judge her. That will all be settled soon I hope for the citizens of Washougal.

However, this matter has brought something more important to light that must be addressed and placed in front of Washington State voters within the 3rd Congressional District. That being, city councilman Jon Russell who is campaigning for the nomination to run against 6 term Democrat congressman Brian Baird in next years election.

Washougal is a small town with a population of less than 9,000 people, just east of Vancouver, Washington. Jon Russell occupies a seat on the city council comprised of 7 citizens. As in any city council, their duties are to provide oversight of the mayor and to ensure matters pertaining to the city are not just rubber stamped through, but openly discussed and whatever is done is for the benefit of the city’s residents, not individuals.

With the revelation of possible improprieties by the mayor, Stacee Sellers, Jon unwittingly has shown his immaturity or lack of experience for such a seat in his effort to distance himself from the mayor and the accusations against her.

From the first article linked above we read,

“Council member Jon Russell said he believed the findings showed that the problems were bigger than oversights.

“I don’t think these are cracks, they’re craters,” he said. “It looks like a pattern that is not being dealt with and that is not being brought to the attention of the council.”

Russell said he wants the council to hold a special meeting to look into each problem and discipline responsible parties, even ask for resignations if necessary.

“I don’t see how we can trust this administration in moving forward with anything,” he said.”

Does Jon not realize the city council IS part of the administration?

Further eroding confidence in Jon is the second article linked where we see,

“The people responsible for that oversight are members of the city council. Three council members — [Jon] Russell, Lou Peterson and Paul Greenlee — make up the finance committee tasked with approving city employees’ and officials’ receipts and spending.”

Jon appears to be the head of the oversight committee charged with overseeing city expenditures. But he also says he doesn’t recall whether he saw details of the Las Vegas trip expenditures claiming,

“It’s not at all a perfect system.”

The real rub comes in the explanation,

“The committee members do not meet to discuss the expenditures; that practice ended several years ago in favor of council workshops. Instead, members are told to go to Sellers with questions, Russell said.

We have been told by the mayor not to talk to department heads to get answers, that everything has to go through her.”

Jon has been on the council for at least a couple years now and surely must know his duties were to provide oversight alongside the other council members. If what he says is accurate, why has he sat back until now and tolerated such orders from the mayor?

If Jon is unable to stand up to the mayor of a small town of some 9,000, how would he ever stand up to the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Washington D.C.?

I take no pleasure in bringing this out and in fact, from meeting Jon in person, I like him. But, we in the 3rd District that see congressman Baird has lost sight of who he is supposed to represent want a strong candidate to run against him and someone who will stand up for us and take on the established power base back in Washington D.C. We do not want someone who will go there, collect their salary and perks and just do as they’re told.

I still think Jon is a good guy and has a future with government if he continues. But, at this time, he simply is not ready to tackle the likes of Brian Baird or Nancy Pelosi in campaigning. He just doesn’t have the experience yet.

On the other hand, we also have a candidate that has experience in Washington D.C. with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security, David Castillo of Olympia.

Jon, you look almost as bad as the mayor in this. If she is exonerated of all charges, you remain looking bad in not standing up to her or seeing the excessive expenditures. It is either your naiveté or inexperience.

There is no shame in deciding to wait and gain some valuable experience for a future run at higher office.

Join us Jon. Get behind David Castillo and let’s get Baird out of office this time and get an experienced conservative in office to represent the 3rd Congressional District.

David Castillo

Remember Jon, if you couldn’t stand up to a small town mayor, how would you ever stand up to Nancy Pelosi?

34 Responses to “Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council”

  1. Have you ever asked Castillo the most sensitive questions about balancing the budget or about where he stands on the Constitution and its limitations? You ought to do that if you haven’t. He may be endorsed by all the big wigs, but he has no clue in many ways. I hope he is a VERY fast learner.

  2. Have you visited David’s website or sat down with him whenever he was in town, Betsy? I have.

    I even questioned him on several things I based my initial post about him on.

    David Castillo

    I’d also like to point out, if you intend to claim Jon has experience balancing a budget, by his own admision he missed some $100,000 unaccounted for. That might not be a lot for the federal budget, but for a city the size of Washougal, that is a large chunk of change.

    How good was he at balancing a budget while not seeing that?

    And again, if it was because he was prevented seeing anything sue to mayor Sellers, where was he raising stink or getting the council together to counter her?

    As I said, if he couldn’t stand up to a small town mayor, how would he ever stand up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi?

    Jon is a good guy and I like him, but his actions and admissions in this shows me he would be rolled over by the likes of Pelosi or the rest.

    Jon’s done some good on the city council, but he is young and has time to learn to be even better. I hope he does because I truly think he has a good future in politics if he so desires.

    He just not ready yet, in my opinion.

  3. I will be voting for Jon! I am not looking for a Washington insider to represent me I have had enough of that. Jon has sat down and listened to what I have to say and I do believe he will represent me and my thoughts while he is in Congress.

  4. I totally agree with JH – We don’t want another Washington insider to represent us-We the People…! As for me and my family, Jon will receive our votes.

  5. JH & Don, you have the right to vote for whoever you wish. Some of us fought for you to have that right and don’t begrudge it.

    However, sitting down and listening is something both candidates have done.

    You may think David is a “Washington Insider,” but that isn’t necessarily so. Just because someone worked there does not give them the “Washington Insider” moniker.

    The difference I see is that Jon is young and inexperienced. His council performance in this matter is very lacking. He does not have the strong stance David does and as a novice, Baird will eat him alive should he get the nomination.

    How do you suppose he will represent you when he couldn’t even represent the citizens of Washougal in performing his council duties due to the mayor leading him around?

    If he could not stand up to the mayor of Washougal, how would he ever do so with the likes of Nancy Pelosi?

    Vote as you see fit, but put emotions aside and start looking at electability.

    Jon will be a fine candidate once he gains a bit more experience, but he has some maturing to do.

  6. What is the difference between David Castillo who offers a strong presence and at the same time a desire to be in this position in Congress, and Jon Russel who offers a humble yet respectable presence. Jon has an understanding of the Rule of Law. David does not.

    Let us make sure that the next politician that will be in Brian Baird’s place, does not act like Brian Baird. A blatant disrespect for the Rule of Law and for the pleas of his constituents. David will most likely sell out. Russel will absolutely not.

    Have you sat down with Russel on the matter of the City Council? I have a strong feeling that you have not!

  7. Betsy, your preoccupation with “rule of law” sounds very much like a Ron Paulian who thinks Russell with immediately withdraw all teh Troops from over seas.

    Ain’t gonna happen, hon.

    David’s understanding of “rule of law,” protection of America of America and expertise in he financial world, along with experience in Washington D.C., even thogh only working there, exceeds Jons at this point.

    On Jon’s performance on the city council, I will refer you back to his very quotes cited above.

    Bottom line, if he couldn’t stand up to a small town mayor, how would he stand up to those like Nancy Pelosi or others long established in the House?

    You guys pushed and ran a Paulian last year and got shellacked. We got baird again.

    Why do you want a repeat?

  8. I see Jon Russell as a honest man and a strong candidate in the District 3 race. I understand that you are working in David Costillo’s campaign, but, would hope that you would not feel the need to throw mud at a fellow Republican who is also seeking to defeat Brian Baird. If Costillo is all you say he is, then that should speak for itself without a negative campaign against Jon. Republicans should not get so busy fighting among themselves that they forget that the aim in the 2010 election is regain control of Congress.

  9. Jane, I said nothing about Jon’s honesty. I said he is inexperienced. I have received information in the form of rumors that I am not saying because they are rumors.

    It isn’t “slinging mud” to point out Jon’s inefficiencies in this, as per his own words.

    I do not “work in David Castillo’s campaign,” although I have met him.

    If you reviewed the blog I have posted favorably about both David and Jon in the past, but cannot turn a blind eye to Jon’s own lack of experience and excusing his poor performance in this particular matter by saying “the mayor didn’t let me,” in effect.

    With his position on the finance committee, it is his job to oversee such things and even he admits he doesn’t recall whether or not the saw the Las Vegas expenditures.

    He can’t lay it all on the mayor and slide away on this, it was his job to catch such spending and bring it up to the council. If the mayor was preventing him from seeing needed reciepts, it was his job to bring that out in the open and he did not.

    Need I remind you that it was Jon who took a not too subtle slap at David at the last Central Committee meeting?

    Nice try, Jane, but you cannot explain just how he would stand up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi when he wouldn’t even stand up to a small town mayor.

    That alone weakens his candidacy.

    Don’t let your emotions get the best of you again, Jane. This election is too important. Electabilty is more important.

  10. My bet is on Jon Russell no matter what the newspapers and other candidates say against him. I just think they’re scared because he actually is the best one for 3rd Congressional District. From what I’ve heard of Castillo, he really doesn’t listen – no one seems able to finish questions or statements with him.

    You can say what you want Lew Waters but that doesn’t make it all true. Just like the politicians we have in office now, they’re all a lot of talk but they don’t walk the talk.

    Because of your stupid remarks, I’m going to volunteer for Jon’s campaign! So what do you think about that??? I was going to anyway, but comments from people like you just make me want to even more.

  11. Thanks Judy, you prove my point.

    My “stupid remarks” are direct quotes attributed to Jon from the Columbian.

    Is this how Jon will campaign now, slap at other Republican candidates in his speeches and send out shills to attack any who point out his inexperience and poor performance?

    Isn’t that what ya’ll did last year against Baird and lost?

    From your own words here, you condemn Castillo based upon what you claim to have heard.

    I’ve always felt Jon had a real future in public service and would do great in higher office once he gained some more experience. Seeing how you all come here now with teeth bared and snarling and none address his poor performence on the council or how would he stand up to someone like Pelosi when he wouldn’t against a small town mayor, maybe I need to reassess my earlier thoughts on Jon.

    Seems he might be copying the dirty tactics used by the Obama team and the false flags of Ron Paul last year.

    Do yourself a favor, Judy. After you deprogram, sit down with David when you can or email him and see for yourself that the rumors the Russell campaign is spreading about him just aren’t true.

  12. Excuse me Lew but I can’t help but comment that your remarks in this blog come across as patronizing and condescending, both toward Jon Russell and some of the other posters in this thread.

    If you consider my comment to be done with “teeth bared and snarling” then I do apologize. I just couldn’t resist calling you on your snotty attitude. It’s really annoying and reminds me of how we have been treated by Baird all these years.

    I don’t have any facts to add to the discussion; just my observation.

    Thank you,

  13. BTW

    Lew your admonition for people to focus on so-called “electability” echoes from the past failures of the Republican party both locally and nationally. I am a lifelong Republican who is tired of seeing the Party hijacked by “centrists” (read: liberals) just because it seems like they will be more acceptable to independent voters. Trying to appeal to the “middle” is what brought us the abomination in DC right now.

    Even the Lord Himself hates fence-sitting as He so clearly says in Rev 3:15-16 (NIV), “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other. So, because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

    And BTW, that seems pretty “emotional” to me.

    I have listened to Jon Russell speak of his hatred (yes I said hatred) for Communism and other forms of oppression. He is a man of integrity who will be a refreshing change from government bureaucrats we have had in Congress up until now. And if you read his impressive resume, he is anything but “inexperienced”.

    “Electability”? POO! I say lets find godly men who will gover – yes- by the rule of law. And I thought Ron Paul was embarrassing, just so you know. He sounded like a nut with his views on Iraq.

    What we saw earlier this year at the Tea Parties and 9-12 project was not “electability”. It was PASSION and EMOTION and that is what will get people elected this next time. We just need to make sure in our passion and emotion that we elect people of good moral character like Jon, and not people like the scheister we have in the White House now.

    Thank you,

  14. Well, Van, I’m not too amazed that you say you have no facts to add, then post some mild ones. If that is condescending, so be it. In your initial words I find it curious that you accuse me of “coming across as patronizing and condescending, both toward Jon Russell and some of the other posters,” yet see no problem with their subtle slaps towards me or David.

    As for Jon speaking of hatred of communism, what has he ever done to confront it?

    Passion and emotion is wasted unless it can be transformed into electability in politics.

    For all of his “impressive resume” you mention, his conduct on the Washougal city council was dismal in regards to his position with the financial oversight committee, was it not? And his excuse? Words to the effect of the mayor wouldn’t let me?

    Return a moment to Janet’s words above about “throwing mud at fellow Republicans.” Did she forget Stacee Sellers is a Republican too?

    You say, “lets find godly men who will gover – yes- by the rule of law,” but have you spoken to David about his beliefs and values? Have you even visited his website?

    No, he is not running with religion on his sleeve and truthfully, that I see as a good thing. We have been getting beat up very severely for years now due to no one can attain all of the Christian values mentioned in the Bible. The least little slip and the left has a field day on us, as you have seen for some time now.

    That is one thing I like about David too, he is a man of good moral character also and who doesn’t run as an evangelical preacher with a holier than thou disposition.

    If you think I appeal to “the middle,” then you know nothing of me.

    I am not a “lifelong Republican,” but a lifelong conservative.

    I can understand the “local boy” attitudes towards Jon, but need I remind you that Baird is also a “local boy?”

    In closing, I’ll only add than so far, none, including you, has addressed Jon’s poor performance on the council financial oversight committee in missing the unaccounted for funds and then throwing fellow Republican Stacee Sellers under the bus trying to distance himself from the matter.

    After all, that is what this post is about.

    Isn’t that indicative of the same old tired political games all are saying they fed up with?

  15. I am voting for a solid Conservative. I have met David and Jon, and I have made my choice. What I am hoping is this. You all that are posting here want a Conservative to replace Baird. We want a winner, not another term for someone that has called all Republicans liars, which is what Baird has done. Either Bairds’ failures and conspiring with the likes of Nancy Pelosi upset you or they don’t. Unless another solid Conservative Repuplican shows up on the scene, David CASTILLO is my new Congressman. Any and all smart contenders in this race will bow out and replace Baird with someone that can beat him.

    As far as I am concerned this smacks of the race we had a couple of years ago. I am sure each and every one of you knows Michael Delevar. Not even national monies could get him elected. No he lost. David Castillo has more than inside knowledge, he is personable, down to earth, charismatic and has a wonderful smile. Lets give Baird a real contender.

    If you continue in trying to promote a candidate that can’t win, Baird WILL be re-elected. Do you care? Or do you only want to push your own agenda?

  16. Very interesting discussion Lew. I see you are keeping on a reasoned, rational track despite the flack!

    I have met with Jon as well. I don’t think he will make the same mistakes again that you noted. He does have some experience to gain. Maybe some time working as an aide for Ed Orcutt, Jaime Herrera or one of our local senators followed by a run for state representative.

    Basically, Jon and his wife are good people doing good things in their community.

    Sometimes a stint in the military gives one a little more backbone when dealing with folks acting like Stacee has. In his favor Jon showed up for the meeting the other night and stayed. He didn’t whimp out like some of the other council people.

    I would like a lttle more info on Castillo’s work at the VA and for Homeland Security. What he did there needs to stand up to scrutiny. I am pretty sensitive about the underfunding of the VA and what went on during the Katrina fiasco. So are others; especially some in the Chehalis-Centralia area who are exceptionally patriotic as well exposed to the (now) annual flooding.

  17. Lew thanks for your reply. I want to make clear that I have no beef with David Castillo. Although I am a vehement supporter of Jon Russell, I promise I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in November 2010 to support either Russell or Castillo against Brian Baird, and will feel comfortable doing so.

    I did go to Mr. Castillo’s site and didn’t see anything that gave me pause, except I noticed no mention of tort reform in the health care issues section. I think tort reform is the most important thing we can do right now to rein in costs, as has been proven in Texas.

    Having said all that, I still have a beef with you about how you are using the problems in Washougal to attack Jon. I’m not sure what specifically you would have had him do to avert this crisis. It is very easy to second-guess a person, and to criticize him when things don’t turn out well.

    I would just ask you to consider with me what happened recently with the housing crash. Dr. Thomas Sowell and others have asserted that the main cause of the housing boom and bust was the combination of pressuring banks to loan to risky borrowers in the name of “home ownership” especially for minorities. Combine that with the lack of oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and poof! we have a real problem.

    George Bush was “screaming bloody murder” (an exaggeration, but you get my drift) about putting more scrutiny and regulation over the activities of these organizations because he saw that they were a problem. He was doing this before we lost the majority in Congress, and still nothing was done.

    So my question is, if the President of the United States was not able to avert the mess with Fannie and Freddie, with (at least initially) a majority in Congress, was it because he was inexperienced? Timid?

    Whatever you think of GW, (and I personally thought his economic policy and spending STANK), you can’t say he was inexperienced and timid.

    I think it is wrong to use this crisis in Washougal to attack Jon.

    That’s my point – I’m sorry it took me this long to make it.

    Van & Danny A

  18. Mrs. A, I respect and somewhat admire your devotion to Jon. I have nothing personal against Jon myself and like you, will support whoever runs against Baird, barring any unforeseen reasons not to.

    What is happening in Washougal is not a small deal, just a small township. Such matters further up the ladder of public service result in major scandals. Part of Jon’s responsibilities on the council, as well as the other council members, is oversight, checks and balances, if you will.

    Apparently, that did not happen and Jon’s excuse of basically “the mayor wouldn’t let me” doesn’t hold water with me. A more experienced council member would, to borrow your excellent analogy “be screaming about it” from the rooftops and restore the balance a city council is supposed to supply.

    In another post, this is one of the reasons I have heavily supported Lisa Walters for keeping her seat on the Battle Ground city council.

    Jon is not accepting any responsibility in this, as far as I can tell and instead, threw the Republican mayor under the bus. I find that ironic considering another supporter of his admonishes me for “attacking” a fellow Republican.

    I understand your point and believe me, I have no personal beef with Jon, I just think a blunder as this on his part shows he is not yet ready to move up to the House against Baird.

    My goal is to see Baird defeated in the election, as I’m sure yours is. I initially wrote about David Castillo because he entered first. I wrote of Jon later when he entered and watched as he began campaigning. I did not like seeing his take a personal swipe at David at the last Central Committee Meeting and wrote so.

    If Jon is all he says he is and you think he is, there is no need to take any swipes at David or any other Republican candidate that may enter the race yet.

    I have not heard David return favor as of yet, either.

    As for Tort Reform, I brought that same question out back in July in my post, David Castillo on Healthcare Reform and emailed David’s about it. He personally replied that he is very much in favor of Tort Reform, which fits in with the rest of his comments. In GOP circles, the necessity of Tort Reform is a given and often overlooked in mentioning.

    What you see as an “attack” is part of our vetting of candidates before we select them to represent us. I think it is essential that we all know of conduct and matters pertaining to offices held and sought before we elect them.

    In Jon’s case, I see this as a blunder that can be overcome with more experience. In the meantime, as he is learning more, he and his wife can continue the good work I also credit them with.

  19. Pat, I am pleased to see you returning to a more reasoned discussion as when you first commented here.

    I also appreciate that you can see the mistakes I am addressing here and would hope along with you, that he would not make them again. Given more time and experience, I’m sure he would progress beyond such a repeat.

    As I have stated many times, this is not personal. I think what Jon and his wife are doing with their medical centers is admirable and well needed. I hope it continues serving the community well without trouble.

    As for working as a legislative assistant, as I understand it, he already did for a short time. Perhaps he or a supporter will come in and tell us all why that position ended.

    Also, if you will remember, Jon filed to replace Richard Curtis in the seat currently held by Jamie Herrera and was eliminated in the first round, for whatever reason. That was when I first became a PCO and went to the Red Lion to observe the process.

    Doesn’t it strike you as little odd though, that a less than 2 years ago, many felt he wasn’t quite ready for moving up to the state legislature, but now feel he is ready to move to the House of Representatives in D.C.?

    I can appreciate your concerns about the VA since I too am a veteran. David served 4 years in the Navy as an enlisted man, 1986-1990 with Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron SIX. He took part in Operation Earnest Will.

    Let’s face it, the VA has never been adequately funded under any administration of either party. Still, insinuating Bush under funded the VA is disingenuous as he did more than most in funding it.

    Don’t forget congress, both parties and their part, Pat. We’ll see just how the current administration does towards Vets as time goes by.

    As for Katrina, c’mon Pat. Laying all that off on any president, even a Democrat, when the New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor failed to follow their own policies first just isn’t right. You know yourself that no president can just arbitrarily send federal troops into an area without state government first doing their part and requesting it.

    If you remember from the coverage, it was Bush calling and asking Mayor Nagin to get those people out before the hurricane even hit. Had Bush overstepped his authority and just sent federal troops in, how soon do think it would have been before the same BDS inflicted people were crying he was usurping states rights?

    The federal response to Katrina was not as portrayed

    To ABC’s Surprise, Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin

    As I understand it, Katrina happened before David went to the Department of Homeland Security. Still, I agree your questions are valid and should be asked of all candidates, along with any past actions they have to back up their position. The replies are something voters are entitled to know.

    As for the Centralia area flooding, David Castillo is from Centralia, giving him, in my perspective, insight many others do not have about the area.

  20. These ad homonyms attacks on David serve no purpose. If you wish to vote for Mr. Russell that is your business, but to say such things, as David doesn’t respect the rule of law is highly irresponsible. I would hope, as Republicans, we could refrain from such attacks because ultimately it is counterproductive.

  21. I agree, Francisco. I urged Jon in another post to stand on his values and merits, not denigerating David’s by taking swipes at him in speeches.

    The ultimate goal is to replace Baird with a strong conservative Republican and that is who we must choose in the primaries.

    These ad hominems alienate supporters of the losing candidate, causing many to just not vote.

    Pointing out obvious shortcomings of candidates is not attacking them, it is informing potential supporters of where candidates stand.

    Vague comments such as you noted are attacks as they point out no shortcoming and just throw out a blanket unfounded accusation.

    I take such charge as no respect for the rule of law to be a Ron Paulian charge of claiming, along with the far left, that we are engaged in illegal wars and must surrender and return all of our troops home to await more attacks on our soil before responding again.

    What sort of Republican would side with the far left anti-war crowd of Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin?

    To date I have not heard of David taking any swipes at Jon and expect it to stay that way.

  22. We have three good candidates to take on Congressman Baird. Each has their strengths and their weaknesses. Any one of Jon’s age is going to have a degree of inexperience. But this is a learning experience for him. We can focus on what he didn’t do, but what he has done on the city council and what he has fought for is impressive and I think most of us have supported him in his efforts to reject Stimulus Money, Cut taxes and implementation of e-verify. I hope we can focus on the positives of each of the candidates. If we talk about the strengths of each of our candidates we will have a stronger candidate when he goes up against Baird. The goal is to defeat Baird lets keep our eye on the goal. As always Lew you are a patriot.

  23. Thank you Peter. You’re right, we do have 3 good candidates so far, but only one will be chosen.

    David Hedrick is a real gutsy guy and I admire that. He has some ideas listed on his site that I like too. But, that gutsy confrontational mannerism can also alienate those who you seek to side with you to implement your ideas.

    I don’t really know him as much as I know Castillo and Russell, but in the future will be seeking some answers from him too, if his bid is really a serious one.

    Jon’s done a lot of good but his mistake and efforts at distancing himself instead of admitting those mistakes disturb me. If, as he said, the mayor prevented them from adequately performing their council duties, he should have lined up other council members and forced a change, or at least shouted from the rooftops of the improprieties, not point fingers when others discover it.

    In the world I come from, a man of character admits his mistakes, takes his lumps and initiates corrective measures.

    I hope Jon will get past this habit he has been displaying of taking swipes at fellow Republicans and stand on his own merits.

    To me, if you feel you must rely on denigrating an opponent from your party who you mostly agree with, you must feel your strengths are not as strong as theirs.

  24. Good points regarding New Orleans and Ray Nagin Lew.

    Mrs. A- George Bush as well as Clinton pretty much left large parts of the economy to Greenspan and those who believe the free market without regualtaion will sort itself out. Obama is also relying on the same folks who brought us these problems. To blame GW for the current problems isn’t really accurate. One thing he did was to go along with the plan to halt the economic meltdown that would have placed us in an exponentially worse situation than we are in now. There are folks who absolutely hate that action and place it on Obama which is not accurate either.

    No one forced the banks to loan to those who couldn’t repay. There are banks who did not sucumb in our area and around the country. It was greed and opportunity for a whole lot of people from buyers to builders to banks.


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