David Castillo’s Statement On Baird’s ‘NO’ Vote

by lewwaters

Received in email;

In light of Congressman Baird’s statement declaring he will vote ‘No’ on the House version of the Health Care Bill, the Castillo campaign will not hold the previously scheduled press conference tomorrow, November 7.

David Castillo’s statement on Baird’s release:

While I am pleased that Brian is choosing to do the right thing for the voters of the 3rd District, and all Americans, I am still deeply concerned about his reasoning and lack of vision and leadership in this national debate. Even if his concerns with this bill are addressed, the legislation will still do nothing to control the soaring cost of health care in this country.

The Congressman’s ‘no’ vote is not because he opposes the public option or a move toward Universal, government-run health care. His statement is dangerously silent on this issue and his past positions have been favorable toward such a move.

In addition, he does not oppose the tax on insurance premiums for those of us who already have insurance coverage. Instead, he is only concerned that there are no ‘reliable estimates’ on how high this premium penalty will be.

In this economy, any increase – whether you want to call it a tax, fee or premium increase – is unacceptable and detrimental to our families.

Mr. Baird is clearly not supporting free-market solutions to address health care reform. Which means he is willing to support Speaker Pelosi’s bill in some form. His actions right now are purely political and doing nothing more than putting off his support of this legislation until – as he says himself – “the House and Senate together produce one bill.”

To put it in football terms, the Congressman just punted.

Congressman Baird’s announcement may be read fully here

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