An Iranian-American Patriot Speaks

by lewwaters

Hossein Khorram was born in Iran and escaped with his family during the radical Islamic takeover of the country. He spoke the following speech at the King County Washington Republican Convention Liberty Day Dinner, November 21, 2009.

I would like to start by expressing my gratitude to Chairman Sotelo, and the rest of the King County Republican Party for providing me with this opportunity to speak to you tonight about a subject very dear to my heart – the value of Liberty and Freedom.

You see, I know all about losing liberty and freedom. 30 years ago my family was forced to leave Iran or risk our lives. We had little more than pocket change. But this great country accepted us with open arms and treated us as one of her own.

With Government financial help, I attended college and obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I then worked for a local consulting firm before joining the Boeing Company. Today, thanks to America, and the many Americans who’ve helped me along the way, I’m a successful local businessman and proud to call myself an American citizen.

But I’m not here to tell you about myself. I’m here to tell you about something much bigger than me. I want to talk to you tonight about all the “Hossein’s” of this world who need your help to replace Tyranny and Oppression with Freedom and Liberty.

Sadly the extremist Muslims who are a small minority get all the headlines, and you never hear about the peaceful majority who want to live their lives and bring up their families.

Today many Iranians are fighting for freedom, something many of us in the West take for granted. They’re dying in the streets of Iran, and in its prisons suffering from the most horrific tortures.

The United States has a special place in the world. The freedom and liberty we enjoy, and the constitution that protects such rights, has become an inspiration. Not just for Iranians but for all those across the globe who fight those who have taken away their freedom and rule them by fear and violence. I know because I was one of the oppressed.

With the advent of air travel and the internet we have become a more global community, and just as we affect others with the message of Freedom and Liberty, we are also affected by tyranny and hate. 9/11, a date celebrated by some in countries run by Islamic extremists, is an example of how a terrible act of such hatred and violence can affect our lives. Terrorism breeds fear. But we didn’t cower. We, as a nation, countered that violence by sending our troops, together with troops from around the world, to Iraq and Afghanistan to overthrow regimes protecting Islamic extremists and tyrannizing their people.

I admire, and I’m sure all of you here admire, the courage of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and believe in them, but we also need to believe in the reasons they are there.

You see, Freedom and Liberty are worth fighting for and are not the sole property of Western nationals, but the right of all mankind.

The United States as the leader of the “Free World” has been the target of those who embrace tyranny and violence, not just because of who we are but because of the fundamental rights we believe in and are willing to fight for. There are many people and nations around the world who wrap themselves in the cloak of Islam, Socialism or Communism and find Freedom and Liberty for all as a direct challenge to their goals of domination.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, by supporting various terrorist organizations, has become a major threat to the security of the United States and jeopardizes our right to enjoy Freedom and Liberty. Having lived in Iran, I can assure you that if the current Tehran Regime acquires a nuclear capability people around the world, including the United States, will live in fear, and some may lose their Freedom and Liberties as my family once did. Unlike North Korea, the Mullahs won’t use nuclear weapons as a negotiating tool; they’ll use them against people they perceive to be their enemies.

At a time when Islamic extremists have only conventional weapons, our media already has refrained from publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad as a direct result of extremist pressure. This is just a small way in which our right to freedom of speech has been limited. Just imagine how many ways our Freedoms and Liberties could be compromised if the Mullahs had nuclear weapons in their arsenal to back up their demands.

President Obama needs to learn from history. History has shown that his current policy, one of appeasement, will sooner or later fail as it has always failed.

In Hopes of normalizing relations with the Iranian regime we looked the other way when Iran provided material support for the 1983 U.S. Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon killing 220 Marines.

We again looked the other way in 1996 when Iranian backed suicide bombers killed 19 U.S. Servicemen at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

Appeasement doesn’t work!

Instead, we should be investing our time and efforts in the many “Hossein’s” who are braving imprisonment, torture and death at the hands of the Iranian regime.

This week alone 5 demonstrators were sentenced to death.

Tonight I have a message for you, a message from my heart on behalf of the people of Iran – and that message is that they desperately need the United States, the leader of the “Free World” to start acting as one.

Our President needs to stand up for the ideals we hold so dear, those of Freedom and Liberty. The people of Iran are entitled, as are all people, to those rights. They do not deserve the fate they currently suffer at the hands of their tormentors.

All of you here are key to ending the policies of appeasement currently being pursued by the US government. Please tell your elected officials that we don’t want our Liberties and Freedoms threatened by Rogue States. Urge them to do all that they can to bring pressure to bear on the current Iranian Regime to yield to its people’s cries for democracy.

In doing so you not only help those seeking freedom, but you also help retain and strengthen our own.

Thank you.

Hossein Khorram

“For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.”

10 Comments to “An Iranian-American Patriot Speaks”

  1. Wow, that is very powerful and so true. It is very important that the left start paying attention to history instead of looking at the world with the, make love not war, mantra. It is also important for the general population to start demanding our leaders support freedom where oppressed people are trying to throw off the yokes of bondage or get voted out.


  2. Mr. Hossein, why don’t you send your children to the next war? Even better, why don’t you enlist yourself. Feel what it takes to lose an arm and a leg, then talk freedom.
    Let nations choose their own destinies, just like we did in America. It takes time, not pressure from foreigners. The grumbling among the youth in Iran is precisely a sign of democracy taking off slowly, the way it should be. Ironically, the Iranian population has never been so educated, and they have the mullahs to thank. Perhaps you forgot the rampant illiteracy, corruption and poverty under your beloved Shah. Other nations are not our pet toys, let them decide their future….and you just pay your taxes.


  3. So Rhonda, we should have just let Germany “choose their own destiny” in the 1930’s?

    We turned our backs on South Vietnam in 1975 and let them “choose their own destiny,” or so it was said. Never mind that two communist nations were rearming and heavily supplying the communist North and the free South had no help from anyone.

    While their fate today might be a little better, perhaps you would like to seek out some of the ‘Boat People’ who risked life and limb, many actually dying in the process, to escape the “benevolent liberators” who plunged a once free people into decades of a nightmare.

    You also need to study your history a bit more. We Americans could not have “chosen our own destiny” if not for the help and assistance of other European nations who opposed Britain. Was the Colony then just “pet toys” for France, Spain and the Netherlands?

    As for the “grumbling of the students in Iran,” yes it is a sign of people seeking once again to regain freedom lost when other free nations sat back and allowed them to “choose their own destiny,” but they haven’t gotten too far without someone treating them like “pet toys,” have they?


  4. The Hitler argument is flawed, the Germans actually did choose their destiny. Acting retardedly late against what became a glaringly evil destiny is another matter.

    Saddam, Khomeini, Osama and a few other psychos had their best friend and supporter in the USA at the onset of their fledging careers. In fact, they may have not lived to see another day had it not been for us. We were trying to help the people, weren’t we?


  5. Sorry Rhonda, but it is only “flawed” because you don’t wish to look at it. Yes, the Germans did choose their path, in your mind. But what you neglect is that Hitler gained a lesser office in the election and worked his way up by hook and crook after that.

    Saddam and Khomeni’s “friend” so to speak when they came to power was none other than that all time peace lover, Jimmy Carter. The Osama bin Laden claim is silly and has been disproved, but it feeds the Ron Paulies conspiracy theory well anyway. In the case of Khomeni, it was Carter who was instrumental in encourasging the Shah to step aside and allow a “peaceful” transistion of power adn who encouraged Iran’s Generals to welcome him with open arms. For their “friendliness” to Khomeni, they were brutally murdered. Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened

    If it hadn’t been for meddling by other nations, America would not have become a free nation.

    Try studying some real history instead of conspiracy theories. You might be surprised at what garbage you have been fed.


  6. Dear Warhawk, feel free to go around changing regimes at the expense of American blood and money….just make sure it’s Mr. Khorram’s or your own. The rest of us would rather take care of ourselves at home.

    P.S. Mr. Khorram is no humanitarian and all his talk about freedom is bogus. He is only interested in getting back some of his family’s property in Iran, worth millions of dolllars. Now go beat your war drums elsewhere, maybe in a place of real need, where more people die every year of hunger and disease than protests over regime changes.


  7. Why do feel the need to come back in under a different name, Rhonda? Funny little thing about WordPress, when you comment, I receive an email containing your IP number. Even with differing hotmail email addresses, the IP stays the same.

    As for “beating drums,” hon, I was already here, you came in.

    Instead of your bleeding heart “better red than dead” cowardice bleated out here, why don’t you tell the world just what you do to correct that “real need” you complain about? Tell us all what you have ever done, other than act like you are the final authority and a know it all.

    Oh, that “hunger and disease” you mention, it’s often caused by those regimes you seem to feel are okay in your book and should be left alone.

    Better luck next time, fool.


  8. You seem to be the ‘know it all’ that doesn’t know a whole lot. Maybe it did not occur to you that we may be living in the same house, where many other people live, and we maybe sharing the same computer…..then again, the lack of imagination and creativity is what keeps some conservatives in the dark ages.

    By the way, creepy of you to go checking IP numbers. It’s been entertaining, but we’ll leave you alone for now. People like you still have the nerve to see Iraq as a success story.

    Oh, but please don’t forget our initial point in all this: People who sit in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (listening Mr. Khorram?)


  9. How droll, Reza, Taylor, Rhonda or whoever you might be. Maybe you missed where I stated your IP number is supplied to me with your comment, automatically. No need to go searching.

    Is Iraq a success or a failure? That remains to be seen, doesn’t it? Would you prefer they remain living under the brutal hand of someone like Saddam Hussein? Or, do they deserve a chance to choose their own path as a free people?

    I suppose you think Iran today is a shining example of how people should live? Do you approve of stoning a woman to death because she was raped and it brings disgrace to her family? Or, she wishes to get away from an abusive husband who beats her? Is that your idea of how people should live?

    You wish to assign the ‘dark ages’ to conservatives, but cannot even see your desire for socialism is nothing more than a return to the feudal system seen in medieval times, with an impoverished populace doing for the elites and accepting whatever meager scraps they hand out.

    As for people living in glass houses, been there, done that, worn the tee shirt. What have you ever done but advocate capitulating?


  10. Agree with rhonda.


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