Missing The Boat On Job Creation

by lewwaters

America is deeply embroiled in steep economic problems. Unemployment exceeds double digits in many localities and for many their unemployment checks are drying up. We are in one of the steepest recessions since the Great Depression America saw during the Dust Bowl days of the 1930’s.

Blame for such dire circumstances can be laid everywhere in our government. Most seem ready to blame President George W. Bush since he was president when unemployment began creeping upwards in August 2007, ignoring that is also when newly elected dictatorial Democrats put through their minimum wage increase.

That is not the only reason, naturally, but a contributing factor.

Many reasons came together to cause this mess and a little over 2 years later; we are no closer to getting out of it than at the beginning. Suffice it to say, neither party has cleans hands in this mess nor will either get us out of it.

Still, many in government feel that they are the ones who will pull America back up and get everybody working again. Since we are in yet another contrived energy crisis, some think passing their ‘Cap and Trade” legislation will solve two problems, energy and job creation.

Neglecting that the legislation would burden the already stretched to the limit middle class citizens of America with prohibitive taxes and fees just to have light or drive to work, the thought seems to be that masses of “Green Jobs” await just over the horizon by the manufacture and construction of so-called “Green Energy” plants.

Missed is that some of the very ones who have for decades decried the use of petroleum, coal and natural gas generation of energy are today the very ones fighting to block the so-called “Green Sources,” as can be seen by the efforts of environmentalists in blocking construction of the Calico solar farm in California’s Mojave Desert and similar efforts at blocking wind farms across the nation.

Obviously, the “Green Jobs” just aren’t there especially since many of the components used to assemble the “Green Sources” are manufactured in foreign lands.

Feeling the pressure from an increasingly disgruntled electorate that propelled Obama into office last year, a Jobs Summit was held by the new president “with more than 100 CEOs, academics, small business and union leaders.” He is quoted as promising to take “every responsible step to accelerate job creation.”

Yet, America’s oil and natural gas industry, which supports “9.2 million American jobs and is poised to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs,” was not represented in the summit.

Previously, this blog posted about potential jobs being ignored by this administration at, Our Cash, Your Clunker, What About Jobs? and What About Jobs Obama? Unblock The Jobs!

Not much as changed since those posts were written, other than unemployment has increased and even more jobs have been lost.

Larry Nichols and Jack Gerard, of the American Petroleum Institute are both amazed at how callously the industries ability and readiness to put America back to work is being ignored.

Nichols, Chairman and CEO of Devon Energy Corp says, “Clearly, the White House missed an opportunity to include one of the biggest employers and wealth creators in the nation. The gas and oil industry supports 9.2 million jobs. We know what it takes to create a job, and we know what it takes to preserve a job.”

Gerard, API President and CEO said, “We are not asking for any handouts. We don’t need stimulus dollars or subsidies. We just need access to develop the resources we will need to fuel this economy, and create thousands of new jobs.”

Gerard went on to say, “The American people have spoken on this topic clearly. In poll after poll, they said they want additional access to the nation’s resources. Congress heard the outcry, and lifted the moratoria on new offshore development. But a de facto moratorium has been put in place by this Interior Department. Access is essential to produce the energy this country needs,” while also noting the oil and gas industry has “invested $58.4 billion in carbon mitigation technologies between 2000 and 2008,” making it “one of the largest creators of green jobs” and investing “more than any other private industries or the federal government.”

Yet, the Obama administration sees fit to close the door where real job creation exists, as does our potential to end our dependence of foreign oil sources.

Jane Van Ryan of Energy Tomorrow also informs us, “the administration’s budget proposal would take 20 percent of the industry’s cash, forcing companies to reduce employment and cut back on energy development at a time when the country needs more energy, not less,” as per Larry Nichols.

She also supplies a link to a US Jobs Brochure outlining “the economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry.”

Obama said today after the summit, “This has been a tough year, with a lot of uncertainty. There’s no question that it’s difficult out there right now. We cannot hang back and hope for the best.”

Why then was the industry that holds one of the more promising aspects of recreating American jobs left out today?

He claims that he’s “open to every demonstrably good idea” while also saying, “we also though have to face the fact that [government] resources are limited” and “it is primarily up to the private sector to create large numbers of new jobs.”

The oil and natural gas industry holds the promise of a large number of those jobs along with uncounted potential for secondary jobs created around those directly related.

Not only are the jobs waiting, allowing the industry to do what it does best will lessen our dependence on foreign energy sources and fatten treasury receipts from billions of dollars of taxes and fees the industry pays.

Mr. Obama, all of your bailouts, stimulus’s and brainstorming have been for naught. We need to be working and not relying on tax dollars to get by. If you cannot see that your socialistic policies are hurting the very people who elected you to office, please step aside and let’s get someone up there who is willing to get out of the way and let us, the American worker, do what we do best, get America moving again.

9 Responses to “Missing The Boat On Job Creation”

  1. Well written and to the point I wish this administration could get it together but I like many Americans I really see him as a lost cause. It was reported that there were no small business leaders invited to this joke of a summit any jobs created here will surely be lost after the climate summit another joke this guy is clueless.


  2. Thank you,

    If the phony “Crap & Tax” doesn’t kill off jobs, the healthcare reform being debated surely will bankrupt us.

    Obama speaks some good words, but he obviously doesn’t believe them himself as he does not place any action behind most of them.



    A strong national goal and policy to quickly fix the ballast water problem the obvious carbon foot prints and polluted water left by old ships as they deliver fossil fuels and foreign consumer goods would be slowed dramatically and create jobs. New green technology geared toward energy independence should become more cost effective to develop. The political will may not be in Congress to protect America because this is not a republican, democrat issue. This is oil and consumer goods being internationally and domestically transported by ships and an American issue of security and freedom, unfortunately the money lobby can remain silent as they are on the same side. Maybe if we were not dependent on China to buy our treasury notes, or Saudi Arabia really wanted their waters kept clean we could afford the strong protections the Coast Guards needs for the ability to complete this mission. The impact that implementation of a strong policy, with a fast time line for cleaned water disposal only, will have on shipping, will change the economic dynamics of world trade and also protect our countries environment and health for future generations.
    New technologies required for environmental shipping should cost those wishing to bring goods into our country more money (making American manufacturing cost effective), not those who wish to protect our country from ecological destruction and disease resulting from economic globalization to help foreign economies.


  4. Right now we are awash in natural gas and the price has dropped markedly to about $4.43 per 1,000 cu. ft. I don’t see this industry doing any hiring for awhile Lew. Likely for all the bravado they will be laying folks off. No easy answers here.



  5. Pat, it’s about the industry as a whole, not just natural gas.

    But, you are right, there is no easy answer. That why I was appalled to see the industry was not even invited nor consulted in the so-called “jobs summit.”

    With you sitting on the city council, I would think you would be appalled too that a reliable source of jobs, which would help raise those revenues you all just voted on Monday evening, was shut out.

    How can Obama call for more private sector jobs to be created, then shut out a source of hundred of thousands of possible private sector jobs?

    Every time Democrats decide to “stick it to the wealthy,” we lose jobs.

    Or, haven’t you all noticed we still have the highest unemployment in the entire state?


  6. Yes, the employment problem is immense. Part of the problem is small businesses getting the money they need to expand. That is a major problem in Clark County. We have a lot of creativity here, but the local banks are on the ropes and have to be extremely cautious.


  7. With our local unemployment so high currently, would it be wise for small businesses to expand? I can see readying expansion, but their customer base isn’t here.

    As for the banks, don’t forget just where the initial push came from for them to make risky loans in the first place, before some ran wild with it.

    But, another reason I support allowing the oil and gas industry to drill and spread their exploration is all of the secondary jobs that stand to be created.

    Think of all the increases in revenue the city and county would receive from all of those without having to raise taxes.


  8. The jobs created will be far less than the jobs killed by Obama and friends.Obama,Pelosi,Dodd,Frank ,Reid and Boxer know nothing about creating private sector jobs they only create government jobs and bureaucracy which hurts the economy.If it is not a private sector job it is not a job that really counts.Cap and trade is the biggest job killing hoax of a bill yet America will see our greatest exodus of living wage jobs in the history of the country.There will be a a few jobs created in which homes will be made energy efficient with little work or over sight and government and home owners will be ripped off possibly paying 200% more than what it should cost all in the name of being green and going along with the hoax and playing on peoples fears created by Al Gore and crew.We need to take care of our environment as well as our economic stability which means compromise not over reaction to unfounded possibly false exaggerated claims of global warming.We need to develop all of our energy sources including Oil,natural gas,wind,solar,coal and nuclear power.This will create energy independence and real jobs that matter.This probably will not happen until 2012 when all liberals are removed from office but progress will start in 2010 when many liberals are removed from office.When it comes to jobs government is not the solution it is the problem.



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