Where Is Russell’s Transparency?

by lewwaters

Listening to the Victoria Taft program on Portland’s KPAM 860 AM radio this evening, I was somewhat surprised to hear a comment made by Washougal’s city council member, Jon Russell complaining about the lack of transparency in government.

Surprising in that the dust has yet to settle in Washougal after the scandal broke of a State Audit announcing unaccounted for funds in the city.

Russell was fast to distance himself from the scandal, pointing fingers at the mayor, Stacee Sellers and the rest of the city council in not properly performing their oversight duties.

Several releases to the Columbian had him saying he saw troubles some time ago, but could not rally support “amongst the Progressive majority” on the council who were loyal to the mayor.

Clark County Conservative has written on the shortcomings displayed previously at Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council and Jon Russell Says, “The People Deserve To Know The Truth.”

Russell was instrumental in censuring mayor Sellers and bring about her immediate resignation under threat of impeachment and ever since I have been critical of comments left on the Columbian articles by the former mayor and brother of mayor elect Sean Guard, Jeff Guard.

Jeff has been commenting constant criticism of Stacee Sellers specifically and occasionally council members in a more general sense. On the surface, since Russell has been less that forthcoming on his inability to properly provide the oversight he was charged with by Washougal voters, I assumed Guard was displaying sour grapes since Sellers defeated him in 2005.

Then, it dawned on me, sour grapes or not, Russell’s finger pointing towards other council members didn’t add up with what Jeff Guard says of the council during his time in office.

Russell claims these same council members would not support his efforts in correcting the actions of mayor Sellers due to their loyalty to her. Stacee Sellers, although a Republican, was said to have a “Progressive” council.

Jeff Guard said, “I can 100% guarantee nothing even remotely close to this ever happened during my term,” in response to my saying a deeper investigation was in order.

That’s when it dawned on me. The council Russell pointed fingers at is the same council that Jeff Guard had, some of them still sitting on the council today.

Are we to believe this city council that worked well with Democrat Jeff Guard switched loyalty as soon as Republican Stacee Sellers assumed office?

Or, did Russell level the accusation to distance himself from the scandal and his own failure to perform his duties in oversight?

Little doubt that Jon Russell is a very ambitious young man.

Yet, in his lengthy list of accomplishments and business ventures, he makes no mention of his company, Northern Concepts LLC that not long ago campaigned for one of the largest tax increases ever seen in Clark County.

But, he readily boasts of a one percent cut in Washougal property taxes.

That’s not transparency; it’s politics as usual for the ambitious.

Before Jon calls for transparency from others, shouldn’t he man-up and stop pointing at everyone else?

Jon, a leader doesn’t blame everybody else for their own shortcomings. They accept responsibility and correct things.

As I learned long ago, when you point a finger at someone else, Jon, you have four pointing back at you.

Finger pointing is not transparency!

6 Comments to “Where Is Russell’s Transparency?”

  1. Hey Lou why don’t you stop hiding behind your computer and say those thing’s to Mr. Russell’s face. Let’s not start talking about manning-up. You are a tough guy aren’t you. Real brave. Stop pretending that Castillo doesn’t have some financial mismanagement issues in his past. A quick web search finds out that information real quick. Yout need to get the log out of your own candidate’s eye. If Herrara gets in the race you can kiss Castillo’s candidacy good-bye.

  2. Oh how cute, another Russell groupie crying about someone else “manning up” and posting under a pseudonym.

    I guess it escapes you that Russell knows both my face and my name. We have met and have spoken.

    You really should pay more attention too. Jaime has been in race since about 2 hours after Baird announced he wasn’t seeking re-election.

    Feel free to post this “financial mismanagement issues” you bray about. But, to save yourself some embarrassment, make sure it is him and not another named David Castillo, like some others tried before.

    By the way, it’s “Lew,” not “Lou.” Please don’t confuse me with Lou Brancaccio of the Columbian.

    Funny thing, though. Not one thing in your immature outburst counters anything I said or shows any transparency with Russell’s throwing everybody else in Washougal under the bus.

    If you feel Jaime Herrera is bad news for Castillo, what does that say for Russell, who is running well behind Castillo?

    Come back soon, but please, bring some facts.

  3. Actually Louis you should do your homework. Ouch….Looks like timber season in SW Washington. I still think you are a coward for slamming good people on your blog for political gain. Check out your candidates. And to your point….I don’t care who wins the primary now that Baird is gone. Just be honest about your candidate Louis.

    Source: Seattle Bizjournal archive

    David Castillo was the President and COO of IPolitics.com

    In early 2000, iPolitics.com Inc. and similar dot-coms expected to revolutionize the political world by providing online balloting and Internet sites for political junkies and professionals.
    Since then, economics has trumped politics. Redmond-based iPolitics on Oct. 12 filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in Seattle’s U.S. Bankruptcy Court, court records show. Under Chapter 7, a trustee will take possession of the company’s property and sell it, using the proceeds to pay off creditors.
    There’s not much to sell.
    The company told the court that it owed about $727,000 to secured and unsecured creditors, but iPolitics claimed only $32,000 in assets. Its principal assets were four computers, some office equipment and a 1999 Ford Explorer worth about $15,000.
    IPolitics told the court that it has no cash on hand and two bank accounts with a combined balance of $88. The company claimed no gross income this year.
    U.S. Bank, the company’s largest secured creditor, will try to collect $25,000. But nearly 95 percent of iPolitics creditors are unsecured, and most of them are investors in Washington and California who sunk about $572,000 into the company. One investor in Fresno, Calif., put up $75,000.
    IPolitics may have gotten closest to the brass ring in March 2000, when the company said it would provide online voting for the state Republican Party. That month, tech stocks plunged, signaling the end of dot-com mania.

  4. First of all, CM, you have not established that is the same David Castillo. A quick google of the name brings back hundreds with that name.

    Second, provided it is the same, are you honestly trying to blame or link him to dot com fiasco?

    Your “evidence” doesn’t show mismanagement, but someone that got caught up in a fiasco of someone else’s making, like many others did.

    Funnier yet, in your cry for “honesty,” where is the cry for Russell to come clean on his own inaction and failure to provide proper oversight on the city council? Where did he accept any responsibility for the fiasco he was a part of?

    If it is really honesty you seek, perhaps you can ask Russell why Northern Concepts LLC isn’t listed on his webpage in his many accomplishments nor is his companies campaigning for the huge proposed tax increase for the Port of Vancouver that was turned down by voters.

    Perhaps you will ask him why he didn’t last very long as a Legislative Assistant and how he came to lose that position?

    Sorry you don’t like it, but this post is as honest as they come, you just don’t like that someone’s dirty laundry they hid is found.

    And, for someone who “don’t care who wins the primary now that Baird is gone,” you sure are touchy about just one.

    I’ve never said Russell is a “bad person,” just that he refuses to accept responsibility and he lays blame everywhere else but on him self, when he is neck deep in the troubles.

    If, as he says, he was unable to function properly in his council duties due to “progressives” on the ciuncil or the mayor not letting him, how would he ever function with someone like Nancy Pelosi and 434 others, many of who are “Progressives.”

    Just because you “think” something doesn’t necessarily make it true, either.

    The real coward is Russell for not accepting any responsibility that lays with him.

    Would you be so kind as to direct me too all this “politcal gain” I am making? I am not on Castilo’s campaign and I am not running for office, I’m too old to start a political career anyways. I don’t earn a dime doing this as I don’t charge nor do I seek or accept donations.

    Maybe the concept of “principle” is foreign to you?

  5. Here you go Louis…A little research finds the truth…
    Some fair questions would be as follows: Did Edward Jones know about this before they hired him? If so, what does that say about the reputation of Edward Jones? How does someone with a bankruptcy give financial advice to his clients? How does someone with a bankruptcy have any credibility to lecture anyone in Congress about their reckless spending?

    Here is what I found on Russell
    Looks like you are way off base again. Northern Concepts LLC does still exist and is active. It looks like his wife is listed as the sole member. Maybe the clinic they operate is a DBA for Northern Concepts. Why would you list a parent company in a list of accomplishments?

    I don’t understand your obsession with Russell. If he is a weak candidate then you have nothing to worry about. Castillo should be able to role right over him. You are coming off as very angry. It’s very sad to see you get all worked up like this over someone running for office and who seems to share your position on issues. I appreciate reading your blogs, but Jesus, please quit eating your own kind.

  6. Thank you for establishing that you got the right David, Madam.

    Now, sit back and think a minute. NOTHING in your “evidence” shows David pointing fingers at others and crying someone wouldn’t let him do as he should.

    On the contrary, you showed that he stood up, accepted his lumps and went on to rebuild. Responsibility was accepted.

    That is a far different action that Russell took in Washougal.

    BTW, I never said Northern Concepts does not exist any longer, I asked why doesn’t he display it proudly on his “About Jon” page along with all of his other experiences and accomplishments.

    I don’t know why he isn’t as proud of that one, but do you think it could be because he claims to be a lower tax advocate now, but campaigned for a huge tax increase under that company?

    As for “eating my own,” need I remind you that Stacee Sellers was a Republican and Jon immediately threw her under the bus days before the election?

    I’m not defending any misconduct on her part, but do you honestly think Russell acted appropriately in rapidly setting himself up as judge, jury and executioner, before any actual investigation in to wrong doing is completed?

    Do you think it is appropriate of him to cry she stopped him from accessing needed reports and records he needed to provide proper oversight, when Sean Guard seems to have had no trouble accessing them to report to the State Auditor?

    Do you think it wise to claim he is best suited to be sent to D.C. and work amongst 434 others when he also claims he could not rally support from 6?

    I don’t want just a warm body with an ‘R’ behind their name sent to D.C., we’ve had too much of that for too long. I want someone who will not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

    Jon’s not doing the walk.

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