Herrera and Wallace Announce Run For Baird’s Seat

by lewwaters

As the shock of yesterdays surprise announcement from incumbent Brian Baird, Washington’s 3rd Congressional District of not seeking another term in office, Republican Jaime Herrera, State Representative for Washington’s 18th Legislative District and Democrat Deb Wallace, State Representative for Washington’s 17th Legislative Districts, have announced an intent to run for the seat Baird is giving up.

Herrera is in her first elected term in the State House, having been previously appointed to replace former State Representative, Richard Curtis, after he resigned in disgrace.

Herrera, 31 and recently married, has compiled a mediocre-business record in her time in the House, scoring a perfect 100 in 2008 on votes important to the National Federation of Independent Business, and garnering an 88 rating from the Association of Washington Business, in spite of throwing constituents over board in favor of the SEIU backed forced unionization of childcare centers. She previously served as a policy assistant to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Washington D.C. before returning to her native Clark County in order to obtain the seat vacated by Curtis.

Herrera says she entered the race after extensive calls for her to run saying, “This tells me that the people of our region are concerned about the direction of our state and country. I share those concerns,” even though many still wonder Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Wallace, has 4 terms representing the 17th District as a Democrat. Former President of the Downtown Vancouver Association, she also has served on the boards of Lower Columbia River Estuary Association and 211-INFO. She recently gained favor with many Clark County residents from both sides of politics for her efforts at ending Oregon residents sales tax exemption when they make purchases here.

Wallace is married with 2 grown children and has lived her 21 years.

In a release appearing in the Columbian, Thursday Dec 10, Herrera is quoted now as saying she is giving the idea “serious consideration” and will “make an official announcement about her plans next week,” seeming to back off the definite sounding announcements of yesterday when she threw her hat in the ring less than 2 hours after Baird announced his retirement.

Current front-runner for Baird’s seat, Republican David Castillo remains confident, looking forward to a clean and interesting campaign.

As soon as Herrera again announces she definitely will run next week, she undoubtedly will draw much support from Jon Russell, whom she easily defeated in 2007 for the appointment to replace Richard Curtis.

Mouthy former US Marine, David Hedrick, who made national News this past August for confronting Baird at our Clark County town hall, also has filed to run, but doesn’t seem to be gaining much steam currently. An official entrance into the campaign will surely finish off both Russell and Hedrick’s bid.

After the shocking announcement of 6 term Baird not seeking re-election yesterday, Clark County Senator Craig Pridemore and State Representative Jim Moeller also expressed a desire to run for the open seat, but have not yet made any actual announcement.

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