Silly Season Hits The 3rd, I’m Staying With Castillo

by lewwaters

Since incumbent congressman Brian Baird made his announcement last week of not seeking another term in office, a wise decision I feel as members of both parties are not happy with him, it seems the field of candidates has begun to grow rapidly.

Understandably, the Democrats weren’t really fielding any one against him when he announced, other than Cheryl Crist who was thinking and gearing up to square off against him again.

For Republicans, we have current front-runner, David Castillo who was the first to file to run against Baird, followed by embattled Washougal city councilman, Jon Russell, who is currently a distant second.

David Hedrick, the former Marine who made news in August with his confrontation of Baird at our town hall just recently threw his hat in the ring and although a good guy and gutsy, let’s face it, he is a novice and really doesn’t stand much of a chance, although I’d label him as more honest than Russell has been with voters.

Democrat state representative Deb Wallace threw her hat in the day after Baird made his announcement.

Republican representative Jaime Herrera announced her intent within 2 hours of Baird’s announcement and then backed off saying she would “seriously consider” entering the race.

Rumblings were heard from Democrats Sen. Craig Pridemore and Rep. Jim Moeller

Today, December 15, 2009, the Columbian tells us, “Pridemore, Herrera running to succeed Baird” announcing both Craig Pridemore and Jaime Herrera are making it official.

We also hear rumors of Sen. Joe Zarelli considering running for the seat Baird is abandoning and the potential of other yet unnamed Republicans and Democrats entering the race.

Democrats jockeying for the nomination is no surprise and there is nothing really out of the ordinary for more Republicans to join in, although my wife and I will continue to support David Castillo over Jaime Herrera.

Don’t get me wrong; Herrera will undoubtedly pull most of her local support from Jon Russell and personally, I think she just may be a better candidate than Jon. I also think she has a bright future in politics as she learns and gains experience.

But, Castillo was the first to enter the race and was in it when it was thought it would be a tough race against Baird. He didn’t wait until the ‘coast was clear’ and the race would be easier. He was in it to win against a very tough opponent who was solidly entrenched.

That is leadership over opportunism, what has been missing for too long in our representatives both in Washington State and Washington D.C.

Castillo has been traveling the 3rd District to build support from the bottom up and show voters he is the different candidate. He hasn’t shied away from voters or gotten embroiled in scandals where he felt he must throw others under the bus to distance himself from.

In late August 2009, the Clark County Republicans and Democrats got together for a friendly softball game to benefit SHARE in Clark County. Castillo, who lives in Olympia, made the drive to appear and play on the Republican team. Neither Jon Russell nor Jaime Herrera were able to make it, although Pridemore did.

The 3rd Congressional District has been a Democrat District for some time, but has begun leaning towards conservatives somewhat in the last few years. We have a real good chance of winning this race with a candidate like David Castillo who has steadily stood up and was prepared for the tough fight to win the congressional seat.

We need that strength and determination in turning America around. We need a candidate who isn’t afraid of a tough opponent and who hasn’t shown that personal ambition is more important than accepting responsibility.

Castillo has shown his willingness to accept responsibility years ago when a dot com company he and three partners tried to get going was caught up in the dot com collapse.

He didn’t point fingers and lay blame on others. He didn’t throw his partners under the bus or pull anything untoward. No, he went through liquidation and rebuilt to where he is today, a financial adviser.

That is fortitude and character, also sorely missing today in our elected officials.

Undoubtedly there will be some more that decide to throw their hats in for what they see now is an easy run. Given the current attitude across the country with the economy worsening so much and unemployment increasing rapidly under their total control in D.C., Democrats have a tough row to hoe.

It is not a sure thing for Republicans by any means, but strong candidates who have shown their willingness for a tough run, displayed fortitude and character like Castillo has, is who we need running.

For my wife and I our support remains with David Castillo, Republican for Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

8 Responses to “Silly Season Hits The 3rd, I’m Staying With Castillo”

  1. I always though that craig had his sights set on the Gubnor’s mansion, and perhaps challenging Maria or Mom for their Senate seats some day…

    Frankly, I’m surprised that he would try for Baird’s seat, because Clark County sure as hell isn’t trending Liberal, and Craig has done virtually nothing to endear himself to anyone on the other side of the aisle. I think that the 3rd District House seat may prove to be far too much work for Craig to handle, not to mention that he needs all of the Republican and Libertarian votes in the District as well.

    Let’s not forget that most of the Liberals in the District are hopping mad right about now because the “Public Option” has apparently gone down in flames, and they will be demanding a promise to renew that dead horse flogging from whomever they agree to vote for.

    In the meantime we can depend on Brian Baird to vote with the rest of the Dhimmies to bankrupt the Country in the name of “Health Care reform”, amnesty for illegal, Cap and tax, and every other thing they can get away with before they are voted out next Fall. Brian and his present company stand to do considerable, and possibly irreversible damage to this Country.,

    The smart money is on Jaime Herrera and other young fiscal Conservatives of her generation. The only hope we have is to fire this Congress, and start again from scratch. The sins of this Congress are unforgivable, so Vote Green in 2010, and recycle Congress…

  2. Everything you say is why I’m sticking with David, Bob.

    I like Jaime, but her first jumping in 2 hours after Baird announced and then backing off a few days and then jumping in again doesn’t show me as much fortitude as David has shown.

    We can expect a full court press from the Dems with whoever they select.

    Of course, we also have this dumb top two primary to deal with, but my money stays with David Castillo.

    He’s also young and conservative and has held a steady stand since announcing.

  3. The heavy hand of the Clark County GOP Central Committee is alredy being seen in this race. Let us not forget the last time this seat was contested that they refused to support the primary winner because he wasn’t a McCain fan.

    I got an email on the County GOP list telling me that Hererra was running. I’ve seen no such mail on behalf of Castillo. Perhaps it’s an innocent oversight, or proof that Hererra knows how to work PR machine better, but it is worrysome.

    I am still interested in hearing about both candidates, and hope the central committee can try to provide a fair level playing field for Republicans to pick the better candidate, and not attempt to force their favorite down our throats like they did last time.

    A replay of that heavy-handed nonsense will certainly send my running into Costillo’s camp, and looking for a 3rd party alterntive to Hererra should she try to “fix” the contest.

  4. Ric, as a member of that “heavy hand of the Clark County GOP Central Committee,” you don’t know much of last years election. I was there and saw what transpired.

    Clark County had nothing to do with Delavar not receiving the endorsement from the WSRP. You see, he was running for a state seat, not a county seat.

    And again, even as no fan of McCain myself, why should the party endorse someone who opposes the party itself?

    No one has any endorsements from the party yet. I too received the same notice you did and I am sure it is more from an individual than the party.

    I intend to fight for David to the bitter end as I see him as the best candidate we’ve had in a very long time.

    I will fight for him at any central committee meeting as well.

    But, the central committee is just PCO’s, all volunteers who make nothing for their efforts.

    There are troubling things yet to come out about Herrera, not hte least of which is her assuring David a few times over hte last few months that she was happy where she’s at and had no intention of running.

    Apparently, seeing an entrenched incumbent like Baird dropping out encouraged her to jump up for what she considers an easy run.

    It’s not going to be that easy for her, let me assure you of that.

    To learn more about the candidates, follow them and attend their campaign functions. David has already held some down here and I’m sure will hold more.

    Better yet, if you have enough room, contact his campaign and invite him for a coffee with their friends and neighbors.

    I’m sure both candidates will be receptive to such meets.

  5. Lew,

    what are your thoughts on the Senate Race against Patty Murray? We put up a straw poll this morning to see which of the candidates people support.

  6. Although I am not a big fan of Murray’s, she is going to be tough to defeat. The Democrats aren’t very popular currently, but I can’t honestly say that will be enough to turn her out.

    I’m not all that familiar with Clint Didier, but think it will be only Clint or Chris Widener that has any chance at all.

    I hope they invest some time down here in our area to help us get to know them better.


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