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December 19, 2009

Castillo Remains Focused and Unfazed By Crowded Field

by lewwaters

An article appearing in the Friday, December 18, 2009 Centralia Chronicle headlines, Candidate Unfazed by Crowded 3rd District Field in regards to current front-runner David Castillo of Olympia, running for the seat incumbent Democrat Brian Baird is stepping down from next year.

I suspect the entry of GOP insiders favorite, Jaime Herrera is expected to shake up those candidates like David, who was the first to file to run against Democrat incumbent Brian Baird, months before Baird announced not seeking reelection.

It hasn’t. As the article notes, “he is still focusing on creating jobs, lowering taxes and pushing for fiscal responsibility,” and carrying his campaign on just as focused as before.

David rightfully tells us, “The saying isn’t ‘when the going gets easy,’ it’s ‘when the going gets tough’. There’s a reason people respect that. It goes to character.”

Character! How long have we desired and looked for a candidate with character?

Is it character to be groomed by party insiders while claiming, “I am not more the same?”

Is it character to throw others under the bus for a scandal in which you didn’t adequately perform your duties?

Is it character to travel for your elected employer and claim nearly $500.00 for meals over a 3-day trip? Can anyone actually eat close to $60.00 worth of food at each meal 3 times a day?

Is it character for a male candidate to pay out $700.00 to a female “Independent Beauty Consultant” over a month and a half as a “campaign consultant?” Does any candidate really need to look that good?

Is it character to say, “I think that we have balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and the powerless,” as you cast a “yes” vote on a state budget bill or enhance your resumé, claiming to be a “highly decorated” peacetime Veteran due to a couple of commendation medals? Shouldn’t just the fact of serving be honorable enough?

Is it character to work diligently to force a multi-billion dollar bridge and light rail on a citizenry that continues to indicate they don’t want it?

Is it character to enter our country illegally, accept an amnesty to seek citizenship, then attend a school becoming a lawyer and now advocate more for others who illegally enter the country?

No, none of that is illegal, but do you feel it shows character?

Since first meeting David I have been impressed by his strength in character. It would be very easy for a lesser person to throw in the towel now with many entrenched politicians jumping in to run for Baird’s seat.

But that isn’t David. His dedication to his fellow man over his desire to climb the political ladder is what has propelled him to the current front-runner position.

In David, I see a self-made man, a Veteran of the US Navy and someone who comes from a broken family background, who could have very easily ended up on the wrong side of society like many others, if not for the strength, determination and values instilled in him by the single Mother who raised him.

David Castillo brings to the table a strong and discerning position on many issues before us, as noted HERE and on the issues page of his web site.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be treated to claims of who is the best candidate based on gender, ethnicity, record and even party favoritism. We can expect to hear which one is best for the Democratic Party and who is best for the Republican Party, instead of who will best serve voters of both party’s in the 3rd Congressional District.

Some have experience, even though minimally in the state legislature, city council or advocacy groups. But, in these tough economic times, only one will have experience actually answering to people for handling their money instead of just voting on legislation to take our money.

If you are as tired of the same old pandering politicians and political opportunists as I am, David is the candidate you need to give serious consideration to.

Clearly, he holds the strength of character desperately in need today.

David Castillo For Congress

December 19, 2009


by lewwaters

Reader Submission:

Maurice Clemmons murdered four of Washington’s finest in Lakewood Washington. It is a travesty that this monster was walking our streets! Every citizen should be outraged that he was released after facing 8 felonies which included punching a deputy in the face and the rape of a 12 year old girl! We voted for three strikes you are out in 1993. What happened?

Also, Jessica’s law which would have kept him locked up for life, was stripped down to a meaningless law by the Democrats and Governor Gregoire. At least the Republican lawmakers in Washington State voted to enact a tough Jessica’s law in it original form. Former Arkansas Republican Governor Huckabee shares responsibility for commuting his sentence down to 47 years which allowed him to be paroled the first time in Arkansas.

Gregoire allowed the release of another hardened criminal, a sociopath named Steven Dozier. Thirty year veteran Detective Mike Ciesynski stated he had rarely encountered a more dangerous person.

Gregoire needs to go! The Democrats who stripped Jessica’s law need to go! The judges who released Clemmons onto the street need to go! We have had enough. Get Justice for our four slain hero’s and that little girl. Take back the justice system in our State. Clemmens is dead but who will they release next to prowl the streets for their next victims. Vote them OUT!


Chuck Miller
Washington Citizens for Responsible Government

Clark County Conservative addressed this issue earlier this year after the tragic murder of 13-year-old Alycia Nipp at, Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die.

I contacted every representative and senator from both parties for Southwest Washington asking for stronger laws to keep these predators off of our streets.

I received replies from only two, Senator Don Benton and Representative Ed Orcutt, whose efforts were blocked.

No other elected official responded to me.