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December 20, 2009

Christmas Spirit Lives In Clark County

by lewwaters

It seems everywhere we turn today, we hear or read of yet another attack on Christmas. Be it Nativity Scenes are banned at a public building or the ACLU is filing charges over some symbol that someone is “offended” by, we see Christmas attacked and denigrated to just another commercialized holiday.

We can argue endlessly about the origins of Christmas or what the meaning behind it really is, even if it is really about Christ or not. Missed in all of that is Christmas is about giving. When we wrap and give gifts to our children we are teaching them to give, not take.

We see and hear so little today about giving to others. I don’t mean the endless cries for welfare, higher taxes and bailouts, but true giving of one’s self to others.

Maybe that is why I was somewhat taken aback this morning as I was sipping on my morning coffee, standing and just looking out my patio door as I saw a large bright red bus drive by, slow down and turn down my street, a cul de sac.

Seeing Fire District 6 on the side and not knowing that they had such a bus, my curiosity was aroused as to why they were here and what was going on.

My wife and I had to see and coffee in hand, walked out to our front yard to see if the bus had made a mistake and was now struggling to turn around.

What I saw was some young children jumping out of the bus at a home down the street where lives a young single woman with children that my wife and I have helped out from time to time. They had bags in hand; delivering gifts, food and whatever else was in the bags to her home. The children and the adults helping them weren’t doing it with frowns, as if it was something they had to do, but were smiling and happily helping someone less fortunate.

This is a program that has been ongoing for the last 12 years. It’s a program by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office called Santa’s Posse and is in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Clark County, Fire District 6 and Kindercare Learning Centers.

They collect donations of new, unwrapped toys for children of all ages, nonperishable food, toiletry items, and cash at various locations around Clark County. Then they stock food baskets and wrap the presents, this year at the empty Best Buy building in Hazel Dell, so graciously offered by the people of Best Buy.

Witnessing this kind act of giving this morning has replenished some of my own spirit as it reminds me of my childhood when Christmas wasn’t under attack nor were elected officials ashamed of it.

I congratulate and thank the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the Rotary Clubs of Clark County, Fire District 6 and Kindercare Learning Centers for still displaying what I feel is the true meaning of Christmas, remembering our neighbors in need and giving on ones self, not calling on others to do it for them as well as teaching the children who accompanied them this morning what giving really is.

Merry Christmas to all and hopes for a brighter New Year.