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January 12, 2010

“It’s Not Ted Kennedy’s Seat!”

by lewwaters

Finally, a political candidate expresses truth. Scott Brown, running against Martha Coakley in Massachusetts open Senate seat. CNN’s David Gergen goads Brown on whether he’d be willing to “sit in Teddy Kennedy’s seat and [say] I’m going to be the person who’s going to block it [liberal health care policy] for another 15 years.”

Brown respectfully reminds Gergen, “Well, with all due respect it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, and it’s not the Democrat’s seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

None of the seats in Congress belong to any politician or political party; they belong to us, “We The People!”

It is long past time we began reminding politicians of that fact! Especially Patty Murray!

Scott Brown for United States Senate

Clint Didier For United States Senate

January 12, 2010

Tell Olympia, Cut Spending, NO NEW TAXES!

by lewwaters

Once again our state legislature has convened facing yet another massive budget shortfall of some $2.6 Billion.

As can be expected, our tax happy Democrat legislators are proposing a plethora of new taxes to make up the difference. We are told in the Seattle Times which would include “suspending or modifying Initiative 960, which required a two-thirds legislative majority or voter approval for tax increases.”

Also included is a general tax increase, increasing the sales tax we already pay, placing the sales tax on candy, muffins and bottled water and as we can always expect now, increasing tobacco taxes.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane says, “It’s not the desire to raise revenues. It’s what we believe is the moral necessity.”

Maybe it is that “moral necessity” that prevents her from mentioning SB 6520 (to implement an income tax for Washington) and SJR 8219 (Amending the Constitution to allow an income tax) in the latest attempt by Democrats to stick Washington Citizens with an Income Tax.

A more complete list of proposed bills may be seen at Washington Votes.

In her first proposed budget, governor Gregoire proposed to “gut services to the poor and suspend programs such as all-day kindergarten. Subsidized health insurance for thousands of low-income families and aid to people unable to work because of disabilities.”

Of course, she’ll be happy to withdraw those provided we get stuck with tax increases.

Evergreen Freedom Foundation is sponsoring an online petition No New Taxes in 2010 – PUSH BACK demanding no new taxes be placed on the already over-burdened Washington Citizens.

More information may be seen at WWW>PUSHBACKNOTAX.COM

Part of what they recommend,

“Pursuant to RCW 41.80.010(6) and effective immediately, we hereby direct both parties to all state collective bargaining agreements to immediately enter into collective bargaining for a mutually agreed upon modification of the agreements that results in a significant reduction of state spending.

Moreover, we hereby direct a revision of allotments of appropriations from the state General Fund to all state agencies including those agencies headed by elected officials and to the budgets of the Legislature and Courts. Each affected agency shall reduce its expenditures from the state General Fund by 8.4 percent of the agency’s total biennial state General Fund appropriations to be effective January 31, 2010, unless the legislature takes action prior to that date to save a corresponding amount.”

Even the Columbian joins in seeing the need for Public Employees to share in the hardships we are facing and urging the state to get Public salaries and benefits under control.

I urge all who believe we are already taxed too much, you that are struggling to make ends meet and see that paying more taxes will only hurt you more to please sign the petition by January 24th when they hope to deliver it to the legislature.

It is time for Olympia to learn they answer to us, not the other way around. We The People must take our government back if we are to survive and thrive again.