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January 17, 2010

Obama Speaks At Vermont Street Baptist Church

by lewwaters

Before flying off to Massachusetts in a desperate effort to salvage the campaign of Martha Coakley, Barack Obama stopped in at the Vermont Street Baptist Church and gave an inspiring speech to all in attendance and those who watched.

“We gather here on the Sabbath at a time of extreme difficulty for our nation and the world,” Obama said, speaking much like a preacher from the pulpit. “We are not here just to ask the Lord for his blessing. We’re also here to call on the memory of one of his servants, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Making sure everybody knows he is part African-American, he claimed, “It’s that progress that allowed me to be here today,” mentioning how the country has progressed, thanks to MLK Jr.

You can read excerpts of his inspirational speech here at LA Times or view the entire transcript here.

Maybe you’ll manage better than the poor guy behind Obama’s right shoulder.

He had to listen to him.

Video may be seen at Part One, before the poor guy began nodding off, Part Two as he fights it and Part Three, still fighting it.

January 17, 2010

Brent Boger to Enter County Prosecutor Race

by lewwaters

Vancouver Assistant City Attorney and 25-year law veteran Brent Boger (53), a Republican, will announce his candidacy for Clark County Prosecutor.

Tuesday, January 19
10:30 AM
Java House Market Place
210 W. Evergreen Blvd. , Vancouver

Boger launches with Vancouver notable Philanthropist Ed Lynch as campaign chair and endorsements from Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and US Senator & WA State Attorney General (ret) Slade Gorton who are expected to attend the announcement event.

About Brent Boger:

Boger is currently a Vancouver Assistant City Attorney and has practiced law for 25 years. He has practiced in courtrooms from San Diego to Seattle as well as presented arguments to the United States Supreme Court.

Attorney Boger has served the justice system representing both the public and criminal defendants in his career. He has counseled local governments on management and financial matters and served private clients for eight years in the private sector. Earlier in his career Brent was on the Governor of California’s staff addressing the financial impact of death penalty cases on rural counties.

Candidate Boger also represented Pacific Legal Foundation representing property owners who were victims of unreasonable and intrusive government regulations.

“My background gives me a big picture view as to how the Prosecutor’s Office impacts everyone in Clark County rather than solely the criminal justice community and the special interests seeking to do business with the county” said Boger. “I want to be the prosecutor for the People of Clark County; all of them.”


Boger will be running against Curt Wyrick (60) and Tony Golik (42) since current Prosecuting Attorney, Art Curtis has announced he will not seek re-election this term.

Both Wyrick and Golik are currently serving in the Prosecutors Office.

Golik, a Democrat, says, “I’ll focus on cracking down on the area’s emerging gang problem. He also said he would vigorously prosecute repeat domestic violence offenders and seek stiff sentences for sex offenders.”

Wyrick says, “he plans to add more focus on pursuing customers who write bad checks. He also wants to prosecute more people who abuse elderly people physically or financially.” He adds, “We need to refocus on gangs and make sure we stop them before they proliferate.”

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t that currently be the focus?

Boger says, “The county prosecutor is not a bad office, but I think they need new direction in where they put their resources. And I think I can bring that.”

The County Prosecutors Office has faced a $1.8 million budget shortfall in recent years.

If you are available on Tuesday at 1030am, please stop in at Brent Boger’s formal announcement at the Java House, 210 W. Evergreen in Vancouver with Attorney General Rob McKenna.

January 17, 2010

“Obama Is Not Martha Coakley In Drag”

by lewwaters

As Democrats pull out all the stops and present a full court press trying desperately to salvage the race for the open seat in Massachusetts once held by the Kennedy Klan, we see the icon of the Massachusetts Democratic Party coming forward today speaking against Scott Brown, “It was a personality contest. Mr. Brown is not running as a kind of people committed conservative that he is and that he has the right to be. He’s running as a nice guy.”

Asked about how the outcome of this race could affect Obama’s popularity, Frank said, “The fact that he was doing better than she in a personality contest?–Nothing. Obama is not Martha Coakley in drag, and what I thought happened was that this became, as I said, a personality contest.”

Is there a reason everything with Democrats has to carry a sexual connotation?


January 17, 2010

Clueless Blue Donkey’s In Clark County

by lewwaters

I am always amazed at just how clueless and spiteful Democrats can be. Maybe because for the first half of my life, I was a Democrat, born and raised into a staunchly Democrat household in South Florida.

I’ve watched as they high jacked the Civil Rights movement they so strongly fought against and filibustered in the 1960’s and even how they coerce a Republican President into how necessary tax increases are only to use that tax increase they pushed for as a campaign gimmick against that same Republican President.

I guess it should have come as no surprise to see that same level of cluelessness coming out of the chair of the Clark County Democrat Party, Dena Horton into today’s Columbian.

While Ms. Horton may have a short leg to stand on in complaining about Ann Donnelly’s description of the Blue Jackasses convention (I wasn’t there so I don’t know), her other vitriolic ramblings are remarkably clueless.

Horton brays, “The Columbian is often accused of being a ‘liberal rag’ by the conservatives, which the Clark County Democrats find baffling when The Columbian continues to print columns by conservative columnist Ann Donnelly while offering no alternative view as a counterpoint.

I am left wondering just how many John Laird’s, Lou Brancaccio’s, Tom Koenninger’s and Kathie Durbin’s must the Columbian publish to equate one Ann Donnelly column every other week in Horton’s world?

Laird runs a weekly column that I have yet to see any pro-conservative stance ever taken. Brancaccio is more even handed, but definitely leans left. Koenninger leans further left and I doubt Kathie Durbin has a kind thought ever towards anything conservative. If so, I can never tell by her writing, especially as she trumped up a controversy last September, Podunk Reporter Creates Issue, Boasts of Resolution.

I saw no “counterpoint” printed in regards to that manufactured controversy and even just last week, John Laird copied it with his vitriol masked as humor, Confessions of a new Republican.

Dena has the audacity to actually state, “We have important elections coming up in 2010 and it does not serve The Columbian’s readership, the general public, or the integrity of the elections process to cause mass confusion about the process by printing inaccurate information.”

Does she really want to go there? Outright lies against President Bush and 8 years of vitriol and demeaning hatred thrown at the man by her party? Does she forget the fraud of the 2004 Washington State Governor’s election?

As far as that “important elections” goes, yes, we are watching Massachusetts very closely too and it isn’t looking all that good for their State jackasses back there right now.

Unbelievably, Horton cries, “Unfortunately, it seems as though not much has changed and our pleas for truth and fairness have fallen on deaf ears.”

Dena dear, you Democrats wouldn’t know “truth and fairness” if your donkey’s tail was bitten. We sat and watched as every sort of hatred and mean-spirited message was sent out against the GOP and President Bush.

We saw as you used the Troops and the very war your party voted to authorize as a campaign tool for political gain.

We watched as your party seized control of Congress with lies, innuendoes, subterfuge and dishonesty straight out of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals.’

We watched as despicable conduct by a President from your party was excused, just to have you come back later and point fingers at others over similar “immoral” conduct.

I was at the Hilton the evening in November 2008 when a junior senator was propelled into the Presidency by playing the race card and one of your number placed the sign outside the ballroom, “The night America came together.”

None of you have yet to explain why America cannot “come together” unless a group of jackasses controls the country and continues to bankrupt us.

The whiny column written by Blue Donkeys Chair Dena Horton is indicative of spoiled little children who don’t always get their way and throws a tantrum.

If Clark GOP Chair, Ryan Hart, wrote such a column every time a leftist column appeared in the Columbian, he’d have to be on full time employ.

Americans are waking up to the ploy, Dena. I suggest you get used to not having “fair and balanced” being your point of view only!

As a famous Democrat once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

I guess that was back when Democrats cared about more than remaking America into a socialist mecca and carbon copy of the failed Soviet Union.