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January 19, 2010

Boger Kicks Off Campaign For County Prosecutor

by lewwaters

A small crowd gathered at the Java House Market Place in Vancouver this morning to witness City Attorney Brent Boger as he officially announced his campaign for County Prosecuting Attorney. Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna kicked off the event with his introduction and endorsement of Boger.

After thanking many people who are helping with the campaign and who encouraged him to run, Boger got down to the meat of why he is running for the office being vacated by retiring Prosecutor, Art Curtis in his speech.

Some excerpts, first addressing the $1.8 Million budget shortfall the Prosecutor’s office was hit with,

“One source of savings is better coordination of the resources the county and the cities put into criminal prosecutions. As the campaign proceeds, I will be releasing a proposal for better criminal prosecutorial coordination which will save the public money while increasing prosecutorial effectiveness.”

“We have seen evidence that prioritization in the Prosecutors Office has not always been done with the concept of the best use of the people’s money in mind.”

Boger used the example of the “Water Heater Case” where a citizen was prosecution for the alleged theft of a $150.00 water heat that was removed from a soon to be demolished building and two juries finding him “not guilty.”

Surely there could have been a better resolution.

More importantly, Boger alluded to last year’s murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp in Hazel Dell.

Boger said,

“We need to pay more attention to events like the recent tragic death of a young teenage girl in Hazel Dell. She was attacked and savagely murdered by a convicted sexual predator, unemployed and living in abandoned buildings. First, why do we allow such sexual predators to live in such conditions? Second, why were these vacant buildings still standing and available for sexual predators to occupy them? There must be a better way!”

Boger vowed to set up a Public Integrity Unit inside the office to look into allegations of Public Official misconduct and to promote compliance with Public Records Disclosure Laws and open Public Meetings.

To counter potential claims of diverting resources from more serious criminal prosecutions, Boger says, “A public loss of faith in the integrity of its government is a serious problem that we had better deal with now.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Boger reminds us that change will be coming to the County Prosecutors Office regardless of who wins the election, but citing the one best suited to effect needed change would be someone from outside the office that hasn’t been “Involved in the internal and external struggles and controversies the office has had recently.”

Brent Boger has practiced many aspects of law for 25 years now with experience in both private and public sector law.

Brent has practiced in Courtrooms from San Diego to Seattle, including briefing cases before the United States Supreme Court. He has represented the public in criminal prosecutions and defended criminals in private practice. He’s advised local government on management and financial matters. He’s represented property owners victimized by unreasonable government regulation.

Boger let us know,

“I will not be just the Prosecutor for the Lawyers and County government, I will be the Prosecutor for the People, ALL OF THEM.”

Brent Boger is a community-oriented man. I have worked with Brent personally at the Clark County Republican Party and he is a very dedicated person.

In this coming election, I ask you to give Brent Boger a serious look and vote for him as our next Clark County Prosecutor.