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February 7, 2010

Senator Benton Announces Run Aganst Murray

by lewwaters

Speculation has ended. Washington State Senator Don Bention officially threw his hat in the ring to unseat Democrat Patty Murray. He announced at the Clark GOP Lincoln Dinner, Friday February 6, 2010.

Received from the Clark County GOP;


VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON, FEBRUARY 6, 2010 – State Senator Don Benton, R, announced today that he will run for United States Senate in an effort to unseat Patty Murray.

Benton, who has represented Clark County in Olympia since 1994, has pledged to run a “clean and lean” campaign. Benton is well known throughout the state to be a dedicated and prolific fundraiser.

“For the last three weeks, I’ve been drawing on my statewide network of contacts established when I was State Republican Party chairman to start a terrific grassroots campaign,” Benton said.

In addition, Benton has retained the consulting team behind Scott Brown’s unexpected victory in Massachusetts.

Benton promised that he would not be beholden to special interest groups.

“The people of Washington deserve a US Senator who will put their interests first,” said Benton. “My opponent is owned by special interests, not the will of the people she represents. That’s not the way I operate.”

Benton also pointed to his voting record, indicating that he has still never voted for a tax increase. “I’ve kept the promises I’ve made to my constituents,” he said. “I know that at the end of the day, I answer to them. My opponent is too entrenched to remember who it is she represents.”

“My opponent is in serious trouble,” Benton said. “She has done everything the president has asked without question or concern. She’s voted with the administration 100 percent of the time. Look at what we have to show for it. The people have had enough.”

Benton is one of many candidates across the country to take on an entrenched Democrat, and he quotes Scott Brown, in saying, “In Washington, the politicians mistakenly believe that spending more money and growing the size of government is the answer. They are wrong. I believe that it is the private sector – small businesses and entrepreneurs – that will get our economy moving again. Government can and will help, but it also needs to know when to step out of the way.”

Benton began his political career in 1994 with his election to the State House of Representatives. He’s a successful small business owner, and lives in Vancouver with his wife, Mary, and their four children. He’s also an assistant Scoutmaster, and a proud, lifelong member of the NRA.
CONTACT: Jami Herring, 360.989.5025

Senator Benton’s Statement at Republican Gathering on February 6, 2010

I am here to tell you that it has been an absolute honor to serve you and I plan to continue my commitment of service to you and, in fact, I intend to expand that commitment of service to every citizen in the great state of Washington.

It is with deep love and appreciation for everything that our country stands for, and for the people of our state, that I stand before you tonight to officially announce my candidacy for United States Senate.

It is clear to any thinking person that we are headed in the wrong direction. Not just at home, but overseas as well. Our nation is at a crossroads and I believe you deserve a U.S. Senator who will always remember that our greatness as a nation rests with its people, not its government.

This will not be an easy task. We are building our organization with the help of Scott Brown’s campaign consultants. They know what you and I know, we can beat Patty Murray. This will not be an easy task and I will need the help of everyone in this room and many, many more.

Please log onto and sign up today to support my campaign. Please email everyone you know and ask them to also.

I hope you will join with me and together we will win in November and go to work to take our country back.

Thank you,
Senator Don Benton

**The Clark County Republican Party has made no official endorsement in this contested race. This information is provided as a community service.