A Phone Chat With Jaime Herrera

by lewwaters

I was quite flattered last evening, February 9, 2010 to receive a phone call from, Republican candidate Jaime Herrera, hoping to fill the seat being vacated by Democrat, Brian Baird for Washington State 3rd Congressional District. Flattered, because unlike a campaign call for donations from a staffer or volunteer supporter, it was a personal call.

In the past I have received contacts from candidates to either tell me off or set me straight, very amateurish on their parts I always assumed. But, that was not the tone of Jaime’s call; although she did say she wanted to “clear some things up.”

As any regular reader knows, I have been opposed to her candidacy and have stated why in my few posts. Perhaps that is why I initially ignored the call I saw on my home phone, assuming it to be a campaign call seeking donations or support.

But when my cell phone rang and I saw the same number, I decided to answer because I have never given that number out to any campaign, trusting very few to have it and thought it might be an interesting call. Later I saw that she had called my cell phone first and I had missed that call.

I was very flattered to hear her say she reads my blog and has seen several comments of mine in the Columbian and elsewhere and always felt I am fair, or at least try to be. But you know us older guys; we eat up flattery, especially from younger attractive girls.

At any rate, she asked me straight out just why I opposed her, also saying she in no way wanted to me to change my support from the candidate that I do back, but felt if she knew why I opposed her, I would give her a fair shot at explaining or discussing my opposition and to clear things up a bit.

Fair enough, I thought; even though I also thought that if she didn’t desire me to switch candidates, why bother calling me at all?

I mentioned I have more than a single reason and she replied asking me what do I consider the biggest reason. To me, although they carry equal weight, I brought up her votes to unionize childcare centers, mentioning how I felt it would cause undue financial hardship to single parent and low-income families with small children.

She attempted to explain her reasoning on the phone with me not quite grasping it. She kept saying she didn’t do it to gain any points, she was not in the unions pocket, it was a moral issue, needing to fix how we pay for childcare and such. As I said, I wasn’t really grasping it, so I asked her to email me her reasoning and I would gladly post her full and complete words, unedited, just as she wrote them and gave her my personal email.

Knowing how busy she is, I have not received it yet and honestly, would be surprised if I had. I am looking forward to receipt of the reasoning and as I said, will post her words in full without any changes or editing by anyone or me.

Of course, I don’t know that she actually will send it on, but have no reason to think she won’t at this time, either.

One thing that did trouble me in the conversation was when she said others I support voted for the bill too and named Senator Don Benton. Yes, I see that he did vote for it, but have not announced any support of his run against Senator Patty Murray yet. I am still undecided as to just who I will back in that race.

But, I did openly support Benton in 2008, which I see as having no bearing on today and frankly, thought it was sort of childish to drag Don into this to excuse her vote. Rest assured, before I announce any support of Don Benton, I will discuss the vote with him too.

Although I had no knowledge of it last evening when Jaime called me, yet another example of why I oppose unionizing childcare has come out. That being the KING5 article on the savage beating of a 15 year-old girl at a bus tunnel with 3 Security Guards watching, none raising a finger to stop it nor offering the young girl help as she lay on the walkway, within inches of one Guards feet.

Their reasoning? Their contract calls for them to only “observe and report.”

That I have been able to so far determine, the Guards are hoping to be represented by the same union, the SEIU, that desires to unionize childcare and whose members were responsible for the assault and beating of Kenneth Gladney last year outside of a St. Louis, Missouri town hall meeting. The same SEIU that contributed to Jaime’s campaign last time and she accepted.

If that is the attitude given members by contract, do you want them watching your children?

Yes, I have other reasons to oppose Jaime Herrera’s candidacy and I find myself in agreement with some reasons also listed here. Although his writing style is a bit harsher than my own, we share many of the same concerns, especially the efforts of Washington D.C. insiders drawing on special interest money from not only outside the 3rd District, but also outside the state to support her run.

I now await receipt of her reasoning by email and when and if I do receive it, I will post it fully for all to see, just as I told her I would. I think her reasoning for such a controversial vote is important for all to know. Should she not send it, I can only be left to assume her mentors, Washington D.C. insider Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lobbyist, former Senator Slade Gorton have chastised her for calling me directly as she did and discouraged her from supplying her reasons.

UPDATE: October 6, 2010 and I have yet to receive the email Ms. Herrera said she would send me. A “memo” from a campaign manager in effect labeling me a “liar” months ago is not what she promised.

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