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February 15, 2010

Bob Dean, Passionate About Schools

by lewwaters

Bob Dean, a life-long Republican and now candidate for the seat in Washington States 18th Legislative District being vacated by Jaime Herrera is a very passionate man when it comes to our schools.

Bob was unable to attend the recent Blackstone Grill Meet The Candidates event for candidates and voters. Had he not had a prior commitment that evening, all present would have heard the passion he holds for saving and improving our schools.

Bob has little political experience, but has much experience teaching Mathematics, becoming chairman of the math department at Evergreen High School and being appointed to the State Board of Education’s math advisory panel. Terry Bergeson also appointed him to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction standards revision team.

This gave him intimate involvement writing new state math standards to eventually replace WASL.

In his youth, Bob served 3 years active duty in the United States Army that included 18 months in Okinawa sending messages giving the locations of downed pilots in Viet Nam so rescue missions could be mounted.

Lagging behind in fund raising so far, he claims many more facebook fans than others running for the 18th Legislative District. Having lived in the 18th District for the past 35 years gives him name recognition he feels.

Bob is especially worrisome over SB 6696 that he sees as

“handing over our state education system to the federal government” and “the federal government will end up determining what is taught in every classroom in America.”

The thought of that “scares me to death…” Bob says.

He devotes a page on his website to Oppose Race to the Top.

Bob Dean shares many other values and thoughts on improving our state with the other conservative candidates, seeing small business as “supplying seventy to eighty percent of the jobs” in our state.

He sees there is little government can do to bring an end to this economic morass we are in, seeing them compounding it, not helping it. Bob says,

“We have to stop spending ourselves into oblivion and we need to educate our top students to compete on the world stage while developing a competitive workforce.”

As Bob said to me,

“beyond my education, my years in business, and my efforts at the legislature, OSPI, and the state board of education I have been on the front lines of the education wars in this state…. I started taking on top state officials as early as 2001 in this fight…. I was mostly alone at that point. Through my writings I met others and we joined together to make changes in this state that most people said couldn’t be done…. we accomplished that change against big odds…. The war is not over… it is ongoing but I am proud of what we have accomplished thus far…. Not many people can say that they took on the powers to be and forced statewide change that affected every school in the state….”

“At this point I am battle scarred, battle tested, and battle ready…. I am taking on this new challenge with vigor and the same determination that I have brought to everything else I have done…. where it will end I don’t know but whatever happens it will be a new beginning not an end.”

At an age most of us are considering retirement, Bob Dean still fights for his principles.

February 15, 2010

One Out Of Five Isn’t Bad?

by lewwaters

Showing how out of touch the Obama administration is over terrorism, we need look no further than Obama counter-terror chief John Brennan’s comment about Guantánamo detainees being released and returning to a life of terror against innocent people.

In defending administration estimates of detainees returning to terror, Brennan said,

“People sometimes use that figure, 20 percent, say ‘Oh my goodness, one out of five detainees returned to some type of extremist activity.’ You know, the American penal system, the recidivism rate is up to something about 50 percent or so, as far as return to crime. Twenty percent isn’t that bad.”

Apparently, Mr. Brennan has a problem in differentiating between petty criminals and terrorists.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R SC) labels Brennan’s casualness as “mindboggling and unnerving,” adding,

“I don’t see how most Americans can feel safe when the head of counterterrorism tries to tell us you can get all the information you need within 50 minutes of an interview of a guy right off the airplane who tried to blow it up, and tries to tell us that the process did finally work, and say that a 20 percent recidivism rate’s OK in the war on terror,” in a Fox News Sunday interview.

Representative Peter King (R NY) went further calling for Brennan “to resign immediately or be fired because of his incompetence and inability to do his job.”

King added, “Any homeland security adviser who can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a shoplifter doesn’t belong in office.”

Brennan has previously come under fire for the administrations soft handling and excuses made of the Christmas underwear bomber, as well as subsequent admissions failure in “connecting the dots” to have prevented the attempted terrorist attack.