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February 20, 2010

Don Benton Vindicated

by dem2gop

Recent writings mentioned that Don Benton supported HB1329 that mandated child care directors and workers to unionize. For purposes of negotiation, it also makes them state workers. I read the Senate version and contacted Senator Benton directly. HB1329 was mandatory unionization. Recognizing that their small numbers (super minority) could not stop the bill, both Benton and Zarelli successfully fought for amendments to SHB 1329 that would make it non-mandatory, allow for religious objection and also turn it into a study bill. That gives them another year to try to stop it. Thank goodness we have a few savvy Republicans to help avert the madness. They can’t stop everything but are working hard to do what they can.

Reference: A Phone Chat With Jaime Herrera