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February 22, 2010

Rep Geoff Simpson Should Be Thrown Out Of Office

by lewwaters

Representative Geoff Simpson (47th) has shown us why the country is so divided and partisan. He is a disgrace not only to Washington State, but to the Democratic Party as well. As hateful as they have been as a party towards the Bush administration and Sarah Palin, Simpson now spews hateful rhetoric towards American Citizens and voters within Washington State.

As reported by Orbusmax’s Jim Walker, Simpson became unhinged over a request for his referring to voters upset at this “new direction” of bankruptcy and failures the Democrats have led the country towards since 2007 as “teabaggers,” a euphemism for a sexual act, began by foul minded left-wingers and Democrats in referring to those who attended last years “TEA Party’s.”

Walker posted the email exchange between he and Simpson showing Simpson’s hatred of voters of who disagree with him wherein he claims, “Indeed, it is well documented that the originators of your movement themselves adopted the names ‘teabag’ and ‘tea bagger’ to describe their anti-government antics. Your manufactured outrage toward me for using the term that the fathers and mothers of your movement coined for themselves is tiresome.”

Of course, no such “documentation” is supplied. Looking for such “documentation” reveals, “In 2009, Tea Party protests were formed to protest against United States government tax and spending policies. The mainstream media used the term ‘teabaggers’ to describe the conservative anti-tax movement. Owing to its sexual connotation, the term ‘Tea Bagger’ has been used by several pundits and journalists to ridicule the protesters. Anderson Cooper apologized for using the term.”

Is Simpson deliberately lying? Surely someone who has run for office and achieved such would know truth, right? In Simpson’s case, apparently not.

Showing his hateful nature, Simpson wrote to Walker, “I will apologize to you for recounting my friend’s puzzlement about the selfishness of your movement when you apologize for your hatred, your selfishness and your lack of compassion toward others.”

If it is hate that worries the nincompoop, perhaps he should reflect on 8 years of “Kill Bush.”

As far as Joe Stack, the Austin IRS bomber is concerned, maybe the Simpson should refer to what Stack’s friend wrote on the left winged forum, Democratic Underground, “I won’t defend what he did because there’s no defense of it, but Joe wasn’t a teabagger he wasn’t left or right wing.”

As far as his friend is concerned, he was “apolitical.” From his rant he left on the Internet, he was all over the board, mad at everybody and everything.

As far as civility goes, when the Democrats offer some, maybe they’ll receive some in return. Especially since the 2000 election, they have been the most out of control, over the top, mean-spirited and hateful bunch I have witnessed in all my 61 years.

Representative Geoff Simpson is part of the problem and as Senator Patty Murray recently stated, “What worries me about inflammatory language is, it drives us further apart.”
That goes for you too, Geoff.

If you were an honorable man, you would resign. But, you’d rather use your hatred of voters to further bankrupt the state.