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February 23, 2010

Jon Russell, Exit Stage Left

by lewwaters

The Centralia Chronicle just announced it’s official, Russell Drops Out of Congressional Race, Will Run for Legislature

Russell has announced he will instead vie for the seat being vacated by his opponent in the 3rd Congressional Race, Jaime Herrera.

Russell will face stiff competition there as well runing against Ann Rivers and Bob Dean. Rivers bested him for the nomination in 2007 to be appointed to the seat that Herrera ended up being appointed to.

It is my opinion Jon would do better to return to the Washougal city council and help right some of the troubles he helped create there.

Russell, according to the Chronicle, is urging what few supporters of his didn’t jump ship for Herrera to support Herrera now.

Strange, considering that it was Herrera’s entrance in the race that destroyed his prospects of a stronger showing.

Maybe Herrera has offered to help Jon gain some SEIU support in his latest venture?

Perhaps Washougal should think twice about Jon’s seat on the city council. It appears that is the last thing he desires now.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin includes in her article,

“Russell said in a statement that since Herrera entered the race late last year, “there has been a dramatic negative shift in our fundraising ability. Many of my supporters have been torn in their loyalties between Rep. Herrera and me.”
“We were bringing in close to $10,000 a month between September and November,” he said in an interview. “Once Jaime got in in December, that dropped to $500 a month.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have been a fly on the wall at any phone calls made last night and by who?

February 23, 2010

Is Jon Russell Preparing To Withdraw?

by lewwaters

Updated: Feb 23, It’s official, Jon Russell, Exit Stage Left

Rumors were flying around Clark County yesterday, Feb 22, that Washougal City Council member and candidate for 3rd Congressional District, Jon Russell, was announcing he is following Democrat Deb Wallace and dropping out of the race for the seat in the House of Representatives being vacated by Brian Baird.

This morning, it is all still rumor as the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin wrote,

“rumors swirled Monday that Republican Jon Russell, a Washougal city councilor, also is about to pull out of the 3rd District race.

Russell, who is running as a Republican, refused to confirm it. He said he would issue a press release today announcing his plans.”

That sure sounds as if a withdrawal is in the air.

Russell, whose campaign has struggled, especially since the entry of party insider Jaime Herrera, had earlier announced plans for a “Hometown launch” of a campaign he has been in for months now.

Maybe reality is now setting in for Jon.

Thinning of the field in this race is in order as under our top two primary system we could end up with two candidate for the general election that neither party really wants.

The seat held by Baird for the last 12 years is a prized seat in the House and one the Democrats wish to retain as much as the Republicans desire to gain.

Meanwhile, of the top two Republicans running, Jaime Herrera prepares to fly off to Washington D.C. in order to gain donations from special interests outside of the district as David Castillo continues to work for donations from within the district.

Ask yourself, just which candidate will really represent us? One who couldn’t let the ink dry on Baird’s announcement before jumping in and beholding to big money donors in Washington D.C.?

Or the one who has been doing the grassroots legwork long before Baird announced retirement within the district?