An email to a liberal regarding abortion

by dem2gop

I wish liberals would put their money where their mouth is.  We believe in life and have Crisis Pregnancy Centers where we help financially as well as emotionally for women to choose life.  We don’t ask for taxpayer money to pay for their maternity clothes or diapers or any of the myriad of things we supply to those who choose to keep their babies.  We have homes where they can stay for free while they get on their feet.  We offer emotional support if they choose to give up their babies for adoption.  And we offer FREE COUNSELING to poor women who have been raped.  In fact, we actually report cases of rape and incest all without a dime of taxpayer money. 
In contrast, Planned Parenthood is under scrutiny because of failure to report rape and incest and not all clinics even provide information as to alternatives to abortion.    Planned Parenthood makes a fortune in providing abortions yet I have yet to hear of them ‘helping’ these low income women with free services.  Why do they always come to the public trough for money?  Let the leftist citizens of this country establish a funding source for low income women choosing abortion like the pro-life groups have to support those who choose life.  If you believe in it so strongly, why don’t you fund it?  I donate to Crisis Pregnancy Centers and do not expect your tax dollars to support my beliefs.  Don’t expect mine to support yours.
The taking of innocent life is abhorrent to me.  How can those same people who oppose capital punishment support abortion?  One is a criminal convicted of a horrendous crime and the other is totally innocent.  I have never understood.  If a mother’s life is in danger, then it is self-defense to abort.  Other than that, abortion is the taking of innocent life.  I am old enough to remember when abortion was illegal.  Part of the argument back then was every baby a wanted baby.  Miraculously, having abortion legal would reduce child abuse because only those who really want their child would keep it.  The opposite has happened.  It has cheapened life and child abuse has increased not decreased.  We were warned it would lead to euthanasia and again it was ridiculed that such a thing could evolve.  Once again, it is here.  The next step is elimination of the mentally and physically disabled.  This is what happened in Germany and other cultures that have embraced the cheapening of human life and it could happen here as well. 
The Stupak amendment does not prohibit buying insurance with abortion provisions, it only prevents taxpayer money from doing so.  Again, you believe in it, you support it.  You and I both know, the funding, if passed, would not be limited to the first trimester abortion but would include all abortions.  Even if the language were in the bill limiting access to the first trimester, the ACLU or some other leftist organization would sue and it would end up at the Supreme Court where there is always a good chance all legal abortions would have to be covered.  Partial birth abortions are the worst.  Fully developed babies have their brains sucked out and their skulls crushed as they emerge from the uterus in order to insure they are born dead.  If their whole body comes out before they’re killed, they miraculously go from fetus to baby.  It is barbaric.  How can we consider ourselves a civilized society and perform such a horrendous procedure?


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