Third Graders Sing, “Thank You, Soldiers”

by lewwaters

Written by their Third Grade Teacher at Tussing Elementary School in Colonial Heights, Virginia for last Veterans Day.

To my fellow Viet Nam Veterans and all those serving today and anyone who ever served the cause of freedom, Thank you.

Thank you, Michael & Angela Souders of WWW.RESTORED.FAITHWEB.COM

19 Responses to “Third Graders Sing, “Thank You, Soldiers””

  1. I’m grateful that you posted this grateful song…

    Beautiful, Lew, that was just beautiful!

  2. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

    Our local conservative talk radio host, Victoria Taft, had Michael Souter on last evening and he is grateful the song is catching on. He wrote it as a way to just express his thanks.

  3. I am a retied Senior Chief Petty Officer USN,and I thought I was a pretty tough person. Listening to these 3rd graders has me crying like a kid.
    To this third grade class and to thier teacher,THANKS,and serving this country was never a sacrifice,just a hugh honor.

  4. I know the feeling, Sid.

    How can we not choke up listening to them?

  5. Since the Vietnam War, when I served in the Atlantic Submarine Fleet, I have felt dismissed and disrespected in relation to my military service. This wonderful song in its beautiful childrens’ voices lifted my spirits in this regard. Thank yo to the writer, to the students and to the poster.

  6. All credit goes to Michael & Angela Souders and these fantastic children.

    As a Viet Nam Veteran myself, it is an honor to be allowed to post this for others to see and hear.

  7. Just wanted to say to Robert Flynn,I served on Subs my whole 26 years,both Atlantic and Pacific. You did a great job,I guess all of us who served during Viet Nam have strong feeling about the way we were treated back here,but to you,and Lew waters,I say THANKS.
    We are having a protest group from Kansas coming here to Charleston SC to protest at Patriots Point,our maritime Museum,home of the USS YORKTOWN,USS CLAMAGORE,USS LAFFEY and the Medal Of Honor Museum. I wish I had a copy of this great song by some fantastic 3rd graders to play while these people protest those of us who gave them the freedom to protest.

  8. This is a beautiful tribute to our military. Thank you so much! I am going to forward this to Dorothy Carbisiero who is our chairperson for the Family Readines Group, 14th Quartermaster Company, Greensburg, PA. I would like to find a way to play it for our soldiers. One of our sons is in this Reverve Unit and another son is a Navy Submariner on the USS Providence out of New London, CT. My husband was in Nam, Special Forces; my father was in the Coast Guard – WW II and the Korean War- and my grandfather was in WW I (Army). I am proud of all of our military and the freedom they so proudly defend.

  9. Excellent idea, Joanne.

    Our Troops need to hear this.

  10. My thank you to those children for thier song. I served in subs in the 60’s and wish I had heard that song then. It would have been wonderful.

  11. Has somoene posted this to You Tube yet? I don’t know how or I would do it. Tons of people will see it there. I too was moved to tears by this song and am grateful that there is still the American spirit in at least some of our schools.

  12. Awesome, just awesome! I am with you; our soldiers; all of them need to hear it

  13. Awesome; just awesome! I am with you; all of our military soldiers need to hear this.

  14. Lew,
    Thank you again for posting this. Please believe me, I am not bragging, I want to encourage those who figured I end up in trouble for this tribute – our latest headline in Colonial Heights newspaper is, “Tribute Earns Souders a special place in CH hearts – Teacher of the Year”. Yes – the youtube video is now well over 1 million views, and I was just names our school district’s Teacher of the Year. This is GOOD NEWS for all those who are discouraged about public education! Amazing what a little sincere appreciation can do!

  15. Michael, I cannot think of anyone more deserving for such an honor, congratulations, you deserve it.

    And, thank you for this tribute and for passing on to your students appreciation for those who protect us.

    With more teachers like you, that discouragement over public schools would be much less, I’m sure.

    Thanks for the update.

  16. Michael, what a beautiful tribute to our soldiers. We have 600 airmen deployed
    from Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota in the Afghanistan area, including my son-in-law, Major David Bushman. Last year 225 third graders sang this song for their programs and we shall do it again this May. It was a pleasure to briefly talk with you last spring via telephone and I plan to keep this song alive for our area.

  17. Marie, please pass along my thank you to your son-in-law and every other Military member there, from an old Viet Nam Veteran in Washington State.

  18. Marie, thank you so much for keeping the “thank you” going! That is such an honor to hear how it is being used. If you ever can get a video of those children, PLEASE find a way to post it to youtube or something so I can see it! If anyone’s interested in an update, we are at 1,867,000 views on youtube as of March 17th. Also, I threw this little article together for folks who want to know the story –
    I AM SO THANKFUL TO YOU VETS WHO HAVE SERVED US SO HEROICALLY! I was just singing a medley of Armed Forces theme songs with my students this morning, and I overflow with respect and admiration for you ALL!


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