Olympia ‘Dictacrats’ Ready To Rape Taxpayers Again

by lewwaters

The assault on taxpayers in Washington State continues. With total one-party control in our state, we have seen spending skyrocket since Christine Gregoire effectively stole the 2004 election.

No sooner than she got in, along with a Democratic majority in state congress, spending drastically increased along with taxes and fees.

With the economy steadily heading south, as Democrats gained complete control of the federal government in 2009, not withstanding their stranglehold on congress during the last 2 years of the Bush administration, we ran out of money as unemployment in our state soared.

Democrats, or as I like to call them now, ‘Dictacrats,’ combining dictator to Democrat, an apt description I feel, began seeking ever new and creative ways to “raise revenue,” or as it should truthfully be known, rape us through taxation.

When Oregon Democrats passed their measures 66 & 67, raising taxes on the wealthy and businesses there, we had a golden opportunity to seduce business into our state, especially in hard hit Clark County. Instead, Democrats, like the 49th Legislative District’s Rep Jim Moeller, blasted any who felt Oregon’s move on raising taxes was folly.

Instead of recognizing the gift Oregon handed us, Democrats in Olympia continue flipping off constituents, even to the point of approving the reversal of I-960’s 2/3 vote requirement on raising taxes and approving keeping the names of who voted to increases our taxes out of the voters pamphlet.

And now, here they come again.

Today, March 4, 2010, our Dictacrats in Olympia used a political sleight of hand trick to introduce a substitute bill SB 6520 that will not even be available for public viewing until the public debate begins.

Adding insult to injury, or maybe just an old fashioned slap in the face to taxpayers in Washington State, Democrat Lisa Brown, from the third district (Spokane) blogged on the Senate Dictacrats blog, Letting the people decide that addresses the Dictacrats latest plan to shove an income tax down our throats in Washington State.

As Brown puts it,

“what if voters had a direct say in how we balance the state budget and could choose between a temporary sales tax increase and a high earners’ income tax similar to what Oregon voters approved earlier this year?
The idea is simple:
1. The Legislature passes the temporary sales tax increase, which would go into effect immediately to help alleviate our state’s looming cash-flow problem.
2. It would also pass a referendum to the people, giving them the opportunity in November to repeal not just that three-tenths-of-a-cent increase, but an additional one cent off the state sales tax – taking the state rate down to 5.5 cents, a level not seen in thirty years.
3. In its place would go a high earners’ income tax of 4.5 percent on all income over $200,000 for individuals, $300,000 for heads of households, and $400,000 for married couples.”

See how simple that is? Just approve a “temporary” sales tax increase (when was the last time you ever heard of anything temporary from the government?) and approve an income tax on the wealthy and all will be good.

In the leftists dream of class envy, we once again hear “tax only the wealthy,” you know, those people that create all of the good paying jobs in our state.

But, did we not also once hear that if voters approved the seat belt law, drivers would not be pulled over and ticketed solely for not wearing the seat belt? Did we not hear that if we approved Gregoire’s 9.5 cents per gallon tax increase on gasoline, our roads would be fixed and all would be well?

Voters in Washington State have consistently rejected an income tax, but Brown seems to feel by playing the middle class against the wealthy, Dictacrats will get their foot in the door for voter approval this time.

Early polling in the Seattle Times shows a nearly 3 to 1 rejection of yet another income tax proposal.

Republicans have offered several viable alternatives to get state spending under control, balance the budget and relieve the burden we taxpayers face. Dictacrats can only see raising taxes as the solution and are empowered by Oregon’s folly, falsely believing redistributing the wealth is the only answer.

It’s long past time we made some corrections in our state and cleaned out the swamp in Olympia. Dictacrats there care only about buying votes to retain their power grab. They have shown they have no common sense or fiscal sense, as they expand government, gut citizen initiatives and basically keep raising their middle finger at us.

As our unemployment remains high in the state, it is time to put every last single Democrat/dictacrat on unemployment as well. Their arrogance and raping of taxpayers must come to an end.

How many reasons do you need to vote Republican this November?

Oh, that slap in the face I mentioned above? If you recall, Lisa Brown calls for “Letting the People Decide” in implementing a state income tax. Did she forget that “the People” decided to implement I-960, that Brown and her fellow Dictacrats just gutted.

Help me save Washington State from further rape by Dictacrats. Vote Republican in November. GOP candidates for the 18th Legislative District Ann Rivers and Bob Dean have both been opposed to raising taxes, including imposing an income tax, since they entered the race.

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