49th L.D., We Deserve Better Than Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller

by lewwaters

It has often been said that there is no tax Democrats do not like. Nowhere has that ever been shown better than with the 49th Legislative District Representative, Democrat Jim Moeller, now in this fourth term.

Looking over his voting record at Project Vote Smart, I am at a loss to find any tax or fee increase listed that he did not vote ‘Yea’ on.

That’s taxes and fees that you and I, the struggling taxpayers in the 49th Legislative District are paying, whether we are working or not.

Reviewing his Political Courage Test, we can see he advocates tax increases in most areas.

In interest group ratings, he maintains a 100% rating with NARAL and Planned Parenthood with a 0 rating given by the Washington Conservative Union, once having a mere 8% rating.

Although he claims gun rights advocacy, he rates just a C- with the NRA.

As can be expected, he consistently rates 100% with Labor Unions, especially Public Unions.

Although I have not interacted with every single legislator in Olympia, I feel confident in saying Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller is most likely the most arrogant legislator serving in the legislature.

His catty replies to constituents that disagree with his positions are well known just as his blasting of editorials on the Columbian that saw Oregon’s tax increases as a means to draw businesses and jobs to Clark County, as I covered last August in my post, Rep. Moeller, What Are You Smoking? and noticed by Sound Politics.

How tacky to complain about the 2000 Florida election over 4 years after the very left-leaning New York Times published, Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote.

Instead of keeping up to date on such important matters, Moeller blasts someone for writing an editorial showing the discrepancies that had 70% of Washington State Voters, from both major parties, asking for a re-vote in the spurious 2004 governors election in Washington State invoking “fraud, enhanced ballots, and illegal voting in the presidential election of 2000.”

Showing me that the words ‘diplomacy’ and ‘tact’ are non-existent in his vocabulary, he even called for the writer to, “Move on Mr. Williams or better yet, just move.”

Another example of arrogance in desiring to “stick it to” a few taxpayers can be seen in my post While Wash. Officials Ignore Oregon’s Gift, Chicago’s Mayor Swoops In where I encouraged all of our local legislators to draw business to Clark County and give us jobs on this side of the river.

His elation at seeing taxes increased so easily as they were with Oregon’s Measures 66 & 67 and his desire to follow suit here in Clark County, which will undoubtedly result in seeing more unemployment and even harder times for all is why I have named him “Taxman.”

Fortunately, we will have an opportunity to rid ourselves of this tax happy ‘Taxman’ this November with the entry of Vancouver Businessman, Craig Riley who has announced running against Moeller.

Craig ran for office once before in 1990, coming real close to unseating then powerful Speaker of the House, Joe King.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Craig at an informal lunch recently to get to know him and see if he is someone I would be willing to support. I came away feeling like we would be much better represented by Craig Riley than Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller.

In the coming days, I will write more about Craig and his stand on many issues. His website is under construction, but he has a facebook page up and running, Elect Craig Riley where you can begin getting to know Craig too.

For too long now we have been poorly represented by the likes of Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller whose arrogance and desire to “stick it to” successful taxpayers has only resulted in “sticking it to us” in the middle class.

The time is now for Moeller to go and Craig Riley is the candidate I believe that will lead us to “Take Control” of our state government again.

You are welcome to come meet Craig at his Campaign Kick Off Celebration April 6th Tuesday, at the BRICKHOUSE Bar & Grill. On Main and Mill Plain, downtown Vancouver. Join him for a little music, a little laughter and a kick off celebration. 5:30-7:00.

6 Responses to “49th L.D., We Deserve Better Than Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller”

  1. Craig Riley is a quality person and the perfect candidate to take Moeller’s place in the 49th. We all need to do everything we can to help him win. Let’s pack the Brickhouse Bar & Grill on April 6th.

  2. Lew,

    Great information on Jim The Tax Man Moeller. His voting record has been the worst of any Represenatative in Clark County. We have met Craig Riley and I have the utmost confidence Craig will replace Moeller. When the citizens of the 49th district see what Jim The Tax Man Moeller has been doing to them, there will be little doubt, they will vote him out!

  3. Jim ‘Taxman” Moeller must go. In researching his record, I also came across Jim ‘Taxman Jr.’ Jacks who, in his continual “listening and learning” seems to have not found a “No” button on his desk, especially in taxes.

    Oh, but I pray we have a good candidate to oppose him too.

    And I agree on Craig. I am very impressed with him and will be supplying more information on his in the days to come.

  4. Lew,

    In the last election Debbie Peterson was light years ahead of Jumping Jim Jacks. At the league Of Woman Voters Debbie knew the issues and stood for the Citizens of the 49th District. What a shame they chose someone like Jim Jacks that has continued to stick it to the voters in the 49th District and the rest of Washington State. When Clark County has the highest unemployment rate in Washington State at 14.3% actually 20%+ because of those that have fallen off the unemployment rolls and have given up. As of August 2009 Clark County has the Highest Home Forclosure Rate in Washington State and our Citizens are hurting and finding it hard to survive Jacks continues to heap more taxes on them. Many businesses have closed their doors because they could not survive the over regulation and taxation heaped upon them. Jumping Jim Jacks needs to go!

  5. I have attempted to speak to Moeller and get no response, just silence.
    He does not care what our opinion is.
    I have met Craig Riley and intend to work hard to see that he wins this time so that our interests are truely represented in our state house.
    He will speak for us and he does listen to us.


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