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March 16, 2010

Can You Hear us Now, Congressman Baird?

by lewwaters

Tuesday March 16 saw the Just Vote No gathering held outside of Congressman Brian Baird’s Vancouver, Washington office at Howard House to send Congressman Baird the message from We The People, Vote No on this current monstrosity of a health care reform bill!

Baird maintains he has not made up his mind on how he will vote, but some Democrat loyalists see him as a “weak yes” vote. On a 2-day notice, between 150 and 200 people gathered outside of his Vancouver Office to let him know we expect a NO vote.

Being such short notice I was surprised to see how many were able to make it and was impressed at the number of candidates who were also able to come on such short notice.

Thomas Hann, of We The People got the event going with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. He then gave a short speech on why we were there and why we expected Congressman Baird to vote NO, his legacy of honoring the will of the people in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Kirby Wilbur, radio host from Seattle also appeared and he too inspired the crowd with his talk.

Samuel Adams made a visit from the past to inspire the crowd with his words spoken by Tom Niewulis.

Clark County GOP Chair, Ryan Hart, thanked all for attending and speaking out.

Next came candidates Chris Widener, running against Senator Patty Murray, David Castillo, running for Baird’s seat, Jon Russell, who recently dropped out of the race for Baird’s seat and now hopes to win the seat held by Jaime Herrera in the state legislature and arriving late, due to legislative business, Jaime Herrera who also hopes to take over Baird’s seat.

Castillo and Widener were seen mingling amongst the crowd meeting voters and letting them know where they stand on issues. The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin was present interviewing candidates and listening to the short speeches.

Although past gatherings drew accusations of rowdiness or other untoward conduct, none was seen this time, either.

Shortly before 5 PM, the group marched down Evergreen Boulevard to the I-5 overpass for some sign waving and to let people know many share their concerns on how this healthcare reform bill has been put together and the methods that are planned to force it upon the American people.

I enjoyed seeing so many come out on a cloudy wet day and lend their voices together to let Congressman Baird and Clark County know that We The People still have a voice and we expect our voices to be heard and our will heeded.

UPDATE: The rally made the front page of the Columbian, Health care protesters rally outside Baird’s office along with the usual leftist twits and their bogus claims in the online story.

Columbian’s Online Poll, March 17, 2010