Herrera Joins Castillo In Calling For Heck To Take A Clear Stand

by lewwaters

Jaime Herrera, hoping to secure the GOP nomination to replace retiring Democrat, Brian Baird, has joined with GOP nominee competitor, David Castillo in calling for the presumed Democratic nominee in the 3rd Congressional District Race, Denny Heck to take a clear stand on the healthcare bill now poised to pass, which a clear majority of American citizens oppose.

Castillo issued a News Release February 27, 2010 calling on opponents to make their position clear on the pending healthcare legislation.

Castillo, making his stand clear to voters, at the time stated, “Clearly, I will not be supporting Nancy Pelosi for speaker or her health care plan, but the people of southwest Washington deserve to know where the Democrats in this race stand on the issue,” as he called on the declared Democratic candidates, State Senator Craig Pridemore, Maria Rodriguez-Salazar, Denny Heck and Cheryl Crist to make their stand known.

Denny Heck has yet to state a clear stand. Castillo’s campaign page includes a counter waiting on Heck to stand up and let voters know his position.

Herrera issued her call on her facebook page and also placed the call for Heck to take a stand on her campaign page as well, adding her voice to Castillo’s in calling for Democratic challengers to make their stand known.

State Senator Pridemore made his stand clear in a March 6 Columbian article saying, “Let me be clear: I believe that Democrats in Congress should pass the bill, include a public option, and if necessary, use the reconciliation process to get it done,” clearly willing to thwart the will of voters.

In the same article, Democrat Denny Heck gave only a vague reply as he stated,

“I specifically favor those measures that will provide more people with affordable health care,” he said. “I will freely admit I have not read the 2,000-page bill.”

He said the public is tired of the debate over how Congress is going about trying to pass or block health care reform.

“I don’t think people give a hootenanny about the nature of the process as long as it’s transparent and solves the problem,” he said. “I think Democrats and Republicans both embarrass themselves by not stepping up to this problem. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t believe that Congress is dysfunctional.”

Both Castillo and Herrera have consistently made it known they oppose the healthcare bill as it currently is.

I congratulate Jaime Herrera in lending her voice to David Castillo’s call for Denny Heck to come out and take a clear stand on where he stands.

Welcome aboard, Jaime. It’s good to see you join with David Castillo in this call.

4 Comments to “Herrera Joins Castillo In Calling For Heck To Take A Clear Stand”

  1. Does that mean she has joined his camp? That would be wonderful.

  2. It would be great if she did.

    But for now, her lending her voice to David’s call is welcomed.

  3. Did you post on the wrong thread, Pat?

    Too drunk in elation over screwing the taxpayers over some more?

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