Cowlitz County Endorses Herrera and Barnett?

by lewwaters

I was quite surprised to receive an announcement this evening that the Cowlitz County GOP issued their endorsement to Shannon Barnett, candidate for the 18th Legislative District (position 1) seat now occupied by Jaime Herrera, who is vacating the seat in her quest to run for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by Democrat, Brian Baird.

Equally surprising and for the same reasons is they have issued an endorsement of state Representative, Jaime Herrera.

What surprised me about this endorsement is that there are 5 other Republicans vying for the seat as well, one having raised three times the campaign funds Shannon has and we are still 5 months away from our Primary election in August.

In Herrera’s race there are 3 other Republicans still running.

We haven’t even passed the June filing deadline for candidates and a county party has endorsed a candidate?

While I disagree with party chairs making early endorsements, I understand they are individuals and there is no requirement that they not in party by-laws. As stated, though, that is an individual endorsement, not a county party.

I have nothing against Barnett and have not spoken to him. I haven’t covered him a lot due to his not ever contacting me, save a single campaign flyer a few weeks ago in my mail, which struck me kind of odd, being as though I live in the 49th Legislative District, not the 18th he is running in.

Last I heard, it is up to candidates and their campaigns to contact people for support or coverage, not the other way around.

In the case of Jaime Herrera, I have several serious questions on her judgement that remain unanswered.

That has nothing to do with this endorsement or my puzzlement over it, though.

Since the endorsement was made at their county convention this past weekend, I have to assume they have met with all 6 candidates in the 18th District race and all 4 in teh 3rd Congressional District race and given each equal consideration before arriving at their decision to issue an official endorsement this far out. I have no idea since I don’t live in Cowlitz.

Surely they would not do so merely because he and Jaime are local people?

One reason I have a problem with such an endorsement as this made by the party this early is what about voters within the counties portion of the district? Are they not entitled to hear all 10 candidates and choose for themselves who best to vote for, without undue influence from the party they will undoubtedly be seeking information from?

Is there even a need any longer for the other 8 to visit Cowlitz County to campaign, knowing there is no possibility they could receive the party’s endorsement?

I am not calling on anyone to resign or be sanctioned, even though I see this as inappropriate. Nor should this be taken as I am against Shannon Barnett. I am not. Like I said, he has made no effort to contact me so we have not spoken. I wish him all the luck there is in his race.

I do feel the Cowlitz County GOP is doing voters within their portion of the 18th district and 3rd Congressional District a huge disservice, though.

What they do from here, if anything, is entirely up to them.

I simply think Cowlitz County residents deserve better from the party up there.

6 Comments to “Cowlitz County Endorses Herrera and Barnett?”

  1. Same thing happens with the D’s. Not the best way to do things for a lot of us.

  2. I share you concern. That concern is compounded by our top two primary. We could foreseeably end up with two democrats running against each other because our Republican primary field is so crowded. Even if Republican turnout is much higher than democrats, if you divide Republican votes 5 ways and only divide Democrats 2 or 3 ways, we are at a great disadvantage. I hope prior to the primary that some of our Republican candidates who have not been able to garner support, will gracefully not file so the stronger candidates will have an opportunity to move on to the general election. It would be devastating to end up with two democrats on the ballot for the general election in the 18th district.

  3. Perhaps Barnett doesn’t find you relevant enough to contact.

  4. Tell that to the woman who wrote to complain because I didn’t mention him on air last week in a 5 minute call.

    Now, go back and read. I have nothing against Barnett. I would have written this like it is if they had endorsed Ann Rivers this far out.

    It isn’t about the candidate but the early endorsement as a disservice to voters. That is who chooses elected officials, not the parties.

  5. Right on: “It isn’t about the candidate but the early endorsement as a disservice to voters. That is who chooses elected officials, not the parties.”

  6. I don’t think much of Jamie. She sounds very callow to me. I don’t think she really understands the severity of the issues we shall be confronting as a nation going forward. She likes to brag about connections and fundraising…makes some general noises about conservative principles and then trots off.

    I offered and asked to speak with someone in her campaign after John folded his hand in the 3rd, so I could form an opinion. Along with a token contribution. So I could determine if I should get behind her and push with all my might or keep looking for a candidate of conscience.

    Guys, Every. Single. Candidate. that I have approached or RFI’d so far in the past year, I’ve gotten a response from. Sean Salazar. John Russell. Clint Didier. Art Coday. Dave Hedrick. Craig Williams. Ann Rivers. Brian Peck. Shannon Barnett. James Watkins. Heck, Tim Probst and Deb Wallace, even, I get a response! Each and every one…except for Jamie. Too good for me? Is she too busy taking money from the SEIU?

    Sorry, Jamie has my RINO detector going off at five full bells. She does not get my vote just because of some endorsement. I will vote my conscience.

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