Does Anyone Know Jaime Herrera’s Stand On Illegal Immigration?

by lewwaters

UDATED April 4, 2010

After posting my disappointment with the early endorsements, 5 months before our primaries, of candidates by Cowlitz and Pacific County GOP’s and hearing what strong grassroots support is behind such endorsements, it dawned on me that something seemed to be missing in the early endorsements of Jaime Herrera.

Realizing what was missing is as surprising as hearing party’s are writing off other candidates this far out from the election where voters will select who they want running.

I continue to hear that Herrera has “strong grassroots support,” which in itself surprises me as I have been unable to find any discernible position she has taken on dealing with Illegal Immigration, a major issue amongst nearly every grassroots group that I have spoken to on the right.

I am not saying she has no position, mind you. I’m sure she does and if Pacific and Cowlitz GOP’s are truly grassroots, as they both claim, surely they grilled all of the candidates on the issue of Illegal Immigration, especially since both counties’ unemployment currently exceeds 14%, Cowlitz nearing 15%.

Not knowing Jaime’s position on Illegal Immigration, I went to her campaign sight to see her position on her Issues page and was astonished to find absolutely nothing about Immigration, Illegal or otherwise.

Thinking this was surely an oversight, I googled Jaime and Illegal Immigration, e-verify, whatever I could think of related to a position taken, speech given or mention in an article that might indicate her position.


How is it a candidate receives such “strong grassroots support” and yet, a discernible position on dealing with Illegal Immigration cannot be easily found? Especially knowing that Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants has been an issue many politicians have expressed support for, angering grassroots groups.

I do know that the Public Unions Jaime voted for childcare centers to be forced into are pro-amnesty for Illegals. I’m not going to make the leap that they might influence her vote on amnesty too, though, should she end up in the House of Representatives.

Her opponent, David Castillo has made his position on Illegal Immigration clear and easily attainable for voters to find, as he has since he first entered the race long before Herrera.

After having this massive healthcare reform bill rahmmed down our throats and many thinking Amnesty for Illegals is looming before us to keep Democrats in power, voters are not only entitled to know, but must know our candidates position on such an important issue.

I invite any of those “strong grassroots supporters” who unanimously selected to endorse Herrera this far out to inform us of what exactly her position on dealing with Illegal Immigration is, as they must have heard her speak of during the interview when she was vetted by them.

Perhaps even her staffers will come up with a position on dealing with Illegal Immigration and place it on her Issues Page. If so, I hope it comes about sooner than the email explanation she promised me two months ago on her co-sponsorship and voting twice to force childcare centers into Public Unions, after they had declined the offer to join from the Unions and that I have yet to receive.

Anyone knowing of her position on dealing with Illegal Immigration, please post links to it for the rest of us, so we may do our own vetting of candidates.

A candidate’s position on dealing with Illegal Immigration is too important today to just be ignored.

UPDATE: Between the time this was posted and tonight, April 3, 2010, Herrera’s web site posted her stand on Immigration.

David Castillo’s position is HERE

13 Responses to “Does Anyone Know Jaime Herrera’s Stand On Illegal Immigration?”

  1. Maybe she has bigger fish to fry.

    From a city councilor’s prespective Herrara like Orcutt and Zarelli all show a constructive interest in Vancouver and the other cities in their district. That counts a lot. If the goal is to drive the effective folks out of the R’s, just keep hammering…

  2. Pat, are you indicating that a position on Illegal Immigration is a non-issue to Conservatives?

    I know Democrats wish to grant them amnesty, thereby buying their votes, but to us, it has been an issue and even Jon Russell, now running for the 18th seat Herrera will be vacating, takes a strong stand on it.

    I don’t see requesting information on a candidates position on an issue as “hammering.”

    Surely as an elected official yourself, you don’t believe in hiding your views on the issues from voters, do you?

  3. I’m curious Pat. Do you also drop in on Keath Huff’s blog to tell him he is “driving the effective folks out of the R’s,” by his hammering on FreedomWorks for endorsing Castillo?

    Or do you reserve the honor solely for me?

  4. Speaking of Freedom Works and Castillo, has Castillo come around to supporting amnesty with Dick Armey yet? Im sure that goes over well with conservatives. Maybe Castillo shouldn’t be so quick to take endorsements from organizations with such sketchy conservative credentials.

  5. This is what I really like about you hysterical Herrera Supporters, Mike. You never address any stand she does or should have, you just rely on the liberal tactic of deflecting attention away from her positions.

    Why can none of you address her positions?

    Castillo’s are prominently shown on his page. Why aren’t Herrera’s? I’m sure she has a position, doesn’t she?

    Oh, and if accepting endorsements indicates the candidate agrees with the endorsers every position, care to address Jaime’s acceptance of the endorsement from the SEIU, accepting campaign donations from Unions and then co-sponsoring and twice voting to force childcare centers into those same unions, after they declined the offer to join?

    Why does Jaime not explain that or her position on Illegal Immigration?

    What endorser is next on Herrera supporters hit list, Rob McKenna?

    What sort of “grassroots” agress with liberals?

  6. No, I am not saying immigration is a non-issue. Obviously it is an issue with many, but there are other issues that seem to have taken precedence recently.

    The problem I see with the parties is that when the extremes become the litmus tests, the 70% or so of the rest of us are left out. Like making the internet off limits to intelligence gathering or the birther refrains.

    With Herrerra most can find some agreement and an attitude of service rather than controversy. Same with Jon Russell. I might not agree with them on all issues, but I see them being constructive and willing to discuss matters with civility. They obviously can function within the parameters of reality … unlike the radio people who will run their flocks off the cliff for profit.

  7. Gee, Pat, I wish we were all as smart as you. That must be why you ditched the GOP, eh?

    Immigration is a huge issue. Herrera’s cowardice in failing to address it, along with her support of the SEIU and emptying the state’s emergency fund is all I need to know… though I know much more than that.

  8. Pat, there are so many issues pressing currently, I feel that Obama and the Democrat cartel in D.C. are using the Cloward-Piven strategy on us by all of them.

    Still, that does not negate stating a position on Illegal Immigration or two counties issuing candidate endorsements well before the primaries or even the closing date for candidate filings.

    I spoke with one candidate today who sees no use in visiting Cowlitz County, depriving voting citizens of the exposure to all candidates to determine for themselves who to support.

    And again, if these two are as “grassroots” as they claim and Illegal Immigration is the pressing issue it is for grassroots, how was a fair endorsement reached with there being no stated position on Illegal Immigration?

    This is the election actions of third world dictatorships, not American political parties, pushing teh favored candidate off on citizens and ignoring challengers.

    All that is missing is the strong-arm tactics they use.

    You give talk radio much more credit than it deserves, unless you mean Keith Olbermann, Mike Malloy or Rachel Maddow.

  9. Lew, I disagree with you on Political endorsements. Not only do I dislike early endorsements, I dislike the majority of them. Just using the campaigns in Battle Ground City Councils last go around I was pretty stunned that folks on different cities councils were doing endorsements in our races. Why would a city councilperson from Vancouver, Camas or LaCenter have any idea whats best for the people of another city? Shouldn’t they be concentrating on whats best for their own city? As far as my last election went those who endorsed my opponent I remember very clearly, I don’t think I have let it effect doing whats best for the most people but it stays in your mind.

    Thats said “strong grassroots support” is political BS that doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Its just another term people who do marketing in politics throw around. Like “new and improved” on your laundry detergent.

    As of now its way to early to make real decisions as to who to support until all the candidates have their ideas fleshed out and available to the public.

    Immigration and what to do with ilegals is going to be a huge expense and one that needs a good strong debate of pro’s and con’s.

  10. Alex, my effort is to show the futility of such early endorsements, especially from the parties. I see party endorsements this far out from the primaries as a disservice to voters and candidates.

    We haven’t even reached the candidate filing cutoff date yet, as you know. We also have candidates still getting their campaigns up and running and some with plans to hang back and hit their stride in June and July.

    The “strong grassroots support” was based off of comments received from those who issued the two party endorsements. Recognizing that Illegal Immigration is the large issue it is, I do not understand their claim of such strong support with Jaime’s position not being prominently shown.

    You are correct about dealing with Illegals being a huge expense and one that will require much debate. All the more reason we need to know candidates position on the subject before electing them.

    One candidate I spoke with recently running in the 18th states that most voters don’t even know who is running yet or what the issues are.

    I agree and why I wrote 2 posts previously expressing disappointment with Pacific and Cowlitz County’s issuing them already.

  11. Lew,

    What I dislike are people who use endorsements as way to not research what the people they are voting for stand on issues. We, as voters, have a huge responsibility and that requires finding out what the candidates are about for ourselves. This is something that you can not rely on others to do for you. Only a fool would endorse someone now when its not even known who is running, you can’t make an intelligent decision when you do not know all the facts. I agree with you 100% there.


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