Craig Riley Kicks Off Campaign to Unseat Jim “Da Taxman” Moeller

by lewwaters

Quite a few people came to the Brickhouse Bar & Grill on Main and Mill Plain this evening to meet Vancouver businessman, Craig Riley and wish him well in his campaign to unseat current 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller, also known as “Da Taxman,” due to his love of taxing the residents he is supposed to be representing.

Craig Riley has been in our community for over 20 years, having moved here in 1988 with his lovely wife, Sally and their 4 children, establishing Riley Financial, a benefit advisory business specializing in providing health and retirement plans to individuals and small businesses. Additionally, Craig gives weekly seminars on healthcare issues; helps senior citizens make informed decisions and works with local businesses to maximize health care benefits and minimize costs.

Perhaps knowing that, or people in the 49th really are getting fed up with Moeller’s incessant desire and calls for newer taxes and increased spending, accounts for the high turnout at the Brickhouse this evening.

With people coming and going it was difficult to get an accurate count, but the north side room was filled to capacity with more standing outside the doorway as Craig and guests spoke.

Representative Ed Orcutt, of the 18th Legislative District stopped in and although he made no call for donations, since he is still in an ongoing legislative session, spoke highly of Craig and informed us of what is going on in Olympia.

It boils down to the current struggle between Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate arguing over where and how much more to raise our taxes, having gutted the citizen inspired initiative I-960 that limited their ability to freely raise our taxes.

Craig’s Pastor spoke of his involvement with the youth groups.

Craig gave an inspiring talk of why he is running and how what Olympia is currently doing is hurting us even more in the economic turmoil we face and some of the highest unemployment numbers in the communities history.

We can no longer afford to just sit back and let elected officials like Jim Moeller dictate to us and rob us blind for pet spending projects. We simply cannot afford it any longer.

Craig Riley, as a successful businessman, has the expertise to provide “responsible representation in Olympia to stop the ‘tax and spend’ agenda of elected representatives, like Jim Moeller who have turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the people they are supposed to represent.”

Several others rose to speak of Craig and his abilities, but none were so well received as his young nephew, Brandon.

In addition to Representative Orcutt, County Commissioner Marc Boldt came. Others of note who came to support Craig were candidates, Peter van Nortwick, Brandon Vick and Washougal City Council member, Jon Russell. My apologies if I missed any others.

We need to get serious if we wish to continue, or should I say return to the lifestyles we have enjoyed in the 49th Legislative District for sometime now. The excessive spending and taxation coming out of Olympia, on top of that we see hitting us from Washington D.C. affects all of us, Democrat, Republican or Independent. None of us are immune. Jim Moeller’s misfeasance with our tax dollars is a betrayal of the trust voters have placed in him.

He, along with the rest of the Democrats currently in control, has not given any indication they understand or care about our plight. They only care about where they can squeeze us next, be it a tax on bottled water, tobacco tax increases or beer, as they are now discussing.

For all of their “tax the wealthy” rhetoric, can you not see the taxes they are adding on the products used mostly by the middle class and poorer people? Can you not see Jim Moeller is helping to take more of your money when you need it to care for your own families?

As Craig stated, he needs all of us helping. Donations will be needed to end this tax and spend spree. Understanding that donations will be difficult, Craig also will need volunteers who can devote a little time to putting up yard signs in legal areas, speaking to neighbors, calling friends and helping him get the word out about the out of control spending he will work to curb.

With your help, Craig Riley will be able to begin helping us take back control of our own lives and our state government.

Please visit and get to know Craig.

It is time to oust “Da Taxman.”

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