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April 8, 2010

Ann Rivers To Push For “True Transparency in Government”

by lewwaters

In a press release today, April 8, 2010, 18th Legislative District Republican candidate Ann Rivers announced her “Action Plan for True Transparency in Government.”

The “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government”


Today, Ann Rivers, candidate for the 18th District State Representative Position 1, announced the “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government”.

“While I’ve been on the campaign trail, it has become apparent that the people in our state hunger for true transparency. When I go up to Olympia I will act to give the people of Washington access to the state’s checkbook register on the internet. “

The fundamental core of the plan is to put the State checkbook register online so people can look and see where our money is going. The front-end of this online edition of the State’s register will provide a search engine for people to locate any specific expense or revenue stream in the State’s budget. Instead of generic references, this digital register will provide detailed and itemized descriptions of all money spent and who spent it.

“This will not only give the citizens of Washington access to a simple reporting system of the State’s spending habits, it will also force our government to take any “sacred” or “private” tags off of our State’s budgeting and spending processes.”

“It is time for our government to be transparent about where our money is going. There have been too many wrong decisions, cases of overspending, and the misuse of money in recent years and the citizens deserve the ability to audit our State’s spending and know where their tax dollars are going.”

The “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government” will require minimal resources and will be run by the State Auditor’s department. Basic ledgering and imputing skills will be used daily to provide up-to-date figures for the public to see.

“This action plan is crucial to taking our elected officials to the next step of true transparency with the citizens that elected them and the time to start is now.”

Additional information about Ann Rivers, issue statements and how you can donate or sign up to support her candidacy are available at  or call Aaron at (360)771-8133.


What an idea! Letting the people be able to see just where our hard earned tax dollars are really going.

We have the Public Disclosure Commission online and access to all sort of past and present election information availabe at our fingertips. Why not seeing where Olympia spends our money as well?

Ann has hit on a really good idea to open up state government more to us. It’s our money being spent, why shouldn’t we be entitled to have the ability to see just where it goes?

With greater citizen oversight we should be able to curb excess spending and “sweetheart deals” that cost us much money and give little return.

I applaud Ann Rivers for hitting on an idea that, if implemented, might actually give you and I a greater voice in how we wish our state to be run and holding elected officials accountable.

April 8, 2010

Organizing for America Misleads On the “Rape” Of Healthcare Reform

by lewwaters

In yet another blatant attempt to pull the wool over the average American’s eyes, Organizing for America, a decidedly pro-Obama far left group has placed a video online that, if taken at face value, deludes taxpayers and the masses into believing all the cares and worries you have had are over.

Organizing For America Video

While the video is very professionally done and appealing, down to the inclusion of Obama’s signature logo at the end and such appealing music with the soft “about time” spoken in the background, reality has begun to set in with some who couldn’t wait for the new “freebie.”

McClatchy Newspapers, not exactly the most conservative of sources, recently brought much of this out with their article, Health care overhaul spawns mass confusion for public.

Telling us of how insurance companies, doctors’ offices, human resources departments and business groups have been deluged with calls asking to sign up, we read of a reply given from’s Carrie McLean who says,

“We tell them it’s not free, that there are going to be things in place that help people who are low-income, but that ultimately most of that is not going to be taking place until 2014.”

And, those “pre-existing conditions” the video so prominently mentions are now covered and cannot be refused? McClatchy says in the article,

“Adults with pre-existing conditions are frustrated to learn that insurers won’t have to cover them until 2014 (though those under 18 will be protected in late September); then they become both hopeful and confused upon learning that a federal high-risk pool for them will be established in the next few months.”

And, those tax cuts and benefits? Most have no idea that what their employers pay for their health insurance they receive through work are now taxable income to be reported on your W-2 every year.

That’s right. If your employer spends $3,000 for his portion of your health insurance, you pay taxes on $3,000 more in income every year.

OFA speaks of how small business will be helped by this. The National Federation of Independent Business’s Michelle Dimarob, manager of legislative affairs states,

“the lobby’s primary concern was that its costs would rise over the next four years as a result of fees, taxes and coverage mandates related to the overhaul. The next question that comes out of their mouths is, ‘What do I have to do right now?’ They need to start talking with their accountant, depending on how they’re organized, what industry they’re in and whether they’re offering insurance now and what kind they’re offering. We’re suggesting they talk to their agent or broker.”

Ms. Dimarob also says,

“While Obama has been touting a tax credit for small businesses that offer employees health coverage, many small businesses wouldn’t be able to participate. First they must do research to see whether they qualify. It requires them to understand the intricacies.”

And, Americans now will have “more choices?” Not according to the April 6, 2010 New York Times article, In Medicine, the Power of No that says,

“Learning to say no more often will be a three-step process, and if the new agencies created by the health act are run well, they can help with all three.”

Add to the mix comments from supporters, such as those by Florida Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to convince constituents that the “Health Care Law Doesn’t Require Individuals to Buy Insurance.”

No Debbie, you just get hit with stiff fines if you don’t. Or, as her press secretary puts it,

“You have a choice of insuring yourself with affordable coverage, or paying an assessment that will offset the burden you place on other insured Americans and taxpayers by not being insured.”

Little wonder Obama has had to “embark on a years-long public education campaign about the overhaul” still trying to sell it after it is now law and Pelosi claimed that first, “the bill must be made law before we can see what’s in it.”

Cries from supporters of “just relax, accept it, it’s law now” are tantamount to me of telling a woman in the midst of a violent rape to “just relax and try to enjoy it.”

Ask yourselves, if it is really all that beneficial, why the need to hire 17,000 new IRS agents to “ENFORCE IT?”

As more voters wake-up to how elected officials just voted to “rape” the citizenry, will it be enough of them to vote these usurpers of our constitution out this November?

Or will you just continue to keep your head down and keep trying to convince yourself that this rape of the American taxpayer actually feels good?