Castillo & Herrera, Side by Side

by lewwaters

I did not compile or create the pdf file the link leads to, but from what I have seen it is fairly accurate.

Castillo Herrera Side by Side comparison.

This election is a very important one, not only for the GOP but for America and citizens in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. The Dems think the seat is theirs and must remain theirs, as stated recently by their presumtive nominee, Denny Heck.

Jaime Herrera mimicked Scott Brown in reminding them it isn’t.

David Castillo indicated much the same as shown in an article from the Olympian after Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts.

This will be a crucial election. Scrutinize candidates and let’s choose who will best represent us, not who we think of as a friend or based upon where they live currently.

Whoever wins will spend a significant amount of time in Washington D.C. and will still maintain multiple offices in the district anyways.

UPDATE: Don’t miss the “Meet Your Candidate” Forum Thursday April 22, 2010 form 6:00-9:30 PM in the Rose Center Auditorium at Lower Columbia College, 1600 Maple in Longview, WA., for 3rd Congressional District candidates. See how each handles questions and hear for yourself where each stands.

8 Responses to “Castillo & Herrera, Side by Side”

  1. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a go cart. There is no comparison between the two, and the cult-like following of Herrera is just beyond my comprehension.

  2. And by the way? I’ve watched Scott Brown for months.

    And Jaime… you’re no Scott Brown.

  3. I just noticed a “Meet Your Candidate” Forum Thursday April 22, 2010 form 6:00-9:30 PM in the Rose Center Auditorium at Lower Columbia College, 1600 Maple in Longview, WA., for 3rd Congressional District candidates that sounds like it might be very interesting for those who attend.

    I haven’t heard if all 4 candidates will be there or not, but I am assuming so.

    I just might have to go there to see how they do side by side in person.

  4. Will you be taking a video camera? Will there be one of these type of meet and greets in Vancouver soon?

  5. I don’t have the program to transfer any video I take to my computer, so I would take my still camera instead.

    I haven’t heard of one of these in Vancouver, but I hope they do hold one. I know there was a meet & greet at the Blackstone weeks ago and I hope to se more of those organized.

    The problem for me going to this one is that I leave for Dallas Texas early the next morning, Friday the 23rd.

  6. Maybe Victoria or someone else might have one handy for short snippets of one.

    I REALLY think and feel it would be a great idea if BOTH parties have a meet and greet down here before the primaries for the state and federal offices. May be have two of them at Esther Short park on a weekend?

    I really am not looking forward to meeting the candidates at some shindig or black-tie affair or other money raising event. This is one of the greatest losses I miss from other places that I have lived in the Pacific Northwest. Getting a chance to meet all of my candidates face to face and talk to them about my issues. I don’t remember seeing within the past couple of years any thing like it in Clark County.

    May be I just missed it or was not connected to the right people to know where to find such an event.

  7. Jeremy, I also don’t go to any Black Tie shindigs, it’s just not me.

    I seriously doubt there will be any Democrat/Republican events until after the primary in August.

    In the meantime, should I hear of any events where candidates will be attending I’ll post it.

    If you are on facebook, most of them have a facebook page and announce events where they wil be attending. Most seem to be just ordinary meet and greets.


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