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May 1, 2010

Back Home, Rested and Catching Up

by lewwaters

As regular readers know, I flew to Texas last Friday to help my daughter move back to our community after a 15 year absence. It was a good drive and I always enjoy my daughters company. Leaving the Interstates we both saw parts of America that one usually doesn’t see when travelling cross country.

Even in the small towns we travelled through the signs of impending elections were present as campaign signs for candidates for their offices littered the sides of their streets and businesses.

Arriving back in Vancouver and helping her get moved into her sister’s apartment, I turned my attention to what has been happening locally while I was gone. Seems a lot can go on while absent for just a few days.

I was unable to attend the 3rd Congressional District Candidates Forum held last Thursday in Longview but was particularly struck to see that the Seattle PI’s Joel Connelly wrote The race is on for a wide open US House seat where he gave a pretty good description of the evening.

Most interesting was reading,

“Denny Heck and David Castillo, representing different parties and differing views of government, sat next to each other and dominated the first candidate forum in wide open 3rd Congressional District race.”

I have been writing for several months that David Castillo is the best candidate in the running for the 3rd Congressional District on the Republican side, much to the chagrin of some rather vociferous GOP members, particularly in Cowlitz County who promote Jaime Herrera.

Of these two Republicans, Connelly wrote,

“[Castillo] was by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage Thursday night,” while he wrote of Herrera, “the young legislator came across as super-serious, self-possessed and somewhat scripted.”

Of the Democrats considered front runners, Connelly wrote,

“[Denny] Heck sounded themes unusual for a Democrat, noting: ‘Seventy percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses. I know that. I’ve done that’,” while of Craig Pridemore he wrote, “[He] seemed to lack focus. He did not articulate a specific message or theme. He repeatedly agreed with things that Heck had said.”

Reading the above or seeing the two Republicans addressing issues, it is difficult to grasp that Castillo would be considered an “underdog” to Herrera, unless you realize that while she is a party groomed insider, she is lacking a clear and articulate position on pertinent issues of the day.

I was most gratified to see 17th Legislative District candidate and local businessman, Brian Peck received the honor of being the only Union 76 station in Washington State to have won an “Award for Excellence” by achieving a perfect scoring on his business for the third year in a row.

Of his candidacy and receipt of the Award, Peck says,

“I am on a mission to restore the trust in state government and to curb overspending. What would happen if we did monthly inspections with the Legislators in Olympia? Where is their excellence in representing us?”

That is a good question that might be posed to his opponent, incumbent Tim Probst who makes a show of voting against direct tax increases, as he campaigned on last time, but has voted for bills that result in increased fees or taxes indirectly. I see no excellence there given the dire conditions of the economy and the ever rising unemployment within the state.

Peck stands to bring that excellence with him to Olympia and given the definite lack of anything remotely resembling excellence in the last few legislative sessions, I’d say it is a much needed and welcome addition to the legislature to have Brian Peck occupying the seat currently occupied by Tim Probst.

All are invited to meet Brian Peck this Thursday, May 6 at the Blackstone American Grill, at 3200 SE 164th, 6 PM. You will also meet my friend KPAM 860 talk show host Victoria Taft as she will speak on Peck’s behalf.

Ann Rivers, candidate for the 18th Legislative District seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera continues to be the top fundraiser as her campaign reports that her donations amount to more than all of her GOP competitors combined.

Of this phenomenal accomplishment, Ann said, “Citizens of our community are ready and eager to leave this current condition of our economy and state behind. They are willing to fight hard for their voices to be heard in Olympia and I am so honored to be able to carry their message.”

Both Ann Rivers and Brian Peck, along with Paul Harris, will be at Harney Elementary School, 3212 E. Evergreen Blvd. in Vancouver, Tuesday May 4, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM for the “We The People” candidate vetting. Why not stop in and lend your support to these candidates and see for yourselves what a benefit they will be in Olympia?

In the race for County Prosecutor, Republican Brent Boger seems to have some people worried as the left-leaning Columbian’s Political Beat is floating the notion that his posted résumé is “exaggerated” due to him claiming he’s “tough on crime.” Boger claims “criminal prosecution experience” and given the history of the County Prosecutor’s office prosecuting a citizen for allegedly stealing a water heater out of a soon to be torn down building, that resulted in two juries finding the citizen “not guilty” and that a citizen is currently awaiting prosecution for the legal open carrying of a firearm in accordance with the state constitution, Boger would give the Prosecutor’s Office a much needed new face and provide some common sense in assessing what really needs to be prosecuted.

State Senator Don Benton also seems to have ruffled some feathers with the release of the video ad, “What Causes Do You Support?” It looks like Patty Murray and her supporters have thinned down their skins considerably as the ad, somewhat tongue in cheek, is basically true.

The Clark County Republican Women have announced hosting a 3rd Congressional Candidates forum at Club Green Meadows, Thursday May 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM. Scheduled to be in attendance are candidates David Castillo, David Hedrick, Chris Boyd and Jaime Herrera. Come out and meet the 4 from which we hope to send one to Washington D.C. to replace retiring Democrat, Brian Baird.

This is by no means everything that has gone on in my absence, but it’s a start as I continue to get back in the swing of it all.

We have an excellent chance of winning many elections this year and doing so might help us begin restoring our country and state to sound footing.

Let’s just make sure we choose the best candidates and not just a pretty face.