Murray Campaign Staffer Hangs Rossi In Effigy?

by lewwaters

Reported on radio host Dori Monson’s blog site and also on Liz Mair’s, a conscientious passerby named Mark took photos of what appears to be a small effigy of Republican Dino Rossi, hung in effigy with the caption, “Three Strikes and you’re out” under it.

Mark wrote to Dori,


I was in a building on Nickerson Street yesterday and while waiting for the elevator I notice that Patty Murray re-election committee office was adjacent to the elevator lobby. Right inside the window of their office is an effigy of Dino Rossi hanging from a noose with the word 3 strikes and your out.

Always though Patty had more class, but I guess after all these years in DC she’s just full of hot gas.”

Inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe this act, if it is what it appears to be. Wasn’t it Patty Murray herself and her supporters recently raising caine over an off color remark made by a Tea Partier over hanging Murray?

How much of an uproar has there been from the left over effigies of Obama hung and isn’t the mere presence of a noose considered racist nowadays?

Of course, when it is Sarah Palin or President Bush being hung in effigy it is somehow considered freedom of expression. Is that what we see again? More double standard?

Calling this act “low class” doesn’t adequately cover it. After all, it has been Murray’s camp and other Democrats who readily condemn such acts at protests and rallies, when it is one of theirs. Insensitive doesn’t even properly cover it, but hypocritical comes close.

Dori Monson says he will be posting video of his visit to their office later in the day.

The most pathetic part of this act is that Dino Rossi has not even entered the race against Murray yet, just speculation from others who wish him to.

Ms. Murray needs to come out with a strong condemnation of her staff and an apology to Rossi for such conduct. If it isn’t proper to have such displays about one, it shouldn’t be proper to have such about others.

I have sent copies of both Liz Mair’s and Dori Monson’s blog, with the photos to the Columbian’s Lou Brancaccio and Kathie Durbin.

We can only wait and see if they are as outraged over this as they were over a GOP survey sent to an elderly Democrat couple last year.

Murray staffers claim, “it’s just a puppet.”

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