“Swiftboating” Jaime Herrera?

by lewwaters

While none are actually using the liberal pejorative misuse of the term “swiftboating” in regards to opponents of 3rd Congressional District candidate, Jaime Herrera, they may as well be with the loose talk of “lies” being told about her record.

I have noticed some Twitter claims floating around that say,

“I dont like Maddow, but i know @freedomworks lastest email is full of BS. Complete lies!! Shocking!!! So sad.” “Never thought I would see day @Freedomworks spread outright LIES against a GOP candidate.Complete LIES against @JaimeLHerrera.” And, “lame: @castillo_2010 can’t do big push w/out lying abt @JaimeLHerrera. latest Dick Armey email = laughable.”

Regular readers may recall how Herrera’s supporters were visibly upset that FreedomWorks endorsed David Castillo over Jaime Herrera, some setting out to literally trash FreedomWorks Dick Armey over the endorsement in spite of Herrera gaining endorsements from Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, former Senator Slade Gorton and former Representative Linda Smith, as well as two county GOP’s endorsing her months before even the candidate filing deadline arrives.

It is disappointing to see Herrera supporters resort to such liberal tactics as this; basically themselves doing the very thing they accuse others of, instead of defending or supporting her voting record in her short two years in the legislature. But, that is also where I use the term “swiftboating” as liberals have tried desperately to make the word a pejorative meaning, “a strong pejorative description of some kind of attack that the speaker considers unfair or untrue,” when it reality it means, “To reveal the essence of a defective person. To reveal an inconvenient truth a politician desires to keep hidden.”

In light of that, let’s look at what they claim this “lame, laughable lie” is.

Having received a copy of the email, in actuality a plea for donations to the Castillo campaign just as is sent out for donations to Herrera by her supporters and endorsers, I first read,

“David has a long track record of fighting on behalf of lower taxes and limited government. Working as an assistant state director for Washington Citizens for a Sound Economy (the predecessor organization of FreedomWorks) in the late 1990s, David helped drive grassroots campaigns to stop tax hikes and curb excessive government regulation in Washington State.

As the son of a single mother with four kids, he also knows what it is like to have to stretch every dollar and believes that if their family could stick to a budget, so can Congress. He’s a true grassroots candidate who needs the support of his fellow Washingtonians today.”

No lies there.

I next read,

“His opponent, Jaime Herrera, represents more of the same big government power grabs and preferential treatment for special interest groups that are driving the tax and spend agenda. In contrast to David’s proven limited government track record, Jaime’s record is one of vote after vote on behalf of her union boss supporters.

Jaime has been endorsed by SEIU Locals 925, 775 NW, and 1199 NW for her past votes on behalf of forced unionization like HB 1329 in both 2010 and 2009 that called for the forced unionization of child care workers or H.B 1389, the unionization of nuclear power plants. Jaime is living up to her promise to be “a friend of organized labor” at the expense of being a friend to taxpayers who are forced to deal with the higher costs and limited opportunities that come with forced unionization.

The poorly named “Employee Free Choice Act” or card check is still a major initiative the Obama Administration would love to pass to thank their Big Labor friends and Jaime is a vote for forced unionization they would definitely like to have.”

Obviously, this is what has the knickers of Jaime’s supporters in such a twist. But, where are the “lame, laughable, lies?” What is written is harsh maybe, but it is also a series of inconvenient truths.

She was endorsed by the SEIU in her 2008 reelection bid. She did co-sponsor and twice vote for HB 1329 that would have forced childcare centers into public unions, had Senate Republicans not been successful in removing the mandatory clause and replacing it with a voluntary one and making it more of a study then a new law. Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

She did vote yay on HB 1389 that would have allowed unionization of Nuclear Power Plants, just as stated in the email and documented by me at Jaime “I’m not more of the same” Herrera.

Jaime did declare herself “a friend of organized labor” during the nomination process when she was won the nomination to replace Richard Curtis as he vacated the seat she now occupies.

Can anyone state for a fact that she might not once again abandon her party and side with pro-union liberal Democrats in Washington D.C. in a vote for the “Employee Free Choice Act?”

When called on these questionable votes, Jaime’s standard reply has been something along the lines of , “well, such and such did too,” showing much immaturity.

Left out of the email was her abandoning her party along with a handful of Republicans to side with Democrats in draining the rainy day fund of $229,000,000 this year and excusing it as desiring to stop tax increases. They raised more taxes anyways.

Others have described her as Washington State’s SEIU Bought Republican due to accepting a $500 donation from the SEIU and another $800 donation from the AFSCME in her reelection bid.

Overall, she might have a fair voting record on most matters, but how does she explain such obvious anti-conservative votes as these above? She doesn’t. Her campaign manager instead sends out a lame memo that was more of an effort At Damage Control than explaining why she has sided with liberal Democrats on some bills that have or would have hurt workers and taxpayers in Washington State.

If Jaime Herrera is the strong candidate some claim she is, shouldn’t she be able to stand on her record and strengths instead of allowing surrogates to continue to play the weak defenseless damsel victim card?

Crying “lies” all the time when claims have been documented time and time again will not enable her to stand up to such a formidable opponent as Democrat Denny Heck.

If these are “lies,” I challenge Jaime herself or her starry eyed supporters to present factual documentation of such “lies.”

Until such time, since I have documented as true the very claims her supporters cry are lies, I admit to “swiftboating” Jaime Herrera, even though her supporters have not used that term. I readily admit to “revealing the essence of a defective person and revealing an inconvenient truth a politician desires to keep hidden.”

If Jaime cannot stand on these votes and positions she has taken, she should drop out of this race and cease trying to fool blue collar workers, those Typical Republican Conservatives she says she is not one of, that she is their friend and will represent them.

A final note to those Herrera supporters. Republicans never win elections by whining like liberal Democrats and trying to play the victim or even the race card! They win by taking conservative stands as David Castillo continues to do.

5 Responses to ““Swiftboating” Jaime Herrera?”

  1. I just do not understand it.

    Republicans are slowly peeling off Herrera as they finally come to know that which we’ve known all along. But others who should know better deliberately turn a blind eye to Herrera’s actual record as if it doesn’t exist.

    One just wrote tonite:

    But lacking any real evidence that David Castillo is to the right of Jaime Herrera on the issues, they instead try to falsely define her record in the Legislature. These misrepresentations include falsely stating Herrera’s position on “Card Check” (she opposes it).

    If there was any more evidence of David’s true conservatism over Herrera’s faux variety, it would hit them over the head with the ferocity of a 2X4.

    But they just wander around, blinded to reality. It is the most astounding political act of idiocy I have ever seen… and from people who should know better.

  2. You would think, with all the cries of “misrepresntation” “lies” and what, her supporters could easily link to public records showing such.

    After all, in every post you and I have put up, there is extensive links to public records supporting the claims.

    I have yet to see any link back to any public records or post any copies of public records supporting their cry of “lies” and “misrepresentations” in their rants.

    Playing the femme fatale and crying victim to Denny Heck will be laughed at should they succeed in gaining her the nomination.

    Hell, she didn’t even state a public stand in illegal immigration until after she was goaded into it by me.

  3. You sure think alot of your influence don’t you Lew?

  4. Actually, Chuckie, no I don’t. But many others do.

    LOL, that must really put your panties in a twist, huh?

    Why not tell us instead just how Cheryl Crist is going to sweep the election? ROFLMAO!!!

    Come back any time when you have more childish comments to make, Chuckie.


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