Christian Conservative Leaders Endorse Castillo In 3rd CD

by lewwaters

David CastilloOlympia financial consultant and former Bush administration official, David Castillo continues to rack up the endorsements as he adds Rick Forcier of the Christian Coalition of Washington and Gary Marx, former Social Conservatives Director of Bush Cheney04 to the growing list.

Castillo had previously won the endorsement of former U.S. Rep. Randy Tate and Bothell pastor Joe Fuiten. An endorsement letter signed by all 4 says, “It is time we have public servants like David Castillo who will promote a culture of life from conception through natural death,” as reported by Joel Connelly of the Seattle P.I., Christian conservatives for Castillo.

Connelly tells us, “Castillo has proven a fighter. He stood out among four Republican hopefuls at a recent debate in Longview,” where he said of Castillo’s main Republican opponent, party favored Jaime Herrera, “the young legislator came across as super-serious, self-possessed and somewhat scripted.”

Castillo was the first opponent to begin running against now retiring Democrat, Brian Baird nearly a year ago and has been building his campaign and support by doing the legwork of the campaign, traveling the district, meeting voters and letting them see him as he is.

In spite of an impressive list of endorsements and much grassroots support, The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is all but ignoring him, favoring Herrera, who they began touting immediately after she threw her hat into the ring less than 2 hours after Baird announced his intentions of retiring and not running for reelection.

Herrera, claiming she has been pursued by many to run, stated that “the timing was right” for her sudden entrance so soon after Baird announced he would retire. She has gained the endorsements several Republican Party insiders, including former Sen. Slade Gorton and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rogers, who she was once a legislative aid to.

The endorsement letter signed by the above also included the statement, “We want to see more elected officials in Washington who support legislation that will reinforce marriage as the bedrock of a health society. Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children, not the government,” adding, “Castillo will ‘protect’ the freedom of those who choose to home-school their children.”

Herrera’s supporters have expressed much outrage in the past over endorsements Castillo has received that they seem to believe should have gone to Herrera, issuing attacks against such conservatives as Dick Armey and FreedomWorks, as did former Cowlitz County GOP Chair, Keath Huff here and here.

A somewhat bizarre attack against Armey/Castillo came from Pacific County GOP chair, Nansen Malin, who claims to be uncommitted and objective, over what she describes as “a troubling fundraising email for David Castillo” sent out last week citing some questionable votes Jaime Herrera has made in her short time representing residents in Washington States 18th Legislative District, Stop the Attacks, Let’s Elect Republicans.

Malin labels mention of these questionable votes as “dishonest attacks,” although each and more has been extensively documented off of her Public Record throughout this blog and at Jaime Herrera Watch.

Malin also stated, “FreedomWorks is so out of touch with what is going on in the WA-03 that they missed the recent headlines. News flash – Big Labor is endorsing the Democrats in the race – Heck and Pridemore. Dick Armey needs to do his homework before sending out such a dumb email,” as if that absolves Herrera of those questionable votes and actions in promoting bills favorable to unions.

It should also be noted that both Cowlitz and Pacific Counties have issued premature endorsements of Herrera weeks before even reaching the candidate filing deadline.

With Castillo not being the party machine groomed and insider favored candidate, will we see more attacks against those Christian Conservative Leaders that signed the letter of endorsement for David Castillo?

David Castillo continues to do the old fashioned legwork in campaigning by reaching the voters to build support.

He has taken definite stands on relevant issues and remains consistent in his stands, such as combating Illegal Immigration with the e-verify system and securing our borders.

He is running as a conservative Republican ready to represent everyone in the 3rd Congressional District.

He has the experience, due to previous service in the Veterans Administration and Department of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration and his employment as a Financial Adviser to represent the 3rd Congressional District in a way that will allow private business to thrive once again and send many unemployed back to jobs they support their families with.

His growing list of endorsements dwarfs those of his nearest opponent as does his clear stand on the issues.

He has never attacked any who endorse Herrera or others running for this seat.

It’s a shame that Herrera’s supporters cannot just stand on her merits and instead must resort to such superfluousness as belittling and denigrating those who see Castillo as the better candidate.

2 Comments to “Christian Conservative Leaders Endorse Castillo In 3rd CD”

  1. Haven’t seen any attacks on Tate, et al, yet. I wonder what’s the hold up?


  2. They have been quiet. Maybe they think labeling us “A small band of misplaced critics” that “have made incorrect claims about Herrera’s record” is all they need.

    I still never see any links or copies of documents disproving our stand.

    Then again, 2 people sure seem to have them very worried.

    I keep an eye open for the Black Helicopter over my house, LOL.


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