How Strong Is Human Life PAC’s Endorsement of Herrera?

by lewwaters

Jaime Herrera, candidate for the seat being vacated by retiring Democrat, Brian Baird in Washington States 3rd Congressional District has once again gained the endorsement of HumanLifePAC of Southwest Washington. She received their endorsement in her 2008 bid to retain the legislative seat she was appointed to shortly over 2 years ago.

The email announcement says,

“Subject: HUMAN LIFE PAC has endorsed Jaime Herrera for 3rd Congressional District

This is to inform you that HL PAC has endorsed Jaime for 3rd Cong Dist.

Please visit her website and see how you can help her.

[David Castillo, another good candidate in the 3rd also is in complete agreement with HL PAC, but the PAC always endorses the incumbent in a race.]

Gerri Duzenack,
Human Life Political Action Committee”

Were I like some Herrera supporters, I’d be writing to voters complaining about this endorsement and attacking Gerri Duzenack as not being representative of voters in grassroots, as has some Herrera supporters over FreedomWorks PAC and former U.S. Representative Dick Armey’s endorsement and support of David Castillo over Herrera.

But, I am not like them and can admit this is a good endorsement for Jaime, even if they did erroneously list her as the “incumbent.”

Jaime Herrera is not the incumbent in the 3rd CD race, no one is. She would be the incumbent if she were campaigning to retain her seat in the 18th Legislative District that she is vacating.

A minor mistake made that might explain the disclaimer contained in the brackets of “David Castillo also being in complete agreement with HL PAC.”

I interpret it to mean they gave Castillo equal consideration and agree that he merits their endorsement as well, but chose Herrera due to their believing her to be an incumbent.

I do not expect them to withdraw their endorsement nor would I call for them to issue a co-endorsement.

I also don’t see the endorsement as a strong endorsement over Castillo, even though Herrera supporters are already making like it is.

“nansen Congrats!! >> RT @JaimeLHerrera: Thanks to Human Life PAC for your endorsement! #WA03 #sgp #WCOT #tcot”

“nansen Happy 2 hear Human Life PAC endorsed #wa03 candidate 4 Baird seat> @JaimeLHerrera #wcot #tcot”

It is what it is, no matter how arrived at and no one should begrudge her for it.

With Jaime still not answering on several issues of questionable votes and judgment in her time in the legislature, I guess you take what you can get.

2 Comments to “How Strong Is Human Life PAC’s Endorsement of Herrera?”

  1. I asked about the “incumbent” error because I did not feel it was fair when neither candidate is incumbent to this position. However, the rationale made sense. They said an incumbent from any position has a proven record by their votes whereas a non-incumbent has their stated beliefs. They put a little more weight on actual votes than on projected votes. It is obvious, however, that they are pleased to have two candidates so strongly pro-life and will wholeheartedly support whichever one makes it thorugh the primary.

  2. My intent here wasn’t as much to point out the incumbency, but rather to point out how when a similar endorsement was given to David Castillo, Jaime Herrera supporters and former Cowlitz GOP leadership went near ballistic, demanding they switch the endorsement or withdraw it with party officials from other counties forwarding the complaint against that endorsement to PCO’s in their county.

    People and groups endorse candidates based upon whatever reason they have and they should not be treated so cavalierly as has some of Castillo’s endorsements.

    I am really becoming concerned over near Ron Paulian worship of one candidate who won’t even explain questionable votes.

    HumanLifePAC’s endorsement of Jaime doesn’t bother me at all, really.

    It would be better for all if her supporters acted the same towards others endorsements.

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