Jaime Herrera: Chameleon Conservative?

by lewwaters

A quick note to those Herrera worshippers who give me grief when they meet me out and about over my revealing things Jaime would rather not be shown; perhaps you should not read this. You’ve been warned as I have no intent of sitting idly by as the GOP again fronts a vacuous candidate destined to lose to the Democrats.

In several of my posts concerning Ms. Herrera I have brought up her many anti-conservative stands and votes since being appointed to the 18th Legislative District seat she is to soon abandon. Not one person has ever actually countered any, just excused them as hate mongering, hate speech, mere mistakes and what have you. It’s as if this young lady can do no wrong and those who worship the ground she walks on could care less about her voting record of opposing Republican leadership to join forces with the Democrats on legislation that has brought the state to the brink of bankruptcy and ruin.

I have even heard Ms. Herrera boast of doing so, labeling herself as “independent,” as she did in a February 25, 2010 article, Herrera Plays Insider, Outsider Cards where she said, “Quite frankly, the Republicans let me down, too,” referring to her time as an aid to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), who now fronts her candidacy.

The articles author tells us right from the start, “WA state Rep. Jaime Herrera (R) is casting herself as an independent as she seeks one of the more centrist districts in the country.”

With the condition the country has been put in by Democrats and those who cross the aisle to join them, is that what we want to send back to D.C. to represent us?

In her boasts of opposing her party’s leaders and supporting Democrats legislation, does she ever mention any of them crossing the aisle to support conservative legislation? If she has I’ve failed to hear it.

Troubling to me is her claim of, “My perspectives were shaped by my region.” Just what “perspectives” is that, Liberal nanny state ideology that seems to have ruled this region for many years now?

Yet, she claims to be a “commonsense conservative” with no real explanation of just what that is in her world, but maintains more than anything, she is “independent.”

Equally troubling is her statement concerning conservative voters, “Sure, we’re not afraid of a young person, or a woman, or someone who is a minority.” Conservatives never have been. Is she indicating that we conservatives really are a group of “old white men” as maintained by Democrats?

She might have inherited such an attitude from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who in March was asking, Where are the Women GOP House Candidates?

Are we now following the Liberal Democrat policy of quotas regarding gender and presumptive ethnicity, regardless of ability or conservative values?

And, Herrera is a “minority?” How so? When she popped up to seize the appointment to replace Richard Curtis in 2007, she stated her “mother is white and her father is a third-generation Mexican-American whose family immigrated to America legally.”

Does she think merely having a Hispanic sounding surname will endear other Hispanics to flee the Democrats and embrace her? But, they would not do so for her main opponent, David Castillo, who is not claiming “minority” status?

When first appointed to the 18th L.D. seat, Ms. Herrera stated that she “wants to tackle the drug problem by increasing education and rehabilitation programs,” prompting Cowlitz County Commissioner Axel Swanson, a Democrat, to express his pleasure with her by saying, “With Republicans, most of the time what I hear is: ‘More law enforcement, more law enforcement, more law enforcement’.”

A noble goal, for sure, but what has she done in regards to the problem? Perhaps I have just missed it, but looking over her legislative web sites My Bills page, I do not see a single piece of legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by her for dealing with the drug issue.

And now, she is ready to abandon the seat she once said there is nothing more she’d rather do and flitter back to Washington D.C. with a fat government paycheck, benefits for life and rejoin the Washington D.C. party circuit she undoubtedly was part of before?

This past Thursday evening, I was in attendance at a forum for GOP candidates running for the 3rd Congressional District seat. I was amazed at her excellent ability to stand up in reply to questions from the audience on specifics and speak for the full time allotted and not say a thing actually concerning the question.

Questions that were posed to all 4 candidates, David Castillo, David Hedrick and Chris Boyd as well as Ms. Herrera, were answered in detail and with specifics by Castillo, Boyd and Hedrick. Herrera instead rambled on diverting her words away from the question and at times, speaking of totally unrelated subjects.

Asked what in their background prepared them to vote on matters of National Security and asked about their view of the recent announcement on cutting back on nuclear weapons and what would be the best number to maintain, she was unable to give a comprehensive answer, but rambled on eloquently, showing she has little understanding of some important matters a House Representative will have to deal with.

I looked around the room and watched as her supporters sat with bewildered looks on their faces, I presume guessing what she was talking about, instead of stating an actual position. Afterwards, they flocked right over to her and in Saturday’s Hazel Dell parade, turned out to walk with her on her second round through the parade route, her first round going through as the 18th Legislative District Representative and her second, as candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.

There are many troubling aspects about Jaime Herrera that remain unanswered. Seeking answers on important issues draws attacks and accusations of hate speech and such, as if she is somehow “the chosen one” or “anointed” to hold this position. It’s not unlike what we saw in 2008 as a completely unqualified man was hoisted into the presidency with similar tactics and we all know how well that is turning out for conservatives.

From her acceptance of campaign funds from unions, co-sponsoring and twice voting for a bill that would have forced childcare centers into public unions, joining with Democrats on gutting our rainy day fund, snubbing of constituents, vague and general positions on matters of national importance, boasts of abandoning her party to be “independent,” and many other unanswered questions, are we preparing to front another Arlen Specter (before he converted back to the Democrats), Olympia Snowe or a Susan Collins, better known to conservatives as RINO’s who often go against the best interests of Conservative America?

With her inability to express definite strong stands on many issues of importance to conservatives, are we falling for the liberal trick of supporting someone solely based upon gender or presumed ethnicity, instead of someone who will actually represent our values and fight to turn the country back to greatness?

Do we need someone who displayed political cowardice by not wanting to run a hard race against an entrenched incumbent, but couldn’t even wait for the ink to dry on the press release announcing that incumbent’s retirement to jump in?

I’d rather elect someone who is unafraid to stick their neck out and let voters know exactly where he stands on such important issues.

I’d rather send someone to D.C. who articulates definite stands on issues and doesn’t dance around important matters, claiming to be independent, free to join in with Democrats who are ruining the nation and boasting of doing so at Republican events.

I’d rather elect someone who will place the good of the nation and the American people over their desire to buy votes with earmarks and pork barrel spending.

I desire someone who has been willing to do the hard work in running for office instead of seeking an easy slide into office only after a powerful incumbent announces he is retiring.

We don’t need another official with the attitude that they are “the chosen one.”

That is why I wholly support David Castillo, a candidate who inspires audiences with his excellent command of the issues and doesn’t leave you to guess where he actually stands.

You won’t find articles saying how ‘HOT’ he is, but you will find articles saying he is by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage.

Let’s stop losing elections and get behind a real conservative this time.

No more liberals, RINO’s or chameleon conservatives who roll out the bona fides only when it is convenient.

2 Comments to “Jaime Herrera: Chameleon Conservative?”

  1. Sure are a lot of crickets chirping out there.

  2. Crickets for sure. I wonder why? The GOP can back whomever their little hearts desire. The Columbian can do likewise. Oh, BTW has anyone figured out yet why a left leaning paper would elevate Herrera above Castillo? Yeah, think about it, and be realistic. Does the Columbian want to see another Republican win a race? Uh no. Enough said.

    As for how long Castillo has been running, it goes way back to when the Congress was voting in Obama care. He was ready then to take on Brian Baird, and Castillo along with the Tea Party Patriots sent a really loud message to Brian Baird. The new Conservative movement is giving birth to a new candidate. A candidate that listens to his or her constituents. I know who I am voting for. He was in it from the beginning and I saw him in parade. He stuck his neck out there to run against Brian Baird. Castillo is our future.

    Oh and for the record. I will say it. Castillo knows how to command an audience. He is down to earth. Every time I see him I get a hug. Not bad looking, and has a little cutie of a wife, who was right by his side in the parade.

    He is what we need, it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Independent, Republican or otherwise. I am voting for the Conservative in this race, and the only Conservative I have found is David Castillo.

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